live rugby world cup 2015Rugby Fans, the greatest event of the year is happening in the United Kingdom, for those without DSTV or those who want to catch a game on their computers - there is a solution.

PCCWA new video-on-demand player backed by PCCW will take on Netflix, Showmax, FrontRow, and Vidi in South Africa. Bloomberg reported that the PCCW service, which is backed by Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li, will be unveiled to South Africa as early as next week.
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solar deliveredA very wet week, where not much work was done. The wiring to the main electricity distribution board (Main DB) is still being finished as I prepare this article. Solar panels arrived and sheltered in the garage.

RCT5000 hybrid inverter instllationA continuation from last week's article on the basics and why I chose the hybrid alternative system. This past week I bought the cable and the connectors to connect the batteries, firstly to each other and then to the hybrid inverter.

RCT axpert 5KVAThe current load shedding situation got me thinking about alternative power and the solution I have decided on after many hours of research was to go for is a hybrid setup, where we use solar and when that fails, the power grid and when that fails the battery backup.

whatsappWhatsApp voice calling is set to launch in the first quarter of 2015, and South African network operators are ready to support the service. WhatsApp’s voice calling will be a mobile-only service, competing against the likes of WeChat, Viber, and Skype, and was originally set to launch in Q2 2014.
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saving electricityWith the rising electricity costs and declining power reliability, most South Africans are looking at alternatives. Moneyweb asked electrical and electronic engineer Heino van Jaarsveldt, of DFR Engineers in Pretoria, what alternatives are available to smaller households and which are the most cost effective.
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cellphone causes cancerA new study has found that intensive use of cellphones could triple the chances of getting certain types of brain cancer. The study, conducted by Swedish doctors and published online in the peer-reviewed journal, International Journal of Oncology, assessed the association between mobile phone use and brain cancer risk. Overall, the research found that people who used wireless phones for more than a year were at 70% greater risk of brain cancer as compared to those who used wireless phones for a year or less.
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whatclinicGlobal search engine a ‘Tripadvisor for private clinics’ opens its site to clinics in South Africa to meet the growing demand for information about cosmetic dental and plastic surgery treatments.

traffic circle signWe all seems to make it through traffic circles while driving - often with a couple of choice four letter words and the occasional waiving of certain fingers - but to be fair are we ever 100% sure that we are in the right and the other party in the wrong?

flysaaThe official South African Airways FlySAA app has landed in the Windows Phone Store. Complete with a neat and modern user interface, the South African Airways (SAA) app comes packed with a variety of features that include checking a specific timetable for all upcoming SAA flights and searching departure and destination cities.

glove teaches how to play musicWhat started as a wearable experiment for the Georgia Tech professor could possibly make anyone a master at guitar, piano, Braille or even dance steps at superhuman speed. All you have to do to play like Beethoven, Starner tells me, is slip on this glove he’s made called the Mobile Music Touch and it’s just bzzz, bzzz bzzz… bzzz bzzz…bzzz bzzz buh bzzz bzzz bzzz. Pretty soon you’re playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” like a pro.
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RST shower headThe RST Profilence range of water saving shower roses are specifically designed for fixed head showers that enable, by means of a patented turbo flow system, the greatest possible water and energy savings combined with sufficient water pressure.

3d printer building houseThe University of Southern California is testing a giant 3D printer that could be used to build a whole house in under 24 hours. Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has designed the giant robot that replaces construction workers with a nozzle on a gantry, this squirts out concrete and can quickly build a home according to a computer pattern. It is “basically scaling up 3D printing to the scale of building,” says Khoshnevis. The technology, known as Contour Crafting, could revolutionise the construction industry.
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Blackberry 25 days to christmas gifts25 Days of Gifts - This year, BlackBerry is kicking off the holiday season with a new app giveaway-a-day offer for its customers.

Mab4If you've ever wished your house would automatically clean itself, so you could get a little free time — you're not alone. An industrial-design student in Colombia has conceptualized an automated cleaning system in which flying robots would do all the dirty work.
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icloudA Joburg family used an iPad app to help the police track a gang of house robbers terrorising residents in the upmarket suburbs of Bryanston and Douglasdale.Last Wednesday the Haynes family was confronted by armed, balaclava-clad men in their bedrooms. They were tied up and robbed in the early hours. But just hours after the robbers made their getaway, the police swooped on the men at a house in Tembisa after the family activated the iCloud service for iPads and iPhones.
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 mp1055If tornados, shark attacks, and drunk drivers make you queasy, you can relax at home this weekend with the Mecer High Definition Multimedia Player (MP1055). The MP1055 is the perfect companion to a Big Screen TV and surround sound unit.

s_noteFrom new ultra-light and super-thin notebooks to TVs you can draw on and designer 3D glasses, the coolest tech toys and latest gadgets were on grand display this month at the IFA technology fair in Berlin. Technology companies have high hopes for these new products.

dog-foodIt is a continuous battle to keep the ants out of the dog's food bowl.

boxoffice_bgDStv today announced the launch of BoxOffice, a Video-on-Demand service for South Africa. This service gives subscribers the opportunity to rent the latest Hollywood blockbusters from the comfort of their home. According to Imtiaz Patel, Group CEO of MultiChoice South Africa, "The BoxOffice service is a result of our continuous drive for innovation. The future of DStv relies on us offering simplicity and convenience to our subscribers in a changing world. Last year we introduced DStv On Demand and BoxOffice is the next step in the DStv product evolution."

lytroWhen the first digital cameras became available on the commercial market in the early 90s, it was as if we had been thrown into the future, where you could actually see the image before you develop it! Now, they're everywhere you turn and getting fancier and fancier. Why, Olympus has just released its new PEN E-PL2 lightweight compact camera which functions more like a DSLR than a point and shoot, with interchangeable lenses and all. But, on top of the advances in the field of digital cameras, there is an all-new breed of cameras being born that pledge to revolutionise the way we take pictures.

mathsInstitutions around the country are waking up to the fact that having a good matric maths result opens grade 12 learners up to a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, fewer learners are taking matric maths every year - the total number of candidates dropped 14% from 2009 to 2010 - and over half of those who do take the subject fail. In fact, only 30% of all candidates achieve a mark higher than 40% for maths.

ubuntudealCan you imagine buying your favorite clothing brand for 60% off? What about that special you missed (but your friends didn't) at a top restaurant? Well, this is no more. Ever heard of group buying? We're sure you have, and we've been turning it on for you since the very beginning.

teenscomputerAny parent of a teenager will know just how hard it is to get their kids to share. But when it comes to social networking, chances are they may be over-sharing - and they don't even know about it.

mathsParents and teachers know that mathematics is a vital subject for learners to master in their Grade 12 exams, and many parents go out of their ways to make sure their children get the best coaching, tutoring or extra lessons before the final exams. However, this process is often costly and inconvenient, and if the learners don't enjoy the lessons they are likely not to work as hard as they could.

e-printEasily and securely print from Google apps without a PC connection or print drive. April 4, 2011 - HP today announced that Google Cloud Print users can print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printer from any Google Cloud Print supported app on any computer or smart phone.

mitrafficWouldn't it be great to be able to get an SMS alert to tell you that your route home is jam packed and that the traffic is not moving? Well, this is now a reality...

ogfaceVery often I get times and dates mixed up for sport on the weekend, often missing a game or event that I really wanted to watch. No longer...

locks_on_bagsWe have all witnessed some sort of baggage tampering at airports/buses/trains or in regular travel. Most of the time we know that the bag has been tampered with as soon as we see the damaged or open baggage. But it seems this is not always the case (excuse the pun)...

leaktapThere is nothing more irritating than trying to sleep or concentrate while you can hear a leaking tap dripping. Now we are not going to tell you how to fix a leaking tap, but this is the simplest DIY tip you could ever imagine.

happypcYour gadgets and computers, your software and sites - they are not working as well as they should. You need to make some tweaks. But the tech industry has given you the impression that making adjustments is difficult and time-consuming. It is not.
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skype1Many people report that after installing Skype, their bandwidth usage goes through the roof. Because of Firewalls and additional security on networks, Skype needed a way to allow people to connect easily without users having to get their IT departments involved. So they assign "Super Nodes" to Skype users' systems and connect these callers through these "back doors".

kidinshockIn this video, Aaron shows us how he set up parental controls in Windows to manage how his children access the web, which games and programs they have access to, and how much time they're allowed to use the computer. Here's how to do it.
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flu-preventionGoogle now has a system based on the keyword searches for remedies and symptoms which allows them to extract the stats and give accurate reports on flu trends in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape. The image to the left gives you another way to prevent flu (kids don't try this at home!).

ideasThere are often times when we see a great web site and although we think it is wonderful, we don't have a need for it right now so we push it aside and forget about it. What we forget, is that someone else may need such a solution. So here are two such sites that I have come across that I think will add value to your lives....

toptvUnfortunately the story starts with a bit of a negative angle, phone calls and e-mails to the TopTV marketing department to get comments, information and a possible promotional use of the TV station seemed to go unanswered or they gave empty promises to get back to me at a later stage via automated email responses. So here is a record of my purchase, installation and first switch-on.

dermanderDermandar offers a very easy way for creating and sharing 360 degree panoramas in only 3 steps. This is a great tool to give to people an idea of how the full 360 degree view looked like. Currently the offer is for free, but they have limited everyone to 100 panoramic views ;-)

scwBemoaning the unacceptably high crime rate has become a favourite South African pastime. As more and more people fall prey to criminals, citizens either up and emigrate or retreat into a state of helpless defeatism.

super5-mockupAmid all the noise and fanfare surrounding On Digital Media's launch last week of TopTV, another new pay-TV licensee, Super 5 Media, is quietly gearing up to launch services to SA consumers. TechCentral can report exclusively that Super 5 Media plans to go live on 1 June and is targeting 400 000 subscribers in its first 18 months of operation - 200 000 on satellite and 200 000 receiving television services over cable.
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