pcmag_logoThe best things in life are actually often free. Here, a list of 173 of the best things in life: free software, for launching apps, networking, backup, synchronization, entertainment, and more.


productiveIf we could double the productivity of every person in the office, our prosperity will increase dramatically. The results will entail increased client satisfaction, higher remuneration for employees, bigger profits, better cash flow, thus growth in many aspects.

cnet_logo on technology for lawyersFree PDF to Word Doc Converter is a desktop document conversion tool to convert Adobe PDF to MS Word files. The program can extract text, images, and shapes from PDF file to DOC file and preserve the layout.


deedDeeds Office search costs are often overlooked, since all search costs are disbursed to the end client. What firms don't realize is that invariably they recover a standard amount anyway - typically around R80 per matter. That means, however, that whatever they spend on searching is still a cost against that income amount. So how can you reduce your search costs?

costscalcIn these tough financial times there are probably many attorneys wishing that their bills for office expenses could be smaller. By making use of basic computer technology and some changes in work procedures, substantial cost savings can be made in the following areas without any lowering in fees or productivity:

telkom_logoCellSaver will enable you to save on your fixed-to-mobile call spend. Should you be spending R2500 or more on calls to mobile phones you will qualify. The discount will depend on your monthly cellular spend.

ciproWant to see if the name you have in mind for your company is taken? Or perhaps you're looking for the registered address of a company or CC?

save_tonerIf you own a laser printer you will know the telltale signs of an empty toner cartridge. Either the page starts to get streaky, or, on more advanced printers, a message tells you that you need to replace your toner cartridge.

lawyers_dont_like_ocmputersLawyers don't like technology much. Perhaps they are just not wired that way. It's a pity though, since if one looks back at the events that reshaped the legal profession throughout history, nearly all of these have been around new technology.

billA partner at a law firm in Durban advises that if firms want to save money they should double check their transactional invoices from vendors.

savemoneyApproximately 40% of money spent on acquiring a basic PC for a law firm is the cost of the operating system and an MS Office license. Add any other software components (and there usually are) and the software costs quickly exceed the hardware costs.

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