Nigiri Law by Barry Varkel

Nigiri Law by Barry Varkel  - So many firsts…first funny book on the South African law process, first time I have heard of a stand-up comedian who is a qualified and practicing attorney and author on top of that and the first time I have done a book review for Tech4Law. 

Barry Varkel, referred to by his client as “Mr Belly” tells of his experience handling a divorce matter for his client, a sushi restaurant owner who speaks very little English. There is a great amount of humour, including the scary trip to court for his bewildered client.

The funny story takes a rather unexpected twist when Arata takes a trip in between court appearances. Barry’s writing manner illustrates the foreign accent cleverly.

The book is a easy to read 77 pages. Beware though, Barry’s descriptive humour sometimes gets a little dark and twisted and foul mouthed.  (This book is not for the easily offended.) 

I enjoyed the book. A number of times I found myself trying to persuade Arata to take a different path in my mind. It is a worthwhile read for all adults, whether involved in the legal fraternity or not.

Published by No Bullshit Books
Printed by The Printing Press

ESBN 978-0-620-78029-2

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+1 #2 M Pearson 2018-09-03 11:06
Zak, thanks for the comments. I am glad you enjoyed it, he does describe things rather accurately and with great vivid descriptions ;-)
+2 #1 Zak Palestein 2018-09-02 20:57
An incredibly hilarious romp thru the legal profession, sparing no sacred cows (or dogs if that's your palate preference).

I'm struck by how versitile this lawyer is - is he a comedic lawyer or a comic who happens to be a lawyer.

All I can say is that the book is very funny, so funny that a flight attendant asked me to lower my voice as I read the book on the airplane toilet.

I enjoyed his witty observations abt the human condition which I found more accurate than most comics.

I can't wait for the next one
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