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It is not often that I find articles that are filled with good business advice and directed at lawyers. This handout from Drive Revenue is a good read, not only with new ideas, but also to remind everyone of the things that have been forgotten.

sendr app for lawyersSendr is a smart-phone based mobile application (app) designed to assist individuals, businesses, private and public entities with point-to-point delivery of small goods and documents. Sendr gives users real-time control of requested point-to-point services, as well as live and continuous tracking of the item’s progress from its pick-up point, right up until it has been delivered.

lawpracticezaLawPracticeZA is a comprehensive billing and accounting system for South African law firms of all sizes. It is locally developed and works in your favourite browser on your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.

Project based ERP for law firmsThe Professional Services sector has seen encouraging growth over the last few years. Firms across the consulting, architecture and engineering, legal and marketing sectors have seen their level of business and headcount increase as its fastest pace since 2007. So how have these best in class Professional Services companies grown so successfully? Find out how three Professional Services companies are using project-based ERP to solve their key business problems.
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MS matter centerThe field of companies offering practice management platforms for lawyers is already crowded and competitive. Today, it got a lot more crowded with the arrival of an 800-pound gorilla, Microsoft. Earlier today, it formally launched Matter Center for Office 365, its long-rumored practice management product built as an Office 365 add-in. Last January, I wrote that Microsoft was quietly preparing to launch such a platform. Initially, I predicted the launch would come earlier this year at Techshow, but I later revised that prediction to say it would come at the 2015 ILTA conference that opened yesterday in Las Vegas.
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elite thomson reutersThomson Reuters Elite, part of the Legal business of Thomson Reuters, announced the launch of Envision™ 2014.1, strategically designed to better equip clients with real-time access to key performance metrics. The enhanced functionality of the latest version of the leading business management offering is optimally designed for mid-market firms.

time running away accuteAccute is a time management and accounts program created to keep track of clients, matters, time recording, invoices, payments and expenses. It is designed for small legal practices in South Africa where the cost of software and support does not have to be prohibitive in having an excellent time recording and billing system in place.

logo lexpro nov12The amendment to the Magistrates' Court Rules in terms of Gazette 33487 of 23 August 2010, which came into force in October that year, expressly provides for the electronic service of pleadings.

envisionAs a global provider of enterprise business management solutions, Thomson Reuters Elite is fully prepared to help law firms to meet their technology needs for now and the future. With that, we are proud to announce the rebranding of our mid-market global solution from LawSoft to Envision.

Emoluments Attachment OrderHandling Employer's Commission on Emoluments Attachment Orders Correctly!

LegalPRIDELegalPRIDE accounting software for attorneys was launched by Legal Pride systems in 2012. The software is very easy to use with no huge learning curve; it includes all the required functions and is incredibly affordable. At LegalPRIDE we pride ourselves focusing on customer satisfaction by responding to market needs rapidly, using state of the art technology.

chrometa logoChrometa recently released the new version 4 of their time capture system for attorneys. Some changes included in this update are: Automatically creates time billing within Outlook or Gmail, Cell phone support, Simpler time entries, Better time tracking and Tean time tracking, to mention a few.

Lime ledgerLexpro Systems, a leader in developing software for attorneys in South Africa, has launched Lime Ledger accounting software.

DTE AxiomThe legal world is changing and so are law firms customers. They are demanding more from their lawyers with improved terms and challenging billing models. The problem the lawyer now faces is how to continue to deliver an excellent level of service when every minute of delivered time is being heavily scrutinised by the client.

legal-interactManage your law firm’s case lifecycle and information flow securely, efficiently and productively – with Practice Manager’s integrated Document Management solution!

expd8eXpd8 South Africa is proud to announce that it has added eXpd8 Accounts to its current offering of eXpd8 Case Management Software.  eXpd8 was established in Dublin, Ireland in 1995, and already has a wide user base across Europe, Canada, and the USA and recently established a presence in Southern Africa.

ajs-swiftAJS’ “Swift” the legal accounting and practice management system for small to medium-sized law firms had an outstanding April by signing up 8 new clients around South Africa.

emerald_logoEmerald Consulting, a subsidiary of software and services provider DVT, recently launched a complete solution for managing the FICA compliance process. The company is renowned for providing solutions and services for the legal sector.

argosArgos is the concise, reliable way to get a handle on your document expenses. Argos helps you measure, control, and recover the cost of printing, copying and telephone calls. Our fresh approach to expense tracking keeps your team accountable - without slowing things down. Ease-of-use is the hallmark of Argos.

ls_logoAs a result of the changes to the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 (Amendment Act 11 of 2008) with effect from 1 March 2011 all South African practicing attorneys are now included in the compliance requirements of the act as "Accountable Institutions".

legalitesmLegalite is a practice management solution for the small legal firm which enables it to effectively, efficiently and profitably manage its, clients, matters, staff workload and bookkeeping at the same time being fully integrated with separate trust and business accounting records.

lawpacOne of the most frustrating tasks in any law practice is to have to manage heaps of legal documents in an orderly manner. Nothing could be more time-consuming and annoying than having to search through stacks of documents and emails in search of a piece of information. To this end Lawpac has developed a document management solution to enable attorneys to manage their cases in an efficient manner.

rocket_matter_logoBOCA RATON, FL – March 25, 2010 – Rocket Matter®, the leading cloud legal practice management and time and billing solution for small to mid-sized law firms, today announced the addition of legal trust accounting and upgraded billing functionality to their signature product.
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lexpro_iconLexpro's Online Accounting program will allow users (Bookkeepers / Attorneys) to access their Accounting data from anywhere in the country, even the World as long as there is Internet access available. Currently the online accounting program is based on the "Lexpro Lite" version (a basic accounting package consisting of all the transactions you will need to have on a day to day basis) that is already available and it is for that reason that the online program is more aimed to smaller firms.

ls_logoLegalSuite has recently added the RSS messaging system to the program. This application is designed to give LegalSuite direct communication with all of their clients on a "real-time" basis. This feature will improve the overall LegalSuite experience and ensure that customers are always kept up-to-date of the latest developments and notifications The RSS feed is user based, so that each user can adjust how they want to receive these messages. For more information visit or call 0860 711150.

ls_logoLegalSuite is proud to announce that after months of development and testing it is now integrated with SearchWorks. A number of our clients have activated this service and they are enjoying the benefits of using SearchWorks from within LegalSuite. For more information call 0861 711150 or email visit

expensifyExpensify is a great way to manage expense claims. Not only does this organise the expenses properly, but also allows you to upload slips via email from your PC or cell phone.


GhostConvey conveyancing documentation software users can now open new accounts in AJS from within GhostConvey, whereas before the account needed to be opened in both GhostConvey and the AJS accounting system. In addition, conveyancing fees can now be posted directly to the AJS accounting system, which also saves time. For more information, call the AJS Helpdesk on 0861-265-376, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

legal-interactLegal Interact are continually adding additional features to Practice Manager. The product is designed to enhance the management of the practice through creating efficiencies and ensuring that all work performed is recorded and billed. Recent releases of the product have enhanced its' document management capacity. Both templates and precedents are catered for. There is complete versioning control. Multiple documents can be merged at one time. Documents are securely stored and capracman-imagen be password protected if required. All documents are linked to the client files and a complete history of all actions taken on behalf of the client is recorded. emails with their attachments can now also be stored in the file history. For more information contact them on 011 719 2000 or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

lexpro_iconLexpro have implemented the award winning PostgreSQL as a database backend to their Debt Collection, Litigation and Bookkeeping packages. "We have found the database to be everything that it is claimed and more. It is easy to use and integrates completely with our C/C++ code, the GCC compiler, as well as the Win32 Api in Windows. We plan to expand the link to all our other packages in the coming months.", says Chris du Plessis, Managing Director for LexPro. The existing platforms will continue as normal, and there is no pressure for clients to convert to the new database. For more information contact 0861 539 776 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

lexpro_iconLexpro have developed a module which merges data into PDF documents. This merging process has some significant advantages over the Rich Text Format method. Firstly the PDF document or documents are created up to 20 times faster than the RTF documents. Secondly the PDF documents are more professional looking and elegant. Thirdly, there is much better control over text and graphics, appearance and placement on pages. Lastly of course the document is very difficult to change by the recipient. Not all of the functions in our packages will make use of the PDF facility as some recipients need to make changes to emailed documents. For more information contact on 012 341 1939 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

lite_logosmLexpro have a new legal accounting offering for firms with 5 or less simultaneous users. The package can be leased for R250 per month which includes updates, unlimited remote training, support and accounting assistance. Installation is free. The training fee is R1500 for the first user and R150 for each subsequent user and takes place at one of the branches. On-site support if necessary will be charged at an hourly rate. Prices are including VAT. Contact Lexpro on 012 341 1939 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

chrometa_logoDo you need to track the time you spend on each client? Are you worried you might be under-billing? Whether you're creating a document, browsing the web, or writing an Email, Chrometa captures every minute of your PC-based work with NO data entry. Easily piece together what you did days, even weeks earlier. A 30 day trial, and a full money back guarantee if you are not happy!

ajsIn version 5.7, AJS has enhanced its document attachment system even further. Using the document attachments module, all documents pertaining to a matter are stored with that matter - including letters, emails, SMS messages, reports, photographs, and even invoices and statements. This means that all information pertaining to a matter is instantly available, which saves time. In addition to that, fee-earners who work on matters after hours can now view supporting documents on-screen without having to scratch through a mountain of files.

fb_expressTraditional enterprise document management offerings usually involve dedicated hardware and costly software that requires individual licenses for any person utilising the system and expensive yearly licensing fees to make use of its functionality. The FileBound Express appliance requires no annual licensing and is available to any user on a company's network infrastructure. According to FileBound Africa management, the solution is distinctive in the local market because it immediately addresses issues of cost reduction, on-going productivity, and return on investment, as well as eliminating complexity in document management.

ajs_logo_newAJS has released its new version which provides a number of powerful enhancements over the previous version. For example, the FICA module has been updated, the fee book now caters for a number of new pricing options to meet firms' invoicing needs in these tight times, the work-in-progress billing module has been enhanced to improve firms' cash flow, the document management module has been improved, and SMS replies from clients are also now supported by the system. The new version is available free to all registered AJS clients.

LMSAdvanceSoft has introduced a whole line of new management reports in the latest version of LMS. The reports range from improving cash flow to detailed analysis of income and expenses as well as new WIP reports providing greater control and management. The new reports enhance the already large variety of system and user generated reports in LMS.

AJSThe Magistrate's and High Court tariffs have both been increased substantially as from 15th June 2009. (The Magistrate's Court tariff has increased by 45% and The High Court tariff by 42%.) To ensure that law firms don't lose out, AJS has released an update which is being sent to all registered clients well in time for the cut-over. "This represents a substantial increase in revenue for law firms, so it is important that the update is implemented in time" said Johan Venter, Managing Director of AJS.

lawportalL@W is proud to announce the launch of the Bond Portal for all Standard Bank panel attorneys.The bond portal is a central location for attorneys to access and generate core bank documents in the confidence that they are the latest & correct bank templates. Standard Bank is now able to make changes overnight which are immediately available to their entire panel removing the hassle of software updates. For more information please contact your relevant Key Account Manager.

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