Simon Colman from Digital Distribution at SHA

Despite small and medium enterprises (SMEs) becoming increasingly popular targets for cybercriminals, many remain completely unprotected in this regard. As a result, when faced with a ransomware attack, there is often a lack of preparation and awareness around the important things that small business owners need to consider before paying cybercriminals to restore their encrypted information.

Canon imageRunner ADVANCE II Series

Canon Europe, world-leader in imaging solutions, has announced the launch of six new A4 black and white imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices; iR ADV 525i, iR ADV 525iZ, iR ADV 615i, iR ADV 615iZ, iR ADV 715i, and iR ADV 715iZ. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 525/615/715 II series will replace the existing 400i/500i models in the range, while offering a significant upgrade for users in terms of speed, productivity and security features.

Alta Swanepoel author of Road Traffic Legislation (AARTO)

October is Transport Month - focusing on the role transport plays in the economy, flagship projects and road safety - a fitting time to prepare for updates to legislation that will impact the lives of all drivers and transport company owners and operators – the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Amendment Bill.

Matrimonial law

The Family Law Database is a comprehensive collection of the most recent matrimonial law reports from all superior courts across South Africa. Each one of the law reports is concisely summarised into one or two pages. Apart from the summaries, users can also view the original law reports. 

Philips DPM6000 from Powerhouse Dictation South Africa

In order for candidate attorneys to become efficient legal practitioners, law firms have a great responsibility to create a conducive learning environment that will allow for the smooth transferring of skills from principals to candidate attorneys.

New Canon DRG2110 scanner for law firms

Canon Europe has announced a significant update to its award-winning range of imageFORMULA production scanners. The new imageFORMULA DR-G2090, DR-G2110 and DR-G2140 offer a strong solution for businesses with high volume scanning needs.

Yoni Balkind

Speaking at the Knowledge Dome, as part of the HR Indaba to be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on the 3rd - 4th of October, legal expert Yoni Balkind of LexisNexis South Africa will engage human resource (HR) and other professionals on how to navigate the legal complexities of the dynamic HR industry. 


A study conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is showing that humans are to blame for the spread of the digital virus commonly referred to as fake news. While it has been easy for governments and everyday persons to blame bots (automated or non-human profiles) on social media for the spread of misinformation, that is not the case. 

Lexis Library Point in Time

Viewing specific changes to legislation and keeping up to date with all the latest amendments can be a time-consuming and tedious process for legal practitioners, particularly when it involves following a multitude of hypertext links to search for historical versions of Principal Acts.

Sheriff areas in South Africa

It took the founding members of Domicilium Trace 4 years, on a full-time basis, to compile a complete digital spatial database (digital map) of sheriff service areas for the whole of South Africa. Apart from the boundary data, the database includes a continuously updated component of so-called attribute data, consisting of sheriff names, contact details, addresses, etc.

Law Firm Boardroom Audio

It’s a good bet that right now, you’re preparing for a meeting. Or you’re waiting for one to start. Or you just left one. Your boardroom is the hub of your firm. This is where important people meet and key decisions are made.

AES by LAWTrust

Part 2 - In my previous article on the subject (available here), I dealt with the arguments against using Advanced Electronic Signatures (Aes), and the false impression that that they are cumbersome and difficult to use. I also pointed out that used with appropriate electronic signature tools they are a business enabler and  enable the  execution of contracts many times faster than by our traditional use of handwritten signatures. Finally I addressed the significant cost savings element of using Aes.

Philips Speechlive

For most attorneys and advocates a large portion of their day is spent on document creation. Dictation is a crucial part of this process as you are able to record everything you want to say and then be able to have that types up into the necessary text document. But what if that process could be further enhanced to save even more time?

Yoni Balkind

Emerging forces in the environment pose a variety of challenges for today’s legal professionals. Attorneys and corporate counsel are expected to keep abreast of increased regulatory complexity in local and global jurisdictions, while clients are facing cost challenges and demanding more competitive pricing and efficient services.

Advantages of digital dictation

Digital technology has many advantages. It gives you instant access to any point in the recording, so you can delete, insert, amend or overwrite easily. In addition, one of the most reassuring features of digital dictation is the fact that it is future-proof technology and designed to be used with the very latest workflow and speech recognition systems.

Board of Legal Costs Mediators

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) has become the preferred method of resolving disputes outside of the traditional court environment and most agreements, nowadays, provide for disputes to be referred to ADR before approaching a court regarding litigious matters. The BLCM now provides for ADR to be applied to the legal costs aspect of the matter as well.

First digital signature for deeds in Bloemfontein

In a historic development that could spell faster and more efficient conveyancing processes, the South African Deeds Office has registered its first electronically signed property transfer.

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Speech Recognition software can greatly enhance your efficiency and productivity if used correctly. While it does claim to have 99% accuracy out of the box, here are some useful tips to ensure you have excellent transcription results from the get-go.

Philips SpeechAir special price

The Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder saves you time and resources by allowing you to work more flexibly than ever before. We have slashed the price of the Philips SpeechAir – now only R 9 700 ex VAT (you save over R 2 500!!)*

Woodpecker document template tool

Sometimes paperwork is more than just a tedious legal task—in Juvenile Magistrate Robin Gunn’s line of work, it’s the lifeline for removing children from dangerous home situations. By using Woodpecker to create a Microsoft Word document template, Gunn is placing at-risk children into foster care faster than ever before. The template she created simplifies the process to create an order and produce all necessary documentation, allowing the dependence and neglect magistrates to produce all documentation at once.
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AES by LAWTrust

Since its inclusion in the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act), some 16 years ago, the Advanced Electronic Signature has been treated a little like Cinderella, ignored by most and scoffed at by others.

Law Practice ZA

LawPracticeZA is attractive and easy to use - but don’t be deceived. Although LawPracticeZA makes managing matters a breeze, recording fees quick and easy and produces beautiful and professional proformas and invoices in seconds, the powerful and secure server ensures efficiency.

Liberty data breach overview by Redstor

While established insurance firm Liberty continues to throw everything it has at an investigation into the recent major data breach, the incident is a stark reminder to businesses that cyber security should be a constant priority – a company’s guard must always be up.

Commentary on the POPI Act

The recent cyber-attack and holding hostage of a South African insurance provider’s IT infrastructure has drawn attention to the dire need for effective protection of consumer data.

LexisNexis Time Select

Small law firms need to be able to assist clients with the best legal advice on a disparate range of matters -  irrespective of their specific area of specialisation or expertise. This requires access to a comprehensive legal library and up to date legal resources, enabling practitioners to conduct research as required.

Clive Bredenkamp head of e4 Legal Studio

Software as a service company, e4, has launched BondTracker, a mobile business app, designed to facilitate efficiency in tracking and communicating progress when registering a property.

Thabo Molefe from LexisNexis South Africa

Africa’s heightened economic momentum is widely recognised, with the continent now well entrenched as one of the favoured global destinations for investment opportunities and doing business.

Nokia 7 Plus

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, recently launched the Nokia 7 Plus, a smartphone with striking design, innovative imaging capabilities and powerful performance for up to two days with one charge.

Free docking station offer from Philips South Africa

Purchase a Philips Professional Dictation recorder and get a FREE docking station worth R 1 795 ex VAT!

Chantelle Frier from e4 Cape Town

Software as a Service specialist, e4, says its bridging finance online process within SearchWorks, e4’s web-based search application service, celebrates five years of innovation, proving itself as an administration timesaver and a much-needed online administration tool.

Philips SpeechLive Productivity Tools for dictation

Need to get work done at home or after hours? Going away on a business trip? Away from the office but still need to get urgent dictations typed up? If you already have a dictation recorder or a smartphone, no need to buy a new recorder – just sign up for the Philips SpeechLive service and get your work done on the go!

Olympus DS-9500 for legal market in South Africa

New Olympus DS-9500 features intelligent 2 Microphone system, dictation transfer via Wi-Fi, 4 position switch, colour screen with rechargeable battery.

Medical Malpractice in SA

Following the trend in other countries, there has been a veritable explosion of medical negligence litigation in the past 10 years in South Africa.  This has necessitated the publication of a comprehensive guide for both medical and legal practitioners.

Document Management shootout 2018

If files are a big part of your life, then document management is the beating heart of your organisation. We review 10 enterprise-class systems, focusing on document handling, security, tracking, and workflow to help you decide the best system for you.
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Woodpecker Word Plug-in

Zapier, the leading workflow automation service, has named Woodpecker the best free Microsoft Office add-in. Describing its decision-making process in determining the best free add-ins for Microsoft Office, Zapier states that since there are over 2,000 add-ins to sort through, they looked at the top 100 highest rated add-ins within each of the different Office product categories.
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Google Lens

Few apps are getting as much hype from Google right now as Google Lens, which taps into the machine learning AI that Google is currently so fond of. That AI lets the app recognize all kinds of stuff through your phone’s camera, and take action on it.
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GhostDigest offers new conveyancing tariff guidel

The Tables of Costs - ready reckoner has been updated to reflect the increase in Vat from 14% to 15% for the transfer of immovable property or the registration of a Mortgage Bond -  applicable from the 1st of April 2018. 
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eJudgements is a Law Reports website using modern technology to enable quick and accurate searches of all relevant case law, while catering for the needs of the practitioner and researcher.

Startup boost for advocates

For the past six years, leading content and technology solutions provider LexisNexis South Africa has run a successful Corporate Social Investment programme known as the Advocate Advancement Programme (AAP), which is endorsed by the General Council of the Bar of South Africa.

Top 25 products of 2017 for law firms

It’s time for the legal industry’s most meaningful product awards — TL NewsWire Top 25 Products of 2017 Awards. Why are these awards the most meaningful? Because TL NewsWire’s 11,000+ subscribers chose them free from any external influence.
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