save energyAt a time when South Africa’s chief power supplier, Eskom is under pressure to meet increasing demands and load-shedding is a reality, businesses are advised to be proactive and look to innovative ways to conserve electricity. Enermatics Energy has compiled a list of tips that are designed to help.

landline_to_cell1Most of our business calls at the office are during the Telkom "Peak time" and we thought it would be a good idea to work out whether it was cheaper to call another party across the country from your Telkom line or from your Cellular phone.

dont_throw_money_down_the_drainHow would you like to save your firm money on your Telkom bill, and not have to change a single telephone or switchboard to achieve the savings? Even better, you don't have to do anything except phone Telkom and ask them for a discount.

cut_costsGenerally speaking, cutting costs is good advice in any economy. Even when times are flush you really shouldn't be paying for things you don't need, or paying more than necessary for the things you do need. But when money gets tight you want to be sure you're using what you have more efficiently.

abaFirms are feeling the pinch and we'd like to offer some tips for surviving this recession and see why this is a good opportunity to refocus your firm and put it back on the right track.

productiveIf we could double the productivity of every person in the office, our prosperity will increase dramatically. The results will entail increased client satisfaction, higher remuneration for employees, bigger profits, better cash flow, thus growth in many aspects.

costscalcIn these tough financial times there are probably many attorneys wishing that their bills for office expenses could be smaller. By making use of basic computer technology and some changes in work procedures, substantial cost savings can be made in the following areas without any lowering in fees or productivity:

telkom_logoCellSaver will enable you to save on your fixed-to-mobile call spend. Should you be spending R2500 or more on calls to mobile phones you will qualify. The discount will depend on your monthly cellular spend.

lawyers_dont_like_ocmputersLawyers don't like technology much. Perhaps they are just not wired that way. It's a pity though, since if one looks back at the events that reshaped the legal profession throughout history, nearly all of these have been around new technology.

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