Prevent follow home hijacking

While hijacking is often described as a ‘crime of opportunity‘ in South Africa, motorists have also been warned that they risk being followed home from shopping centres and other public places, in order to be robbed of their possessions. Speaking to BusinessTech, Agnieszka Gryn, regional executive at Fidelity ADT, explained that ‘spotters’ are often used in these areas to identify people withdrawing large sums of cash from ATMs.
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Drinking water harvesting

Now that all is said and done and the water bio-sand filter is filtering away successfully, I thought it would be a good thing to share the things I would do differently next time – a real bonus for any of you starting out, as it means you can get it right first time!

making bio-sand filter

I used a 44 gallon drum, dark blue, which originally housed glucose syrup for a sweet factory. The darker the container the better, it helps slow down the growth of fungi.

Sand sieves of various sizes

This part of making the bio-sand filter is a labourious task, but must be done correctly to ensure good quality water at the end of the day.

water filter before and after

With the current water shortage situation in South Africa it is critically important to harvest as much water from the roof and use it in the house. We are going to share how you can filter this water to make it safe for drinking.

drivers license

A meeting of the national Aarto task team will take place in Bloemfontein before the end of February in preparation for the planned country-wide roll-out of the demerit points system. The demerit points system was introduced in a pilot program across Gauteng in 2008, in order to penalise drivers and operators who are habitual offenders.
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cell phone etiquetteChances are, you’ve experienced the following situation: You’re with a small group of friends at a nice restaurant. Everyone is enjoying the food and conversation when someone decides to take out his phone — not for an urgent call, but to check email, Instagram and Facebook. Maybe you’ve witnessed this behavior and found it unsettling. What do you do? Do you sit idly by, thinking disparaging thoughts? Or do you call out the offender?
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SABC-Pay Your TV LicenseThe SABC tells you to pay your TV licence because “it’s the right thing to do” – but thanks to the onerous cancellation process, it’s basically the only option you have. Thousands of South Africans continue to pay the annual fee of R265, simply because trying to cancel it is a nightmare process.
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car crash scamsCar crash scams are becoming more prevalent in South Africa, and whilst professional insurance detectives can spot a scam, often a regular driver can’t which leads to unfortunate consequences. This is according to car market information site, which has warned drivers to always keep to the rules of the road.
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saving electricityWith the rising electricity costs and declining power reliability, most South Africans are looking at alternatives. Moneyweb asked electrical and electronic engineer Heino van Jaarsveldt, of DFR Engineers in Pretoria, what alternatives are available to smaller households and which are the most cost effective.
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whatclinicGlobal search engine a ‘Tripadvisor for private clinics’ opens its site to clinics in South Africa to meet the growing demand for information about cosmetic dental and plastic surgery treatments.

traffic circle signWe all seems to make it through traffic circles while driving - often with a couple of choice four letter words and the occasional waiving of certain fingers - but to be fair are we ever 100% sure that we are in the right and the other party in the wrong?

RST shower headThe RST Profilence range of water saving shower roses are specifically designed for fixed head showers that enable, by means of a patented turbo flow system, the greatest possible water and energy savings combined with sufficient water pressure.

3d printer building houseThe University of Southern California is testing a giant 3D printer that could be used to build a whole house in under 24 hours. Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has designed the giant robot that replaces construction workers with a nozzle on a gantry, this squirts out concrete and can quickly build a home according to a computer pattern. It is “basically scaling up 3D printing to the scale of building,” says Khoshnevis. The technology, known as Contour Crafting, could revolutionise the construction industry.
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dog-foodIt is a continuous battle to keep the ants out of the dog's food bowl.

mathsInstitutions around the country are waking up to the fact that having a good matric maths result opens grade 12 learners up to a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, fewer learners are taking matric maths every year - the total number of candidates dropped 14% from 2009 to 2010 - and over half of those who do take the subject fail. In fact, only 30% of all candidates achieve a mark higher than 40% for maths.

teenscomputerAny parent of a teenager will know just how hard it is to get their kids to share. But when it comes to social networking, chances are they may be over-sharing - and they don't even know about it.

mitrafficWouldn't it be great to be able to get an SMS alert to tell you that your route home is jam packed and that the traffic is not moving? Well, this is now a reality...

ogfaceVery often I get times and dates mixed up for sport on the weekend, often missing a game or event that I really wanted to watch. No longer...

locks_on_bagsWe have all witnessed some sort of baggage tampering at airports/buses/trains or in regular travel. Most of the time we know that the bag has been tampered with as soon as we see the damaged or open baggage. But it seems this is not always the case (excuse the pun)...

leaktapThere is nothing more irritating than trying to sleep or concentrate while you can hear a leaking tap dripping. Now we are not going to tell you how to fix a leaking tap, but this is the simplest DIY tip you could ever imagine.

kidinshockIn this video, Aaron shows us how he set up parental controls in Windows to manage how his children access the web, which games and programs they have access to, and how much time they're allowed to use the computer. Here's how to do it.
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flu-preventionGoogle now has a system based on the keyword searches for remedies and symptoms which allows them to extract the stats and give accurate reports on flu trends in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape. The image to the left gives you another way to prevent flu (kids don't try this at home!).

phishing_scamFraudsters have been emailing the general South African public with requests to confirm their banking details, so that the SARS refund can be deposited into their bank account. Do not follow the links on this email and rather delete the message.

contrastWhen looking at HDTVs, you may have noticed that the contrasts on the devices range from "2000:1" to "35 000:1". Rather easy to choose you may think, but not really, and this is why.

rst_roseWith the green revolution starting to gain momentum, we all need to do what we can to reduce the load on our planet. The RST shower rose can provide water and energy savings of up to 50%. And if that isn't enough to convince you, the RST shower rose will ensure that you never run out of hot water when your kids take a shower before you... And all of this without compromising your shower experience! Contact RST Water and Energy Saving (Pty) Ltd on 016 982 3320 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


calc_smlSaving electricity is becoming a national priority. Getting to grips with exactly how much power you are using at home and what your appliances consume is, however, a different matter. That's why Eskom have devised the "on-line residential energy auditor", an easy to use tool that helps you work out how much electricity you are using, what you should be paying, and how to save on each category.

gumtreeGumtree is a free classifieds website where you can buy and sell almost anything. It is localised for South African cities which makes it a great way to do business!





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So simple, why don't we make the effort?

Petrol prices are high, and so are most other things, but something that does not seem to follow suit is our income. The picture on the left is a little excessive, but let's look at some ideas on how to make our litres last a little longer......

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