matter centreBack at ILTA Microsoft launched their legal DMS (Document Management System) entitled “Matter Centre”. Developed for their in house legal team (not an insubstantial team, 1100 employees across 55 countries), they have decided to open it up to the legal world in general. The press release can be found here with details of what’s on offer, basically it offers the functionality of a DMS as you’d expect.
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ProSignLAW Compliance, part of the LAW Holdings Group, is currently in pilot with the first ever electronic signature solution in the home loans market, with the ProSign solution for Absa and their attorney panel. The solution’s first signing session took place recently, achieving a remarkable milestone in completing the end-to-end home loans process.

lexisnexislogoContent and technology solutions provider LexisNexis South Africa today launched a new practice area in its Practical Guidance portfolio, with Practical Guidance Civil Procedure set to provide real-world insight around the rules and standards that courts follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits.

LAWProperty 150LAW Property is pleased to announce the addition of the following municipalities to LAW Rates:

lexisnexislogoThe innovative Practical Guidance Business Law solution launched by LexisNexis South Africa is poised to assist businesses and legal advisors to complete a range of transactions without the headache of time consuming drafting.

legalsuite logoLegalSuite recently announced their integration to the REASA system, allowing users of their conveyancing software to be able to import instructions and communicate directly with the estate agents handling the property sale.

sabinet logoSabinet has signed an agreement with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) during July 2013 which will allow Sabinet to include all CCMA awards to Sabinet Labour, its online South African labour product.

lexisnexis logoJohannesburg, 20 May 2013:  LexisNexis® South Africa, a leading provider of content and technology solutions, today announced the launch of Practical Guidance, a first-of-its-kind online research tool to assist industry professionals in South Africa. Following overwhelming success in the UK and Australia, Practical Guidance is now available from LexisNexis South Africa.

ExcaliburFutureSoft has expanded the Excalibur range by adding 4 additional variations of their Debt Collection Management System.

clearwell 2013 03 17 07 50 52 UTCI would guess that most of us have seen the movie “iRobot”, where the plastic guy learns and develops a little further than what the designers wanted and started to evolve and learn from its mistakes. Now Symantec has an e-Discovery tool that learns from the patterns of discovery for each case and applies them to the ESI (Electronic Stored Information) to extract your relevant information.

chrometa logoNow you can keep track of your billable hours at your PC or on your mobile - automatically. What makes the new Chrometa different? Well you could see it in a free demo, but here’s a quick rundown….

Online MOIProfitPoint Software is excited to announce the launch of the Online Memorandum of Incorporation Toolset which assists Accountants and Attorneys to create customised MOIs within minutes. Once the user answers a series of questions, the system uses advanced logic to build an accurate, up-to-date, and compliant Memorandum of Incorporation document with reference to the relevant sections of the Act.

Transfers reducedLAW Transfers has just released its Inheritance module with the new transaction type - Inheritance.

LAWProperty 150Continuing its reputation for being the leader in web based conveyancing technology, LAW Property is proud to announce a range of LAW Solutions now compatible on iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

logo Avid smAvid Firefly has signed up a number of progressive law firms for its Smartphone-based conveyancing costs calculator in the past two months. “There is a marked increase in the number of firms who use FireFly to disseminate conveyancing costs information, instead of the traditional cost booklets,” said Barry Swart, CEO of Avid Software. Firefly includes calculators for Transfer Costs, Bond Costs, Monthly Bond Installments, Bond Affordability, Agent Commission, Price per Square Meter and even Capital Gains Tax.

legalstorlegalSTOR is a legal firm BPM (Business Process Management) that has been developed and marketed by a joint venture between EcoOffice Solutions and Metrofile. This new system was launched in Pietermaritzburg on Friday.

avidff_tablet_screensAVID, the developers of the well known “FireFly” legal costs calculator for smartphones, today announced a new version which supports the latest iPhone and Android devices."Since 2003, AVID FireFly has been the de-facto standard for legal cost calculations in South Africa and the release of FireFly for iPhones and Android devices ensures that FireFly continues to run on ninety-nine percent of phones on the market,” said Barry Swart, CEO of AVID.

law-ratesLAW is pleased to announce that George municipality has been added to the electronic LAW Rates solution.

ls_logoAs you may be aware, ABSA recently expressed concerns about the security issues posed when the same attorney attends to both the transfer of a property and the registration of the bond. To reduce the risk, they have insisted that they are able to monitor the progress of both the bond and transfer matters (and the cancellation of the existing bond, if applicable).

ls_logoThe exciting news is that LegalSuite is currently working with SARS to allow you to apply for Transfer Duty Receipts electronically from within LegalSuite. This would mean that all the information already captured in LegalSuite will automatically be sent to the SARS website to populate the fields on their website required to generate the TD forms on-line.

sabinet_logoSabinet, a leading facilitator of access to electronic information, launched the Beta version of its new Legal Search Platform during March 2011 and had the official launch in April 2011. The new platform provides clients of Sabinet's legal products and services an easy-to-use search interface with options to further refine the results of complex searches, adding immense value in terms of ease of access to specific information.

law-ratesLaw Rates released an enhanced version on Monday that boasts a more intuitive and manageable application further improving ease of use.

firefly_logoProgressive attorneys throughout South Africa are arming their Estate Agent clients with the Firefly costs calculator from Avid Software. "Now that smartphones have become ubiquitous in South Africa, virtually any Estate Agent can run Firefly," said Barry Swart, CEO of Avid Software.

gc-boxKorbitec collaboration on the transaction hub is the act of working together on a property transaction by allowing all participants to share notes and documents as well as follow the progress of a particular transaction. How does it work?
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brandCustomise client communications and build your company brand. You can now add company branding to your client communications when sending emails and faxes to clients from LAW Transfers.

lawpropLAW Transfers has been given a fresh, new look. The new simpler design reduces dependency on client support processes and the user manual. Users are able to navigate between the lighter, simpler menu options at ease.

lawpropLAW is pleased to announce three new councils for which you can now print your RCC via the system.

law_transfersA new Work in Progress (WIP) report has been released on LAW Transfers. This report gives users a global view of all their matters, showing progress and comments made on each matter. It also allows users to drill down to individual matters to view them in more detail.

law_transfersLAW last week released a new version of their Transfer Solution. This update saw the addition of many new features, along with a fresh, simplified top down look and feel. There are now two additional transaction types available for selection:

inviewToday's estate agent in SA is fast becoming more aware of the need for systems in their business. The relative complexity of selling and managing multiple properties is administratively intensive and poor controls can lead to loss of sales and loss of income. Transfer attorneys have become accustomed to using software to manage their processes and this reality is now a major focus point for any professional property broker. The next step in this evolution is the connectedness of attorney and agent software, enabling better flow of information and more efficient processing of sales as they spill out of the agents office.

law_transfersL@W are pleased to announce that L@W Transfers now includes ALL Section 45 Endorsement options i.e. section 45(1), 45bis(1)(a) & (b) and 45bis(1A)(a) & (b). Endorsements retain full application functionality including deeds searches and data imports, rates integration with municipal councils, accounting, correspondence and workflow.

lawbondsconsentsL@W is very pleased to announce that the new L@W Bonds solution and L@W Space are now available. There is no charge for L@W Space, which enables a user to access all L@W solutions from one central customizable location.

lexpro_iconLexpro has a function in their Conveyancing, Wills and Estate Module. This Will function enables the user to create a Will in two minutes in the presence of the client. This function is extremely user friendly and easy to use:

lawbondsconsentsL@W is proud to announce the launch of the new L@W Bonds solution in May 2010. For the first time, L@W is able to offer attorneys a bond product that caters specifically for attorney's needs. The solution is completely separate to the Bond Portal/Centre's, being offered as an alternative to the current vendor bond solutions on the market.

lawspaceL@W is proud to announce the launch of L@W Space in May 2010 which is a desktop workspace, that a conveyancer or conveyancing secretary can log onto, from which all essential L@W solutions can now be accessed, via a single click, all in a lawspaceimagesingle screen. This means that there is no complicated browsing between various L@W applications and a single login once a day. L@W Space really takes L@W users into the next technology dimension, as it gives EACH user the ability to customise their workspace according to their requirements. For more information contact the L@W call centre on 0860 877 877 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

law_transfersL@W's Transfer Solution has added functionality to cater for the following new transfer types. These include Partnerships, Execution sales - bank buy in, Execution Sales - 3rd party purchase, PIPs, VAT variations including inclusive, exclusive and plus VAT and SARS undertaking. Also available now is the global entity library  where users can share in the global library of banks, councils, estate agents, managing agents etc.

chrometa_logoA new version for the Chrometa time recording software has been released and boasts the following new features: Split time away - now you can allocate to more than one matter when logging "away from your PC" time. Log away time popup now mandatory - no longer will the popup fade away if you don't fill in the matter or detail. Drag and drop categories - you can now move your categories around and your matters move accordingly. There are a few other enhancements. This version has been a customer wish list come true update.

fica-lawL@W has gone live with the backend of Close Corporations, Private Companies and Public Companies on its FICA Solution. L@W is also going live with the new FICA website which caters for these entities.

A new FICA upload application will be released to a few select attorneys for piloting to commence shortly.For more information call the L@W call centre on 0860 877 877 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Secure Will allows your firm to create Wills for your clients at no cost to your firm. The client can opt for monthly or once off fee, with the monthly fee offering extra features like safe keeping of the Will, online access to amend the details of the Will and free administration of estates charges up to R150000.00 total value.

encaseportablecontent"EnCase Portable now gives any lawyer, paralegal, and litigation support specialist the ability to easily collect and preserve ESI (Electronically Stored Information) anywhere, anytime." EnCase Portable is a data collection solution that leverages the powerful search and collection capabilities of EnCase®, delivered on a USB drive.

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