Android Auto on your mobile

Android Auto turns your smartphone interface into a layout designed for driving and enables a ton of useful features. South Africans were previously forced to download the APK manually from third-party websites as recently as 2018, but Google has now made the Android Auto app available on the Play Store locally.
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Beer Machine from LG

BEER now has its own version of the coffee machine: the LG HomeBrew. This wacky gadget brews craft beer in your kitchen by chewing up single-use capsules, which contain the ingredients needed for the perfect pint.
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Which HDMI cable to buy?

HDMI cables have become an essential part of most systems and are used to connect everything from Smart TVs and gaming consoles to PCs and monitors. However, a disparity exists in the prices of HDMI cables, so MyBroadband went out to see if there was any difference in picture quality between cheap and expensive cables.
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Secure your wifi router at home with these 5 steps

Wireless routers are ubiquitous in modern households, with many home Wi-Fi connections acting as a connectivity hub for everything from TVs to smartphones. This increasing reliance on wireless connectivity places even more importance on the security of home Wi-Fi connections.
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According to experts, sharing too much on social media while traveling can make that person a target of thieves. These days, many burglars use social media to find out if someone’s home is empty – and people tend to leave their homes empty especially during the summer vacation.

Cell phone radiation

Researchers from the Ramazzini Institute in Italy have shown that rats which were exposed to cellular radiation developed brain and heart tumours. This is the largest long-term study ever performed in rats on the health effects of radio-frequency radiation.
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Social media after death

With the advent of social media sites such such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dictating and capturing people’s lives, things can become even more complicated when family members are left without an idea of what to do with these “digital assets” after the death of a loved one.
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iPhone tips

We use our iPhones every day, but you may be surprised to learn there are still a handful of things it can do that you probably don’t even know about. Apple Doctor, national specialised Apple mobile device repairing company is sharing tips and tricks you should know...
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Telefunken 32" not FullHD

It says Full HD on the box, on the back of the TV, and the salesman confirms the display puts out 1080p. There’s just one problem: the panel is not Full HD. MyBroadband was recently contacted by Abu-Huraira Oman Abdalla, a member of ISACA, who shared the results of tests he conducted on a “Full HD” Telefunken TV.
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Lucozade SA partnered with Pulse Media Technologies to implement the first formal African launch of the groundbreaking technological digital refrigerator which was installed into a number of retail outlets across South Africa.
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VW Polo Compact Electric for Uber type service

VW is setting up a ride-hailing service in Rwanda and a production facility in Kenya. According to Engadget, the launch of the ride-hailing service follows VW investing $300 million in Gett – a company similar to Uber which does not use surge pricing.
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New ZA electrical plugs

During 2016, the Electrical Contractors’ Association of South Africa, the ECA(SA), told MyBroadband South Africa’s new plug standard would become semi-mandatory. A proposed amendment to the wiring code requires that from March 2018, all outlets in new installations must include at least one socket that complies with SANS 164–2. SANS 164–2 (or ZA Plug) has the same hexagonal profile as the Europlug seen on cellphone chargers – but allows for an earth pin.
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sock to track diabetic health

Diabetic health tracking startup Siren Care has created smart socks that use temperature sensors to detect inflammation — and therefore injury — in realtime for diabetics. Co-founder Ran Ma was working on growing biomass to grow back skin that had been damaged while at Northwestern University when she started learning how to treat diabetic feet and thought of making a wearable that could track and prevent injuries.
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There is a South African app for that

The amount of apps created to meet South Africa’s unique market needs is on the rise. Apple’s famous ‘there’s an app for that’ slogan is becoming reality, as more apps are created to cover a wider variety of options. South Africa’s mixed culture and diverse society can benefit from this growing variety of apps.

Here’s a list of homemade South African apps for our unique, one-of-a-kind market. By Nicole Crampton
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Must have tech for lawyers@home

Even if your budget is tight, there is no excuse not to have the right gadgets and tech accessories. Just like a handyman who needs the right tools for the job, you need the right tech accessories to make your life easy. Here are some must-have tech accessories and gadgets for under R1,000.

The trackr device for cell phones

Lost your car and can’t remember where you parked? It happens to the best of us: wandering aimlessly through parking lots, clicking the panic button on your key chain to get your headlights to illuminate. You don’t need some spendy radio transponder to keep tabs on your car. Uplinking your wheels to the great eye in the sky without breaking the bank is easier than you think.
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ATM card skimmer

Whoda thunk it? Tourist/cybersecurity expert Benjamin Tedesco was hanging out in Vienna when he walked up to an ATM. Because he trusts no one he decided to give the reader a little tug and came away with a working skimmer designed to look exactly like the card slot on the original machine. “It pays to be paranoid,” he said — and he’s right.
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Samsung smart fridgeToday’s retail economy is focused on acquisition and retention costs. Getting into people’s homes and turning them into long-term brand buyers is the goal, and appliance makers control an untapped resource — the Internet of Things (IoT) — that can effectively extend a brand or retailer’s supply chain visibility into the home. How will the IoT manifest itself in the home? For many consumer brands and retailers, there’s always been one door that holds the key to the $65 billion a month American households spend on food: the refrigerator door.
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driverless car relaxation between destinationsFuture Dateline: 1 March 2028 - Driverless cars were supposed to disrupt only the automotive sector and the insurance industry, right? Wrong. The latest victims are airlines and hotel chains - and they never even saw it coming. With green car technology sorted, it's no longer necessary to get vehicles off the road. In fact, the good old road trip is back - but this time with a twist. Travellers are now renting self-driving, customized cars and vans to chauffeur them from point A to point B in luxury.
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SA Speed camera typesThere are several types of hidden speed cameras in SA, which fall into one of three categories: fixed speed cameras, portable Lidar, and portable Radar. The images below show some of the hidden camera technology used in the country.
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3 photovoltaic panels on tilesAfter a long break, with lots of valid excuses, we tackled the solar panel (photovoltaic panels) mounting, cabling and connection to the RCT hybrid inverter power unit.

solar deliveredA very wet week, where not much work was done. The wiring to the main electricity distribution board (Main DB) is still being finished as I prepare this article. Solar panels arrived and sheltered in the garage.

RCT5000 hybrid inverter instllationA continuation from last week's article on the basics and why I chose the hybrid alternative system. This past week I bought the cable and the connectors to connect the batteries, firstly to each other and then to the hybrid inverter.

RCT axpert 5KVAThe current load shedding situation got me thinking about alternative power and the solution I have decided on after many hours of research was to go for is a hybrid setup, where we use solar and when that fails, the power grid and when that fails the battery backup.

cellphone causes cancerA new study has found that intensive use of cellphones could triple the chances of getting certain types of brain cancer. The study, conducted by Swedish doctors and published online in the peer-reviewed journal, International Journal of Oncology, assessed the association between mobile phone use and brain cancer risk. Overall, the research found that people who used wireless phones for more than a year were at 70% greater risk of brain cancer as compared to those who used wireless phones for a year or less.
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flysaaThe official South African Airways FlySAA app has landed in the Windows Phone Store. Complete with a neat and modern user interface, the South African Airways (SAA) app comes packed with a variety of features that include checking a specific timetable for all upcoming SAA flights and searching departure and destination cities.

glove teaches how to play musicWhat started as a wearable experiment for the Georgia Tech professor could possibly make anyone a master at guitar, piano, Braille or even dance steps at superhuman speed. All you have to do to play like Beethoven, Starner tells me, is slip on this glove he’s made called the Mobile Music Touch and it’s just bzzz, bzzz bzzz… bzzz bzzz…bzzz bzzz buh bzzz bzzz bzzz. Pretty soon you’re playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” like a pro.
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Blackberry 25 days to christmas gifts25 Days of Gifts - This year, BlackBerry is kicking off the holiday season with a new app giveaway-a-day offer for its customers.

Mab4If you've ever wished your house would automatically clean itself, so you could get a little free time — you're not alone. An industrial-design student in Colombia has conceptualized an automated cleaning system in which flying robots would do all the dirty work.
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icloudA Joburg family used an iPad app to help the police track a gang of house robbers terrorising residents in the upmarket suburbs of Bryanston and Douglasdale.Last Wednesday the Haynes family was confronted by armed, balaclava-clad men in their bedrooms. They were tied up and robbed in the early hours. But just hours after the robbers made their getaway, the police swooped on the men at a house in Tembisa after the family activated the iCloud service for iPads and iPhones.
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 mp1055If tornados, shark attacks, and drunk drivers make you queasy, you can relax at home this weekend with the Mecer High Definition Multimedia Player (MP1055). The MP1055 is the perfect companion to a Big Screen TV and surround sound unit.

s_noteFrom new ultra-light and super-thin notebooks to TVs you can draw on and designer 3D glasses, the coolest tech toys and latest gadgets were on grand display this month at the IFA technology fair in Berlin. Technology companies have high hopes for these new products.

boxoffice_bgDStv today announced the launch of BoxOffice, a Video-on-Demand service for South Africa. This service gives subscribers the opportunity to rent the latest Hollywood blockbusters from the comfort of their home. According to Imtiaz Patel, Group CEO of MultiChoice South Africa, "The BoxOffice service is a result of our continuous drive for innovation. The future of DStv relies on us offering simplicity and convenience to our subscribers in a changing world. Last year we introduced DStv On Demand and BoxOffice is the next step in the DStv product evolution."

lytroWhen the first digital cameras became available on the commercial market in the early 90s, it was as if we had been thrown into the future, where you could actually see the image before you develop it! Now, they're everywhere you turn and getting fancier and fancier. Why, Olympus has just released its new PEN E-PL2 lightweight compact camera which functions more like a DSLR than a point and shoot, with interchangeable lenses and all. But, on top of the advances in the field of digital cameras, there is an all-new breed of cameras being born that pledge to revolutionise the way we take pictures.

ubuntudealCan you imagine buying your favorite clothing brand for 60% off? What about that special you missed (but your friends didn't) at a top restaurant? Well, this is no more. Ever heard of group buying? We're sure you have, and we've been turning it on for you since the very beginning.

mathsParents and teachers know that mathematics is a vital subject for learners to master in their Grade 12 exams, and many parents go out of their ways to make sure their children get the best coaching, tutoring or extra lessons before the final exams. However, this process is often costly and inconvenient, and if the learners don't enjoy the lessons they are likely not to work as hard as they could.

e-printEasily and securely print from Google apps without a PC connection or print drive. April 4, 2011 - HP today announced that Google Cloud Print users can print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printer from any Google Cloud Print supported app on any computer or smart phone.

happypcYour gadgets and computers, your software and sites - they are not working as well as they should. You need to make some tweaks. But the tech industry has given you the impression that making adjustments is difficult and time-consuming. It is not.
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skype1Many people report that after installing Skype, their bandwidth usage goes through the roof. Because of Firewalls and additional security on networks, Skype needed a way to allow people to connect easily without users having to get their IT departments involved. So they assign "Super Nodes" to Skype users' systems and connect these callers through these "back doors".

ideasThere are often times when we see a great web site and although we think it is wonderful, we don't have a need for it right now so we push it aside and forget about it. What we forget, is that someone else may need such a solution. So here are two such sites that I have come across that I think will add value to your lives....

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