Vodafone Business Report for 2019

As the end of the year approaches, businesses start looking ahead and wondering what the next twelve months has in store. We’ve put that very question to over 1,700 businesses across the globe, and with their answers we have formulated the 2019 Vodafone Trends report – which has been released today. Here are a few of the most prominent trends...
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PwC law firm report 2018

The UK survey results are presented by size of firm using the bandings Top 10, Top 11-25, Top 26-50 and Top 51-100. Our report is based on survey responses from firms at consistent response rates to prior years. We have also drawn upon selected information from our quarterly survey and, where relevant, other published financial information. This summary document focuses on the key findings from our survey. All key data and charts are available through our online tool which participants are able to access. Our thanks are due, as always, to the firms which participated in this survey. 
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We interview Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax and discuss the deployment of smart, legally-binding contracts on the blockchain.

Explaining distributed ledgers for lawyers

As the digital age has given rise to newer, more efficient technologies, legal professionals have begun to integrate them into standard legal processes. From video conferencing software to digital voice assistants, these new technologies are the future of law.
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SEO for Law Firms Basics

I’ve been in the SEO industry for over fourteen years and the legal SEO vertical for seven. In that time, I’ve seen the digital landscape change dramatically. The days where a few e-zine articles could rank a site, much less the old school link building strategies (compared to today’s complex architecture), are long gone. 
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John Desmarais

"We do not bill by the hour. Instead, we bill a monthly, flat fee and, if a client prefers, we also will bill a flat monthly fee for the expenses, which we will then manage," said John Desmarais, founding partner of Desmarais.
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Smart Contract Basics and how implemented in business

Smart Contracts is an application of the blockchain technology to create an independently verifiable, secure, permanent and fault-tolerant agreement designed for satisfying common contractual conditions.
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John Christie of J Leslie Smith Inc

Question: Is there a timeframe within which a notarially executed praedial servitude must be lodged in the deeds registry for registration?

John Croft

Elevate co-founder and president John Croft talks to The Lawyer about why it doesn’t make sense for law firms to build their own technology and the top trends to watch out for in the next couple of years.
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branding your law firm

One of the most important decisions you’ll make with your law firm’s social marketing is its brand persona. How will you present yourself to prospective clients? What language and attitude should you convey? We’ll walk you through that and more. 

BK Taoana, Associate in the Corporate & Commercial practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

The Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No 38 of 2001 (FICA) is a piece of legislation introduced in South Africa to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism (MLFT).

David Lancaster who will be presenting at the Law Firm Boot Camp in Pretoria on 20th July 2018

Small and medium law firms in South Africa have the unique opportunity to harness their agile decision-making and more efficient cost structures to take advantage of realities in the profession such as disaggregation, legal process outsourcing and stratification, in order to grow their businesses.

Small law firm boot camp July 2018

Time is running out to book for the one-day Boot Camp seminar, specifically aimed at small and medium law firms.  This seminar will give you the practical advice and tools you need to create and maintain a sustainable practice. Find out more about the future of Small Law in South Africa and gain insight into best practices to keep you on the road to success.

Technology in small law firms

Law firms today need to be productive and efficient. In the past that was achieved by employing more people. Going forward, the only way to remain viable will be to embrace technology.

Google is your friend

There are literally hundreds of thousands of legal practitioners, just like you, around the world. By searching the Internet you will find articles on virtually any topic you can imagine.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Beware of having one or two large clients that make up most of your revenue. While that may be necessary in the beginning, you don't want to have to close your doors if you lose a major client.

Client Relationships in Law Firms

As mentioned before, you need to build and maintain strong relationships with your clients.

Find a niche market for your law firm

It is widely accepted that niche legal practices are more sustainable than general purpose law firms.

Billy Last CEO LexisNexis SA

Technology is transforming the information landscape and rapidly changing the workplace. The generally conservative legal industry has in no way been spared, with new technologies and innovations disrupting – and enabling – the practice of law, demanding that law firms and in-house legal teams transform the way they operate in order to meet new workplace and client demands. 

Law Firm budget

It is crucial that every practice compiles a budget at the start of every financial year. Income should be based on billable hours and disbursement “income”.

Skills gaps

Skill gaps are emerging as legal operating models shift to keep pace with business. Four steps enable legal to close them proactively.

Buying bitcoin in SA without getting in trouble with the law

The South African Reserve Bank recently issued guidance regarding its position on the purchase and transfer of cryptocurrencies. The SARB does not regulate the exchange of cryptocurrencies in South Africa, but moving cryptocurrency overseas and buying or selling on a foreign exchange could get you into trouble with exchange control regulations.
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Outsource law firm admin

More and more small firms are outsourcing their admin and compliance functions so that they have more time to practise law and to grow their practice.

Great Service with law firms

“Talked about” service is difficult. Especially in law, because it is regarded as a “grudge” spend.

Word of Mouth Referrals

By far your best source of new business will be through referrals from existing clients. But to get your clients to refer you to their friends and colleagues is not easy.

Finding clients for your law firm

Growing your practice will invariably be the toughest challenge you will face.

AJS Business tips for lawyers - learn to say no

This isn't the same as saying no to a discount – although that is equally important.

Legal Blockchain Solutions being created

From improving legal education to storing police bodycam footage, hackathon teams have come up with a range of blockchain-based fixes to solve uniquely legal problems. For those who want to know more about how blockchain can solve real problems in the legal industry, it’s worth taking a look at some of the blockchain solutions that Global Legal Hackathon teams created over the course of a weekend in cities around the world.
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Engagement letter for law firms

Most lawyers have some sort of engagement letter for new clients, but few realise that it is one of the most effective ways of ensuring payment.

Discounting is money down the toilet in law firms

Few lawyers realise just how much discounting costs. They also don't realise that a discount is a direct hit on take-home pay.

Newsletter mistakes to avoid

Newsletters work – that’s why so many lawyers and accountants use them. Their marketing magic lies in keeping you constantly top-of-mind with your target market in the most professional way possible.

Gratitude downwards slope

While your client still needs you, they will be happy to pay your invoice.

Checklists for client communications for law firms

Every day offers opportunities to build trust with a client or prospect, thereby setting your firm apart from the competition. Here are eight easy ways to do just that in your communications.
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Bill for all your time

With so few billable hours, you need to ensure that you bill for all of your time and disbursements, and that nothing slips through the cracks.

Cryptocurrencies and SARS

In South Africa, as with most other countries around the world, there is no guidance and regulation regarding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The Budget Review 2018 (Budget) proposes that the income tax and value-added tax (VAT) legislation be amended to deal with cryptocurrencies, which pose a risk to the South African tax system.

Eva by ROSS

ROSS says EVA will supercharge a lawyer’s research. As of this writing, I have seen a demonstration of EVA, but have not yet used it. However, based on the demonstration alone, and on the simple fact that EVA is free to use, I cannot imagine ever again filing a brief or reviewing an opponent’s brief without running it through EVA.
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sexual harrasment in law firms

Why are lawyers prone to sexual abuse and harassment? The answer to a large extent can be found in the way in which lawyers operate, their personality type and the fact that their pressure-cooker world is often only one step away from a cauldron of ...
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The overarching question pertaining to blockchain, no matter what industry you work, is whether or not we trust the technology. For answers, Legal Executive Institute spoke to Thomson Reuters Technologist and Futurist, Joseph Raczynski, who recently was a featured panelist at the three-city, 2018 Thomson Reuters Public-Private Partnership Forums in New York City on March 7.
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100 hours available to bill

Being a single practitioner or a small-firm lawyer is challenging. To be a good lawyer is just one aspect of your job. You also need to find time for marketing and growing your practice, managing relationships with existing clients, handling the billing and admin, and managing all the compliance and regulatory aspects. You'll also need to be innovative and smart, and you'll need to embrace technology in order to succeed.

Karl Blom of Webber Wentzel

South Africa has recently suffered its largest data leak to date with, conservatively, an estimated 60 million South Africans' personal information becoming publicly available. The gravity of the leak (and the risks associated with the sensitive information that has been imparted from it) cannot be overestimated. It has exposed numerous people to threats of identity fraud and related crimes.

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