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Taking your law firm paperless is a lot simpler than you might think—and it’s a change you can’t afford not to make: You’ll save time and money. Plus, you’ll make your clients happy! Here are some tips from Rocket Matter that will teach you how to organise, archive, and access your important documents and case files digitally. You’ll also get a first-hand look at one firm that went paperless so you can know exactly what to expect as you go through the process!
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cell bill shockGolf is an expensive hobby, but it cost one man almost R1-million recently even though he was nowhere near a green. That was his cell phone bill after an app to analyse his golf swing kept running when he travelled abroad, scoring an exorbitant case of bill shock.

android_call_limitIf you often get a shock when receiving your cellular bill - then this free Android application will be just what you need. It limits the call to a predetermined length and ends the call.

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whatsappSometimes great applications just seem to slip past everyone without too many people knowing about it. Well this application is one such application, but before it slips past us all, I thought it would be a great idea to share this discovery with those that have not stumbled across it already.

gabblePlanning for the future, especially now with the global economic recession firmly taking hold, could be considered "like changing the wheel on a moving car," says international legal futurist, author and technology consultant Richard Susskind about the challenges facing the legal profession today.

pricecheck_logoThe best way to find a bargain online is by comparing prices, and this is exactly what PriceCheck offers South Africa. At PriceCheck, you can find and compare products from established online shops catering for internet purchases in South Africa as well as user contributions.


ciproWant to see if the name you have in mind for your company is taken? Or perhaps you're looking for the registered address of a company or CC?

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