Social media for lawyers

Social media marketing is great if you’re selling a product that suits being advertised on it, like a clothing or make up brand for example. It gets a little trickier however if your trying to sell a service that isn’t quite so attractive or ‘sexy’.

How to check if your lawyers is CRAP

Do not be fooled by the play on words in the title. It is a serious and frank talking book where ‘C.R.A.P.’ is an acronym for a key 4 step formula to help Trainee Solicitors understand the expectations of Clients and provide the best possible service to them. C = COST, R = RISK, A = ASSESS and P = PROCEED (or not).
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impoving the public image of a law firm

Back in the day when pops managed a 20 partner, 100 paralegal law firm – to upgrade your image, you built a fancy new office, spent a good penny or two on PR consultancies and printed new fancy business cards and brochures. Now days, there are so many open windows for the public to look at or into your business, it makes it easier to improve this image – not to forget to mention that it also offers a few open windows you would prefer to have the curtains drawn.

measurement of marketing is critical

Sort of like setting an exam paper for a school subject, first you find out what the goal is – 100% and say 300 marks, then you decide what each question will be and which answer will give you the full marks for the question. Just so for marketing a law firm, what is the 100% and what are the questions being asked. 

What makes a good lawyer website

Having a truly great website for one’s law firm is a visible differentiator.  If potential clients are evaluating multiple firms, the quality of a firm’s website leaves an impression and is especially important. In my day-to-day as an online marketer for lawyers, I often speak with lawyers wanting to make the best possible web presence for their law firm. But, the “best” law firm website is going to vary based on each firm’s goals. Let’s take a look at some elements that can separate out your firm’s website and make it more of a best lawyer website than an OK lawyer website.
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Marketing website tips for law firms

This is a topic we have spoken about in the past and I think is a very important aspect of your marketing efforts for a law firm. Why go to all the effort of planning, designing and implementing a great website, when it does nothing to attract clients. Let’s face it, the ultimate goal is to get more quality clients, is it not?

Using Reddit for law firm marketing

“You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie sang way back in 1967. Pretty much the same is true of Reddit. In fact, the menu is quite a bit more varied than Alice’s ever was. On Reddit, you can find everything from cutesy pet photos to hard-core porn, from computer reviews to movie reviews, from political commentary to gaming tips. But does it have anything useful to offer lawyers?
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Starting a law firm been there done that

One of the most important things I’ve learned as a business owner is to learn from those who have already been there and done that. Benchmarking off successful entrepreneurs can save you a lot of time, money and headaches when it comes to running any business. Five members of Forbes’ Legal Council, experienced chief legal officers and law firm partners who regularly contribute content on legal issues share their advice:
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Market to your existing clients first

We all seem to think new or more clients when we think about marketing a law firm, but we are so busy chasing our tails marketing to new prospects that we don’t realise there is a wall right behind us to scratch our tail – our existing clients.

Ghosting to improve your customer service

Ghosting or Ghost Calling or Ghost Clients are all forms of checking on your service levels by contacting your firm as if a client, documenting the experience and then hopefully discussing and fixing the areas that need attention. A way of checking up on your service levels.

correct law firm billing to market your firm

Immediately your hairs stand up thinking that my message is all about cutting fees to attract more clients – well this is not the message here – it is all about getting the customer to believe and trust that your bill reflects your firm’s hard work and has their best interests in mind.

AI not going to replace lawyers

Technology will continue to transform the legal profession but artificial intelligence (AI) will not play a significant role, legal experts have debated. In a lively discussion hosted by Thomson Reuters on whether AI will have a radical impact on the legal profession, panellists disagreed as to how close a design could come to replicating a lawyer.
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Social media risks course by Bowman Gilfillan

Bowman Gilfillan Africa Group’s employment law team specialising in social media law is holding a seminar aimed at business leaders on the implications, risks, legislation and strategies around social media use for business. The seminar will be held on 1 and 2 August 2016 at the firm’s Sandton offices.

Adwords for law firms

Everyone talks about getting instant referrals via the internet is quick and easy by using Google Adwords, but nobody really shows us the process in simple steps. I am going to guide you via a few simple steps to register, list your adverts and warn you of a few things that could cost you a packet if you are not aware of them lurking just below the surface to the first time user.

Permission for your law firm to send newsletters

POPI is not yet in effect, but good privacy procedures when contacting your clients and prospects not only puts you on the right side of the POPI and the CPA, but protects your firm when people get irate when receiving marketing from your firm and stops your email domain from being blacklisted by email security systems – something that will take a lot of work and time to recover a domain good standing.

e-discovery is next big thing in legal technology

Electronic Discovery, or e-discovery, is one of the oldest and possibly most mature of technologies in the legal technology landscape – and it’s primed to be the next big thing. Thanks to evolving technology and recent financing activity in the sector, new and exciting advancements are on the horizon.
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video marketing for law firms

Video to online awareness for websites or social media is like heat to a popcorn seed sitting in oil. It creates an explosion in your online exposure. But maybe not so easy for a law firm to do!

warm recption area buttonI have given many free marketing tips for law firms, but just about every idea I have mentioned requires ongoing effort from the law firm’s side. These simple marketing tips, require no ongoing effort, no money and will make a vast improvement to your professional image.

robot lawyersIn 2014, CNN ruffled quite a few feathers by publishing an article, which effectively launched what I like to call the “Robot Lawyer Revolution.” This idea - that many tasks performed by lawyers were rote and could be more cost-effectively handled by AI technology - began to steadily gain momentum.
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Letterheads for marketingLaw firms by the very nature of their business, put out a huge amount of paperwork through the day to day correspondence. It is one of your fundamental necessities on practicing law – well, until everything goes paperless. Why do law firms not take more care in the design and appeal of their company logo?

Law firms scared of feedbackWe all know the above heading is true, law firms hate to open themselves up to feedback. Although positive feedback is brilliant, the law firm cringes when thinking about the damage a negative review or feedback will do to them.

educate your clientsLawyers get twitchy when you tell them to give away information, but educating your clients or prospects is in no way doing a knowledge dump of your expertise – give them enough information for them to know the pit falls and to realise when they need to call your law firm for help.

social media 11 times more effective for law firm marketingCNBC’s Uptin Saiidi (@uptin) reports that social media influence marketing is eleven times more effective than online advertising pursuant to a new study by TapInfluence. As a result, marketers are moving advertising dollars from print, television and online ads to social media.
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law frim of the futureThe traditional model of a law firm is in a state of disruption and the future law firm will be driven by leaders who understand technology, efficiency and innovation. The legal sector is changing rapidly and will continue to transform rapidly.
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Google PlusToday I’d like to talk about one of Google’s most underrated creations, something that is often overlooked when creating a website or looking at a firm’s web presence. It’s an easy and free way to improve your visibility on Google. I am speaking about Google+.

black board to blog or not to blogSort of the opposite that you may have heard from anyone involved in marketing, SEO, wed design or brand awareness consultants.

networking for law firmsThe technology age offers many efficient and effective ways to market your law firm, but nothing ever will beat face-to-face networking.

electronic signatures for law firmsThe main object of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act) is to facilitate electronic communications and transactions. One of the subordinate objects is to promote legal certainty. An aspect of legal certainty is to know when a document has been signed and when not.

why people would like a law firm Facebook pagePreviously we looked at reasons why people used Facebook, as well as why somebody would want to follow, like or share a page or post. I guarantee you that the average Joan Soap is not going to search for the local law firm to follow their office, people and activities.

why do people use facebookFor those of us who use Facebook – 13 000 000 South Africans and 124 500 000 in Africa – there are two simple things that I would like us to look at, why do we use Facebook and then the next logical step to that is why we Join or Like a Facebook page.

handwritten letters from law firmsThe age-old handwritten letter is an extremely powerful way of marketing your services. Something everyone knows how to do, has the equipment, but just have forgotten to use.

landing pages for lawyersNothing worse than clicking an advert in Google search about a special weekend getaway in Knysna and landing on a website that tells you about the travel agency and you spend frustrated minutes trying to find the actual special. Right?

Keywords not all equalWe need to spend a little more time on understanding keywords to give our online marketing a better chance of succeeding. Not all keywords are created equal, here are some important facts to remember.

keywords for law firm websitesNot sure how I can emphasise the huge importance of choosing the correct keywords before you get stuck into your law firm marketing, most importantly online campaigns. You really have no choice, you have to do this properly and before you launch any campaign.

D. Casey FlahertyEverything is obvious once you know the answer. Humans excel at recognizing after-the-fact inevitability. We reconstruct a logical chain of causation that seems to suggest the outcome was predictable. Yet, we are terrible at actual prediction because even when we can successfully separate the signal from the noise—no small feat—we are still only left with probabilities, not certainties.
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online law firm directoryMost of the marketing initiatives we cover in the Law Firm Marketing 101, take time, continuous effort and often a good bit of cash. Online directories on the other hand are relatively quick, cheap and they don't take constant effort.

Role split for internal marketing personWe spoke about this in the “Before you start!” section, the costly and simple option is outsourcing this to a marketing services company – but in this article we will address what is needed to have an effective marketing machine using your own staff.

law firms need to stay current with technologyWe are at a point in society where it is no longer cute to be technologically impaired. The world is technologically savvy, our clients are technologically savvy, and our jurors are technologically savvy. You can’t play the “but I’m just a lawyer” card anymore when it comes to technology IQ. Here are three things that we should be looking at this year to stay current.
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4Ws for law firm marketing 1014W - Who, what, when and where. In our previous chapter about planning in Law Firm Marketing 101, we introduced the 4 "W"s and explained briefly what these stood for in the planning stage. Now we will focus on each of these aspects in their marketing role.

legal productivity apps An overused word in the lexicon of innovative legal technology and the changing profession is “disruption.” Isn’t disruption just optimization by another name? With that thought in mind, here’s a list culled from feedback from solos and small firm lawyers and administrators, my own experience, and lots of research, that will help to optimize the day-to-day management and growth of your practice.
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