Webber-WentzelWebber Wentzel has taken first place in The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa directory listing, maintaining its top spot as the most highly ranked South African law firm.

SA provincial law societiesWe, the undersigned Presidents of the Law Societies of the Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Provinces, acting in the public interest, commit ourselves to a clean, ethical and responsive legal profession, and will do all that is necessary in the interest of public and clients.

LSSA law society of South AfricaThe Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) expresses grave concern at the comments relating to the courts made by President Jacob Zuma when addressing a gathering of Traditional Leaders in Pretoria yesterday.

Imani law on demandThe Origins of Law - As civilizations have evolved over the millennia, our legal systems and institutions have changed with them. Where human society has adapted, so have the legal structures that protect our rights and give us guidance.

LexisNexis AAP recipientsAssisting with the development of newly qualified advocates is the mandate of LexisNexis South Africa’s annual Advocate Advancement Programme (AAP). This year, 52 advocates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds were sponsored with technology and legal resources as well as in-depth training to help them kick-start their legal careers.

LSSA Cochairpersons Jan van Rensburg and Mvuso Notyesilr thumbnailMthatha attorney Mvuso Notyesi and Brits attorney Jan Janse van Rensburg were elected Co-Chairpersons of the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) at its annual general meeting in Kempton Park on 2 April 2016.

LSSA law society of South AfricaThe Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) has noted the landmark judgment of the Constitutional Court in the Economic Freedom Fighters v Speaker of the National Assembly and Others; Democratic Alliance v Speaker of the National Assembly and Others [2016] ZACC 11 case, and in particular how it confirms the binding nature of the remedial action taken by the Public Protector in terms of section 182(1)(c) of the Constitution.

SAPO to introduce eregistered emailThe South African Post Office (SAPO) said the most important electronic product that customers can expect from it in the near future is eRegistered Mail. Registered Mail carries the same legal status as paper-based Registered Mail, and enables users to send electronic mail, from single items to bulk mail, to a valid email address.
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Santa shoebox by ajsAJS is part of many fantastic social initiatives every year but Santa Shoebox has a very special place the AJS collective heart. “Everybody just loves being involved in this project” say AJS director Digby Vickers. “It is extremely rewarding and we encourage not only AJS customers but everyone who reads this to get involved – companies and individuals alike.”

AFLIIIt’s all well and good to talk about the rule of law, but what if people don’t know what the law actually is? In many African countries, big holes in published law mean that citizens — and even sometimes lawyers and judges themselves — can’t access the laws of their land. You might expect the laws of any country to be readily accessible, without presenting much difficulty to those seeking such information. Not so for many African countries. Resource constraints and histories of conflict have left large gaps in the published law of many African nations.
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Microsoft ireland case by michalsonsThe Microsoft Ireland case concerns whether the US government can compel Microsoft to give it access to Hotmail emails it holds on its server in Ireland. Can a US Government search warrant compel Microsoft to retrieve emails it holds on a server in Ireland and hand those emails over to the US Department of Justice (DoJ)? The Microsoft Ireland case is important because if the DoJ is successful, this case will set a precedent allowing governments around the world to seize information held in the cloud. This has serious implications on the right to privacy and for cloud computing. The full case name is Microsoft Corporation v United States of America.
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The surge in cyber-related crimesWith the recent banking and cellular scams in South Africa, it is clearly evident that the surge in cyber-related crimes poses a huge risk to institutions and individuals both locally and globally.

womens legal centre

International Women’s Day, commemorated annually on 08 March, is significant to LexisNexis’ mandate of promoting the Rule of Law thanks to its focus on tackling issues such as poverty, exclusion, unemployment, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice. In honour of this day, LexisNexis South Africa has reinstated a partnership with the Women’s Legal Centre, (WLC), a non-profit law centre that seeks to achieve equality for women – particularly black women.

litigator aquires 40 percent in litigatorMetrofile Holdings Limited, a JSE listed company today, 3 March 2016, announced the 40% acquisition of Litigator, a cloud based litigation platform. Litigator, which will now trade as a Metrofile group company, provides electronic serving, issuing and filing of litigation documents, advanced electronic signatures and secure storage of litigation documents.

Elite logoThomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, has today announced that they are in discussions with leading management consulting firm Deloitte to join its implementation pilot program.

LSSA concerned about lesotho lawyersThe Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) repeats its call – made in November last year – to the Lesotho authorities to cease their harassment and intimidation of lawyers, particularly those lawyers involved in the defence of 23 soldiers accused of alleged mutiny last year.

AIS LogoLocal specialist software and IT service provider Assimilated Information Systems Pty Ltd. (AIS) is proud to mark its tenth year of operation and over a decade of success with its flagship solution DocFusion®.

sabinetSabinet is delighted to share with you a bold new look and enhanced navigation experience with the launch of their new corporate website, www.sabinet.co.za.

sabinetWith the depreciation of the rand, SA’s regulatory pressures and the overall current fiscal climate, corporates are constantly looking at cost saving, workflow efficiencies and the ability to deliver innovative solutions to their stakeholders.

sabinetSabinet prides itself in building an inclusive environment where every user and publisher knows their experience and expectations are valued and respected. To this end, following thorough investigation and consultation with our patrons, we are proud to be at the forefront of online content solutions.

Amy EliasonBatman. Superman. Iron Man. What do all of these characters have in common? We have all sat in our comfy seats at the movie theatre and watched them defeat numerous super villains with their superhuman strength and indomitable will.

ltny16We’ve rounded up a healthy roundup of articles or blog posts summarizing this year’s 2016 Legal Tech Show, otherwise known to many conference goers as, #LTNY16. In keeping with our tradition, this conference wrap-up includes quotes, quips and, of course, session summaries.
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Allen  OveryAllen & Overy, one of the leading international law firms, has officially launched it's new South African office in Johannesburg, the key hub for its sub-Saharan operations. The firm’s focus in sub-Saharan Africa has been on the banking and financing sectors, as well as advising on projects in the mining sector on transactions that have included many of large ticket deals in the South African market since opening.
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cape-law-societyOn Friday, 22 January 2016, on the day that marked the occasion of the Day of the Endangered Lawyers in The Hague, Netherlands, South Africa saw one of its own lawyers, Nico Du Plessis attacked by a mob of angry community members outside the Nkomazi Magistrates Court in Tonga, Mpumalanga. He was attacked because he represented two men accused of kidnapping a three‐year old girl, Lutricia Nkentjane on 29 November 2015.

BLA-Black lawyers associationThe video clip which is doing rounds in the social networks showing Mpumalanga Advocate being assaulted by a mob of people who disapprove of him representing his clients is a cause of serious concern to the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) in particular and the legal profession at large.

day of the endangered lawyerThe Day of the Endangered Lawyers takes place today, Friday 22 January 2016, this year in The Hague, Netherlands. The purpose of the Day of the Endangered Lawyer is a call for attention on that day to threatened human rights lawyers with special attention to one designated country. This year’s call comes to aid the severely endangered state of advocacy in Honduras.

top 10 legal articles from tech4law for 2015Money talks, or should we say money attracts people’s attention, especially when it is about your own salary benchmarks. Legal secretary salary survey results topped the top 10 list and also featured a number of times when we illustrated the results in different sectors – basically 4 of the top 10 were about the salary results.

2016 technologyI’ve been thinking about some of the cool things happening in the world and I wanted to note a few important trends I’m seeing. From Money to Hoverboards, things are changing quickly.
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paralegal studies newsletterThis year, the South African School of Paralegal Studies has trained 153 delegates through in-house training seminars in the banking sector, where our specialist services in paralegal training developed the skills and competencies of employees. Our training can be conducted in-house at a venue provided by the organisation, which suits many corporate clients, or we can arrange seminars at one of our training venues. Also see the courses that are available in 2016.
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data-sovereignty-lawsThe beauty of the cloud is the promise of simplification and standardization — without regard to physical or geographic boundaries. It’s this “any time, any place, any device” flexibility that is driving rapid adoption. However, new government regulations on data sovereignty threaten to complicate the delivery model that has made cloud computing attractive, presenting new concerns for companies with operations in multiple countries.
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Tshwane university of technology Paralegal studiesOn the 23rd to the 25th of February 2015, Professor Dane Ally and Mrs Van Coller, of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), conducted the first National Conference on the Promotion of Paralegals in South Africa. The conference inter alia, tackled the challenges paralegals are faced with. The purpose of the conference was to promote paralegals in South Africa.

AJS Santa Shoebox Project articleThe AJS staffers can be extremely proud of themselves. The number of boxes given to the Santa Shoebox project more than doubled that of last year. “We aim to double this again next year,” says Anli Venter, senior support consultant at AJS. We want to involve the AJS client base more next year and will be sending out the challenge to all AJS customers.”

317 curry road durbanConsidering all the recent hype around the building at 317 Currie Road it may be helpful for the public to understand the simple and well established legal principles in town planning which have thus far not been emphasised. The present situation is governed by the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No 103 of 1977 (‘the Act’) and the Town Planning Ordinance No 27 of 1949 (‘the Ordinance’).

Nic Swart and Thabo Molefe thumbnailLexisNexis South Africa – a member of the RELX Group and a leading global provider of content and technology solutions – has conferred its Rule of Law Champion Award on two leaders in the legal sector, Judge Dennis Davis and Nic Swart, chief executive officer of the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA). The awards were presented at the company’s year-end event on 18 November 2015.

Most frustrting challenges for law firmsThe Lawyers Weekly Legal Market Update survey, conducted in conjunction with the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association, asked readers to cite the most frustrating aspects of their practice. A significant portion of respondents identified changing client expectations as a major challenge. One respondent suggested their clients often had “excessive, unrealistic demands” while another suggested “clients increasingly expect something for nothing”.
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watson and the law firmCognitive computing could be used to suggest which arguments in court might play well or badly with a particular judge at a given time of day, according to a senior member of IBM’s Watson development team, although she outlined a number of more benign uses for the technology. Speaking at the Legal Futures Annual Innovation Conference in London this week, Kyla Moran, senior consultant, Watson Industry Leadership, said Watson could in future be listening to conversations with clients and giving advice, dealing with paperwork, and so on, potentially providing new business insights gleaned from the vast amounts of data generated by law firms.
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LSSA concerned about lesotho lawyersThe Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) expresses its solidarity with our colleagues in Lesotho and also its serious concern at reports from our colleagues of threats being experienced by lawyers and judges involved in matters relating to Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) soldiers who were alleged to have mutinied earlier this year.

office of interception centreAmong a row of business offices in Sunninghill, Sandton, sits an unnamed, unnumbered three-storey building. It seems out of place: against the backdrop of tall trees and built in a style resembling early 1900s architecture, it could be on a European university campus. But the peaceful premises on a hectare of land are protected by electric fencing and security cameras and houses what could be described as a formidable crime-fighting unit: this is 25 Tambach Road, home to the Office of Interception Centres (OIC).
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Legal Journalist of the Year 2015 webber wentzelThe 2015 rendition of the Webber Wentzel Legal Journalist of the Year Awards took place on Wednesday, 4 November 2015. Since 1999 the awards have been acknowledging the important role which journalists play in promoting knowledge of the judiciary and understanding of the country’s civil and criminal justice systems.

cctv warn by SAPThe CCTV camera footage released to public recently once again displayed the horrific and brutal disregard of human life by some members of the South African Police Services. Black Lawyers Association has been consistently vocal against police brutality.

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