other legal secretary salary survey criteriaWe have had numerous requests from secretaries as well as partners of legal firms who have asked Tech4Law to publish a new updated Legal Secretary Salary Survey to be more useful in the legal market today. Now before we launch the survey we want to make sure we have the correct criteria to most accurately determine the salaries of the legal secretaries.

pope twitter lessonsSince his election in March 2013, Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, has surprised many by embracing Twitter as a valuable tool to communicate with his global congregation of followers. Pope Francis’s approach to Twitter has been an enormous success: the official @Pontifex Twitter accounts, at the time of writing, have close to 11 million followers. What’s more, the Pope’s regular, informal tweeting style has made him the single most re-tweeted world leader!
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how to keep track of timeTracking your time rather than reconstructing it at the end of the month turns out to be really important. As in, not-overbilling-your-clients-by-23% important. Whether or not you share your time records with your clients in real time, you do need to keep a time log. Hopefully that is a no-brainer for everyone who reads this post, but I doubt it. I have known plenty of lawyers who reconstruct time at the end of every month — or every couple of months — from their calendar, emails, and memory.
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legalstartups-on-mobileJoey Mucha used to seal a business deal with a handshake or an e-mail. Now he whips out his smartphone. The San Francisco entrepreneur runs a side business renting out skee ball machines. With the company growing steadily, Mucha decided last year he needed to use contracts to protect his clients and the business.
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law firm marketing workshop durbanThe Law Firm Marketing Workshop that has been fully booked in Gauteng is going to be repeated around the country and the next stop is in Durban on the 26th March 2014. Through the launch of the Gauteng workshop we had a number of interested parties from the other major centres, wanting to know when we were brining the workshop to their area.

legal adviceThere is often a question from attorneys that ask about the negative exposure the firm will experience in social media if the advice they provide goes wrong.

facebook for law firmsThere are an estimated 1.23 billion people on Facebook, your kids are there, your Mom and her distant Aunt are also on Facebook – why are you not there? Your business would be booming if you were on Facebook.

5 tips on starting a law firmWhen I started my law firm twenty years ago, there were just five things that I knew. I knew I didn’t have any clients. I knew that my husband and I could scarcely afford the loss of my paycheck, let alone come up capital for me to invest in my practice. I knew that I was way too mortified at having been laid off from my former firm to share the real reason for starting my own firm. I knew that when I finally opened for business, in truth, I was just putting on a game face every day, biding my time until something else came along or until I got pregnant and could, like some of my other law school classmates, gracefully exit the law. But I also knew, somewhere deep down, that I had it in me to be a good lawyer.
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ENSafricaExpert witnesses are often called in patent infringement matters to present evidence to the court on technical issues and the merits of the invention covered by the patent. The selection of technical experts in patent disputes is an issue where South African courts have given guidance in the past on the criteria that they apply in making an assessment as to whether the witness is indeed an expert in the field of technology covered by the patent.

law firm marketing magnetMarketing a law firm is extremely unique when comparing it to all other corporate marketing strategies, so instead of spending your time attending all other marketing workshops where you use about a quarter of what you learn, join our Law Firm Marketing Workshop in Gauteng, where everything we focus on is relevant.

time-management-tipsThe “Time” element means a lot to professionals, especially lawyers who manage innumerable clients, hearings, and in between fulfill the needs of their family and friends. Add the socializing component and you will know how difficult it must be to manage all the chores. In such a scenario where time means money it would be foolhardy to spend even a minute on unproductive tasks. Here are the tips for a lawyer to improve productivity through time management.
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facebook studyDo you really care about your Facebook privacy? Do you know who is seeing your personal information on Facebook? Exposing too much for your personal information can leave you vulnerable to unwanted attention, and even possibly lead to identify theft. While Facebook allows users to control their privacy settings, how often do people actually use them?

no show consultationWhen a client fails to keep an appointment, you stand to lose a substantial amount in consultation fees. Add in the time it takes to follow-up with the client and re­schedule, and the real cost of a no-show becomes more apparent. Clients who fail to keep initial appointments rarely, if ever, book a subsequent appointment for which the lawyer can actually bill.
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bucketsCorporate law departments are increasingly separating new matters into one of two buckets of legal work: routine/basic and higher value/risk. There is a clear division: black and white—no shades of gray.
“Maybe you shouldn’t say that routine work is being commoditized,” said a lawyer-friend with a frown. “Attorneys can be a bit sensitive.”
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clientsLet’s say an entrepreneur takes note of the revenue you’re generating and wants to take a shot at stealing it away from you. How might that entrepreneur go about taking your clients? Here are some ideas:
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rates certificates must be signed by handCHIEF REGISTRAR'S CIRCULAR NO. 29 OF 2013
1. Rates clearance certificates that have been electronically generated do not comply with the provisions of section 118 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000).

south african legal fees increaseThe tariff of fees for the High Court and the Magistrate’s Court have been amended as set out in the Government Gazette Number 36913 dated 11th October 2013. Let us look at how each item has been increased.

the-african-legal-awards-2013The offering of niche legal services in the field of technology, telecommunication and media in Africa is firmly set to become a trend in the coming years. As a result, legal firms in particular must diversify their portfolios in order to remain relevant in the African market.

profileAfter my Law Firm Website Venn Diagram got such great feedback, I thought I’d do another highlighting one of my big pet peeves: lawyer bios.  Here you go:
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linkedinWhen an attorney asks me why they should bother getting involved with LinkedIn I generally respond first by providing them with some facts and stats. In most cases, after hearing my recitation of facts and stats the attorney is ready to hear more. At his point I generally move the discussion toward practical uses of LinkedIn you can go back to your office and implement today.
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get your hands dirty law firm marketing workshopEvent Confirmed! Marketing a law firm is like being from Venus and marketing any other business or service is like being from planet Earth. We all get how it happens on planet Earth, just rather lost and vague when we try to understand how it happens on Venus.

business development for law firmsBeen meaning to comment on some marketing advice I saw on Law Practice Today back in August.  The article entitled “A Business Development Checklist for Young Lawyers” by Kelly O’Malley at Fox Rothschild struck me for two reasons:  her checklist should get the attention of more than young lawyers, and, at least in part, should be read and followed by the increased number of solos out there.
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get your hands dirty law firm marketing workshopMarketing a law firm is like being from Venus and marketing any other business or service is like being from planet Earth. We all get how it happens on planet Earth, just rather lost and vague when we try to understand how it happens on Venus.

bill every secondIt's nearly impossible to accurately track your billable time with only a start/stop timer. You're probably bouncing from email to phone call in rapid fire mode. The last thing you want to worry about is timekeeping, especially if you switch from one client to another as you reply to email messages.

prism legalI initially called this post The Evolving Role of Legal Secretaries. Then I realized that “evolve” suggests a continuous process but what we see today seems a discontinuity, an abrupt change.
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billing in law firmsLook out, lawyers, the days of charging $500 an hour are numbered, as digital disruption cuts a swath through the oldest and most conservative of professions and up-ends traditional legal services. Canadian barrister, author and legal futurist Mitch Kowalski says the writing is on the wall – and traditional firms whose partners ignore it will find themselves elbowed out by more nimble and keenly priced upstarts.
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5 tipsHow many hours do you bill in a typical year? Better yet, how many hours would you like to bill in that same year?

marketing using your dataData is the lifeblood of any organisation looking to drive better returns from its marketing investments, but making the most of this data is neither cheap nor easy. It demands investments of money, effort and focus from marketers as well as from their technical support staff – though the rewards will more than repay the investments made.

law firm marketingIn a moment, I am going to tell you about the firm’s marketing plan and how you will be integrated into those initiatives, but the thing you need to always, always keep in mind is this:  this is about you.
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social media do not doSocial media is an important marketing tool, helping small and large businesses to cost-effectively reach out to target consumers, but it can be harmful if the planning and execution is not right. Some companies make the mistake of falling into the following social media blunders which need to be avoided:
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sign electronicAdvancements in technology have modernised the traditional and familiar ways of doing business. Parties no longer have to be in one room or in the same country to conclude transactions. This also relates to the execution and signature of documents, particularly where the signatories are in different locations or countries.

bike appI know we are not as litigious as the United States, but this nifty Android and iOS mobile application for bike accidents does awaken a good few ideas on bringing in new business to the law firm.

downtime into billable hoursTraveling previously required attorneys to carry a laptop, a handheld tape recorder, a cellphone and other tools to help them stay productive and efficient. Now, the only tool mobile lawyers need to complete work and stay connected to the office is a smartphone with the right apps. Yet sometimes this trend toward self-sufficiency can have a downside.
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change or same law firmShould lawyers carry on with business as usual, or take action to ensure a prosperous future? Chicago-area business coach, Steve Fretzin of Sales Results, Inc., compares the current economic landscape to Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” competitive environment.

competition commissionThe remedies proposed in the settlement agreement between the Competition Commission (Commission) and Telkom go to show that the competition authorities indeed expect a higher standard of conduct from dominant firms. This is according to Kayley Keylock, an Associate in the Competition Practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.

Facebook password in willDIGITAL assets are as valuable as houses, cars and jewellery and should be included in people's wills and estates, lawyers warn. An Adelaide law firm is advising its clients to include usernames and passwords for their online banking, blogs, Instagram and social media accounts in their wills.
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paddocksPaddocks Private Consulting Service is now available again, offering two types of consulting: Fixed cost private email consulting and traditional private consulting. Adjunct Professor Graham Paddock leads the consulting division and is assisted by Jennifer Paddock and Anton Kelly.

lexisnexislogoThe 26th Annual Labour Law Conference to be held later this month will see esteemed speakers and employment law experts debating important questions around current issues. These include mining reform, the true costs of industrial action and the creation of decent jobs against the backdrop of South Africa’s labour legislation, the economy and the National Development Plan (NDP).

50 tipsYou can spend a lot of money on legal marketing, but you don’t need to. Nor do you have to be naturally outgoing or charming. What is necessary for good business development, say successful lawyers and consultants who shared their strategies with the ABA Journal, is a marketing plan focused on activities you do well, targeted at the right audience and carried out consistently. Give it some time, they say, and business will come.
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call centres POPIThe Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) is expected to be passed before the end of the year, and many South African businesses are scrambling to get their houses in order and ensure that their operations are compliant with the provisions of this bill – particularly with regards to their call center operations.

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