What happened to linux during 2018

Linux continued to dominate the realms of servers and smartphones in 2018, and the pace of development of distributions and the Linux kernel remained relentless.
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Microsoft Surface Book i7

Microsoft has unveiled an update to its high-end Surface Book laptop, doubling its graphics performance and increasing its battery life. The Surface Book’s thermal system was redesigned from the inside to allow for the performance of the Nvidia-based graphics system to be doubled, said Microsoft. In addition to increasing the performance of the Surface Book, Microsoft said it also improved its battery life – with the laptop now lasting 16 hours.
The Surface Book i7 will launch in November.
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Lenovo Yoga Book

No mainstream electronics manufacture is making more interesting, innovative and downright bizarre products than Lenovo. Between its contorting efforts under the Yoga banner and the modular handsets being produced by Motorola, the Chinese company is taking the sort of form factor risks we rarely see outside of hardware startups. Nowhere is this better embodied than in the $499 Yoga Book. If nothing else, it’s impressive that the company has managed to produce yet another fascinating take on the well-trod world of the hybrid.
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ADSL prices slashed in South Africa

Afrihost recently cut the price of its uncapped ADSL and VDSL products, which the company said is done without sacrificing quality of service. The price of the Afrihost Home Uncapped DSL Packages will drop upwards of 20%, with the 1Mbps package falling over 50% – making it the cheapest Uncapped DSL available in South Africa.
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skype translatorOver the course of the last few years, various technology trends such as cloud computing, social networking, mobility, and analytics have disrupted established business models as well as industries and changed the way and speed at which people communicate and work together. Companies are working with partners and suppliers that are based overseas and competing for the wallet share of international customers.

dellDell will introduce its latest products and solutions at its annual 2016 Dell Solutions Tour on the 28th January, 2016, in association with Platinum sponsor Microsoft and Intel. The tour will take place at The Campus in Bryanston, Johannesburg between 9am and 4pm, and will be followed by an informal cocktail networking session in the venue’s exhibition area.

Best of CES 2016The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is the largest electronic and technology show in the world, and obviously attracts people from around the globe. Seeing as my ZAR pockets are nowhere near deep enough to afford the air faire and ticket prices, I thought it would be good to see what the Wired Magazine had to say about the top products that were on show last week.
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xpressdoxsXpressDox, a global leader in document assembly technology, yesterday announced the release of its Afrikaans language pack, which augments the languages it already supports. Lekker...

xpressdoxLower Cost Of Ownership And Faster Deployment Of XpressDox Online Document Assembly Adds Up For International Law Firms. There can be no question that document assembly reduces costs for law firms.

lexisnexisLexisNexis (www.lexisnexis.co.za) one of the world leaders in information management solutions, and Reputation Institute (www.reputationinstitute.com), a leading provider of reputation management services, joined forces today to introduce a new solution for measuring and analysing Corporate Reputation in South Africa.

bb-logoDevice Management Solution to Provide Security, Management, and Control of BlackBerry Devices, Plus Secure Management for Other Mobile Devices

asus_tabletwithdockkeyboardDeciding between a tablet and notebook is a no-brainer with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. The 10.1-inch multitouch display is a self-contained tablet computer with added touches. Most significantly, you can transform it into a powerful notebook using the optional keyboard docking station. Whether you're in the mood for entertainment or feeling productive, the Eee Pad Transformer, available in 16- or 32GB capacities, is worth a look.
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lexisnexisDURBAN, April 18, 2011 - The launch of the academic portal, Myacademic.co.za uses an innovative approach that merges academic publishing with social media to create a platform for students, authors and lecturers in academia.

xpressdocsNow you can easily add client-facing templates to your website using XpressDox document assembly server version. For example, you might want to publish some simple legal agreements as a service to your clients, such as an Offer to Purchase, a Will, a Domestic Employment Agreement, etc.

ie9Internet Explorer 9 is finally available in final form to the general public, and we’re pleased to say that it represents a big leap forward for Microsoft’s web browser. We know that many of you readers have gotten turned off to IE in recent years (and understandably so) but Internet Explorer is suddenly a lot more competitive, and worth a look.

galaxy89Samsung has announced two new Galaxy Tabs -- both of which will feature prices similar to Apple's iPad 2. It's slightly thinner and slightly lighter than the surprisingly thin and light iPad 2.
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ipad2In January 2010, shortly after its unveiling, I first got my hands on an iPad. My initial reaction? "The iPad is like holding the future." And that's funny because here we are, just a little over a year into that future, and something new has come along that makes holding the iPad 1 feel like holding the past: the iPad 2.
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winscribe_logoIn today's organization people need the ability to be totally mobile while still having access to their core business applications such as internet, email and dictation. No one can afford lost productivity for staff members that are constantly on the move.

ipad_in_boxIt seems we're exiting the stone age. The iPad officially is in South Africa, from 28th January 2011, you will be able to buy the iPad from premium Apple resellers, Dion Wired, Incredible Connection or any Apple store. Digicape should also be stocking the iPad. This won't be news to most hardcore geeks, many of whom secured iPads from overseas or from "grey" retailers shortly after it was launched last year.
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For the first time, web-based document automation is available at an affordable price. But it is not only about price: XpressDox is one of the most powerful assembly systems on the market today.

xpressdoxGroup company XpressDox, has just launched the browser version of its powerful document assembly software. With XpressDox "web", you can now run templates from anywhere in the world, even if you don't have Microsoft® Word loaded. You can also launch templates from your firm's own website, for example if you want third parties to fill in templates themselves, perhaps for marketing.

ms-lyncMicrosoft is muscling into the business communications space with the launch of Lync, a new piece of communications software that it says will ultimately replace corporate phone systems.

vikela-buttonThe Vikela Server is a powerful server and gateway solution for the small to medium sized company. Vikela has everything you ever wanted to manage your company's IT infrastructure inexpensively & efficiently. Vikela is a fully managed & supported solution by IT-Works Business Solutions, so you don't need any internal IT skills to maintain your company's complex infrastructure.

bb9780Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) has introduced the BlackBerry® BoldTM 9780 smartphone - the newest addition to the BlackBerry Bold series of smartphones. Featuring a premium and iconic design with an incredibly easy-to-use keyboard and optical trackpad, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is elegantly styled and packed with advanced communications and multimedia features.

vp_scannerThere aren't many computer products around these days that don't need serious installation of software and reading of the manual to get you up and running. But this portable scanner was a real cinch to get going. I unpacked the device, installed the memory card and batteries, switched the unit on and started scanning!

lexisnexisThe new and improved LexisNexis Government Gazettes online service will soon cover the history of Gazetted announcements from 1910 - current. This back data will be offered to subscribers at no additional cost - R6 000 per year for a single user license. That's 70% less than other similar services.

windows_liveJohannesburg, South Africa - 30 September, 2010 - Microsoft's aggressive push into the consumer market has been given a further boost with the official launch of Windows Live Essentials 2011 -- a free suite of programs for photos, movies, instant messaging, e mail, blogging and family safety.

lfh0895_compact-meeting-recorder_lo_res_smallNot a single word is lost - The simplest way to make your meeting a success! The Digital Voice Tracer captures everything that is said in excellent audio quality. Just put the plate-shaped microphones on the meeting table, connect them to the recorder and get going!

ie9sJohannesburg, South Africa - 15 September, 2010 -- Microsoft has unveiled what it calls its "fastest, safest" internet browser yet, saying Internet Explorer 9 will redefine the way ordinary consumers interact with the web.

bb-logoBlackBerry is the leading wireless communications solutions for enterprise that keeps mobile professionals connected to their customers, colleagues and corporate data. It's a proven, award-winning solution that provides secure wireless connectivity* while satisfying the requirements of enterprise IT departments. - Advertorial article

magicwandTaking around four seconds to scan an A4-size document in B&W, or around 12 seconds for Colour, this portable wand-type scanner from VuPoint Solutions is designed for copying images from books or documents with thick or fragile spines that don't allow them to be folded back for placement on a flatbed scanner. It's also useful for scanning pages that are located a long way from your office.

dragonLogoFor existing Dragon customers, now is the time to upgrade to version 11. From improved accuracy and faster performance, to an intuitive user interface with a rich Help system, powerful new voice commands, and an enhanced correction and adaptation process, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 has been redesigned to be FASTER, BETTER and SIMPLY SMARTER.

outlook2010Outlook Social Connector allows users to get Facebook, Windows Live feeds in their email. The newly-launched Outlook Social Connector integrates Facebook and Windows Live Messenger into Outlook, bringing the streams of Facebook users into their inboxes. Outlook 2003 and 2007 users can download the latest version of the Outlook Social Connector from the Microsoft Download Center. Outlook 2010 users can get it as an update.

ipad-alanWith apologies to the missus, my three weeks with Apple's iPad have reminded me of my old dating days. There would be that instant attraction, some really good things in the mix, but all the while I'd be wondering - just where is this relationship going? The year's most talked about gadget, the iPad, can have a place in lawyers' professional lives, says Alan Cohen.
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xpressdoxXpressDox v3.0 ships at the end of June 2010 with more practical, usable functionality that delivers added benefit to customers. The Command Editor is a super new feature giving users access to all XpressDox commands and features inline, while authoring. Other new features include being able to assign initial values to variables, and adding comments to templates for improved template longevity.

cd_philips_execSpeechExecSR Pro Dictate provides you with a dictation management platform that unites voice recording, file routing, as well as speech recognition interfacing in one seamless solution. The dictation software provides you with easy-to-use functionality for organizing recordings clearly and transparently. Dictation files and documents can be automatically transferred via a company network, sent by email or uploaded onto an FTP server, depending on your requirements.

xpressdoxXpressDox, the leading document assembly system in South Africa, now offers support for the new Microsoft® Word 2010 version. This means that all progressive law firms who have decided to implement Office 2010 will be able to automate their legal precedents with XpressDox. XpressDox is priced at only R50 per user per month, excluding VAT. For more information click here.

bbwinscribeAfter successful field trials, WinScribe has released an enhanced version 4.0 of its market-leading digital dictation and workflow system, adding new and unique functionality that makes workflow management virtually seamless for organisations with multiple authors in the field. A key feature of the new version is an updated application for BlackBerry® smartphones, making them the equal of dedicated dictation devices in terms of job management and author control.

office2010Social media, Web apps and major feature upgrades mark new release. Johannesburg, South Africa - 21 April, 2010 -- Microsoft has taken the wraps off what it calls the best version of its Office software ever, with the newly-released Office 2010 helping people to work on files from any PC, any browser and nearly every smartphone.

philipsFor people who do not compromise, SpeechMike Air presents the perfection of the world's number one dictation microphone. The highly professional PC microphone takes desktop dictation to a new level, no longer restraining you by a cord.

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