Softlog integrates with practice management systems in law firms

Utlising different software solutions that don’t ‘speak to one another’ is inefficient, expensive, and unfortunately rather ubiquitous. It often means that simple tasks that have the power to be automated are instead manually completed, and many times that work also has to be duplicated. 

Sheriff areas in South Africa

It took the founding members of Domicilium Trace 4 years, on a full-time basis, to compile a complete digital spatial database (digital map) of sheriff service areas for the whole of South Africa. Apart from the boundary data, the database includes a continuously updated component of so-called attribute data, consisting of sheriff names, contact details, addresses, etc.

Woodpecker document template tool

Sometimes paperwork is more than just a tedious legal task—in Juvenile Magistrate Robin Gunn’s line of work, it’s the lifeline for removing children from dangerous home situations. By using Woodpecker to create a Microsoft Word document template, Gunn is placing at-risk children into foster care faster than ever before. The template she created simplifies the process to create an order and produce all necessary documentation, allowing the dependence and neglect magistrates to produce all documentation at once.
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Document Management shootout 2018

If files are a big part of your life, then document management is the beating heart of your organisation. We review 10 enterprise-class systems, focusing on document handling, security, tracking, and workflow to help you decide the best system for you.
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Woodpecker Word Plug-in

Zapier, the leading workflow automation service, has named Woodpecker the best free Microsoft Office add-in. Describing its decision-making process in determining the best free add-ins for Microsoft Office, Zapier states that since there are over 2,000 add-ins to sort through, they looked at the top 100 highest rated add-ins within each of the different Office product categories.
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Google Lens

Few apps are getting as much hype from Google right now as Google Lens, which taps into the machine learning AI that Google is currently so fond of. That AI lets the app recognize all kinds of stuff through your phone’s camera, and take action on it.
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Top 25 products of 2017 for law firms

It’s time for the legal industry’s most meaningful product awards — TL NewsWire Top 25 Products of 2017 Awards. Why are these awards the most meaningful? Because TL NewsWire’s 11,000+ subscribers chose them free from any external influence.
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Happ-e-tax App

In the app, you will find information about the Income Tax Act, the Tax Administration Act, interpretation and practice notes, a comprehensive definitions list and space for notes and folders. Developed by local tax consultant Herschel Alpert, the app is seen as a real benefit for businesses, accountants, lawyers and even students interested in South African tax law.
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Jira Core in the law firm

Whatever your law firm requirements, if there's a process or a workflow involved, JIRA Core can help you get things in a more orderly state. Your firm or even your clients have teams, who are responsible for legal documentation, licensing, non-disclosure agreements and all the things required to make sure the organisation complies with all required local, national and international regulations.

Jako Janse van Rensburg

Hot on the heels of the SearchWorks search-type expansion news, Technology Company, e4, has announced that it will launch version 3 of this popular product on 1 October 2017.  The product, which was initially launched in 2008, has grown in users and an upgrade was inevitable.

Shaun Viljoen of e4

Technology company, e4, has expanded its SearchWorks offering with four new search types, following increased demand from its client base.  The new search types are relevant to attorneys, estate agents, mortgage originators and now also car dealerships through the inclusion of TransUnion vehicle reports.  Each of the four new search types will also be available on the SearchWorks mobile app with 24-hour live results enabling users to access the system on the go.

DocFusion by AIS

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. This, when teamed with DocFusion® 365, a dynamic cloud-based document composition and automation engine, allows you to effectively measure performance and identify key areas for improvement.

Office software suites

Microsoft Office is a powerful suite of programs which can be used for many different tasks, but is often overkill for an average user. Office’s wide range of features are impressive, and can be purchased through various channels. For regular users who are looking for a more cost-effective option, though, there are multiple free alternatives available.
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New onenote looks the same across all devices

Microsoft announced an update for OneNote today across Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web, featuring an overhauled design meant to offer improved accessibility and a more consistent feel across the various platforms.
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Juristech™ has introduced Citepad™, the first and only virtual keypad designed for lawyers, law students, and paralegals. Citepad™ is an on-screen add-on which floats over word processing programs and allows 1-click insertion of commonly-used legal words, phrases, and symbols such as “id.,” “see, e.g.,” and the section symbol. Citepad™ revolutionizes legal writing which traditionally relies heavily on the keyboard to execute complex formatting rules.

Legal Sector Snapshot

With a long history of stability and success, the legal industry may be tempted to continue business as usual. But you do so at your own peril. Disruptive business models, globalisation, new technologies and smarter clients are all driving firm leaders to evolve and innovate. Is your firm prepared to capitalise on these anticipated changes in the legal market? If not, we encourage you to read the Legal Sector Snapshot 2017, which takes a deeper dive into what clients are expecting from legal firms in 2017 and beyond, and provides guidance on how to deliver services that will differentiate your firm and delight your clients.
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Hashching using e4 technology

e4 International’s Virtual ID solution has gone live in Australia for use by HashChing – an Australian website linking consumers directly to verified mortgage brokers.  HashChing was named as one of the 50 emerging stars in the 2016 Fintech Innovators top 100 fintech companies across the globe. 

DocFox for FICA requirements

Fintech startup DocFox has partnered with global law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright, to provide a digital solution to help companies simplify the FICA compliance process. “DocFox is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web application that helps customers submit their FICA documents electronically in a just a few taps. Customers can upload copies of their proof of identity and address documents, or submit documents using their smartphone camera,” says DocFox CEO and cofounder, Ryan Canin.

Shepherd and Wedderburn installs XpressDox

AJS is very proud to announce that another large and prestigious Law Firm has implemented its XpressDox product successfully. “We are seeing an increased amount of interest in our XpressDox offering over the last year or so and we are proud to say that we are able to deliver on all the high expectations that go along with a world class document assembly package” says AJS director Chris Pearson.

Bruce Henderson of Company Law

One of the biggest challenges facing Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups is ensuring they have properly drafted and compliant agreements. This is largely due to the high cost of having an attorney draft agreements and documentation.

contract drafting

A substantive mistake in a legal document can put a law firm at risk of both reputational and financial damages. A product being announced tomorrow promises to help prevent drafting mistakes by combining attorneys’ own deal-specific knowledge with machine-learning technology. The product, jEugene Compass, falls into a category of products that help proofread legal documents before they are made final.
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The Last Will and Testament, expressing the final wishes of an individual as far as his or her earthly possessions and funeral arrangements are concerned, is arguably the most important document a person will ever sign.

lawyer technology tools

Small can be big when it comes to productivity. For lawyers, there are a variety of small apps and programs that simplify common tasks and let you squeeze a few more minutes out of a busy day. Here are 10 worth checking out.
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Managing KPIs to accelerate your business

The legal sector continues to evolve to respond to the increased complexities and needs of a fast moving global economy. In order to not only survive this evolution but command a leading position within the industry, tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in an efficient and relevant way is critical. In this guide we explore what KPIs are critical for law firms and what you can achieve by implementing a process to monitor them.
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PDF in Law Firms

It is pretty safe to say that not many people like paperwork, or to be more specific, hardly anyone likes going through the hustle which piling up paperwork makes. But, in the law industry going through papers is a constant, because a single piece of paper can be a game changer when it comes to evidence and court rulings.

lawyers too expensive

Christien Levien believes the easiest way to improve access to justice—which is a pressing issue in Canada and other countries, where plenty of people can’t afford to hire a lawyer when they need one—is putting a “lawyer in your pocket” through an app that will give you basic legal information. That’s the idea behind Legalswipe, a free app designed to inform people of their legal rights as they relate to interactions with the police.
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investintechThe modern workplace is packed with information whose management is becoming a standard task in almost every industry.

hotdocsHotDocs, a global document automation software company, has announced its partnership with Intuate Group, a privately owned ICT company that focuses on providing integrated technology and people resource solutions for the South African and African markets.

one noteIf you embrace all of Microsoft OneNote’s capabilities, you’ll find that it can do just about anything to help you stay organized and productive. That utility doesn’t end with the core features. OneNote hooks into a ton of different services, so it’s easy to save everything from meeting notes to recipes and even emails to your digital notebook. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful OneNote supplements to help make your powerful, purple notebook even better.
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XpressDox v8XpressDox (Pty) Ltd has released a new version of its document automation software for Microsoft® Word and the Web. “There have been a number of major enhancements in the past year,” said Peter Tuffin, head of XpressDox development. “Template Authors can now preview a document on the fly, and all inserted fields are highlighted for easier proof reading,” he added.

lexprompt logoSince 1999, most enterprises have heavily invested in information technologies, yet productivity gaps remain. As of 2012, IDC Research, Inc. has estimated that about 5% of organization productivity is wasted on searching for and not finding relevant information/documents and on pulling information that exists in different files and formats together into one document.

attorney AT workIt has been clear for quite some time that technology is essential to the modern practice of law — but now, the application of technology directly and formally implicates the more general question of a lawyer’s competence. Lawyers who have traditionally prided themselves on buying a local software application with a single log-in and using it until the wheels fell off now have to be at least thinking about upgrading their technology platforms.

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MS Office 2016Office 2016 Professional and Office 365 include some handy new features that can boost productivity and facilitate collaboration--without a huge learning curve. In short, Office 2016 offers features that busy users will find convenient, helpful, and straightforward.
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LexNove Kyle Torrington and Andrew TaylorLexNove seeks to disrupt the legal industry and has launched an innovative online platform where high quality legal service providers will bid – at free market, fixed prices - to do the users’ legal work. In so doing, we bring fixed price, high quality legal services to the market segment that needs it most - small to medium sized businesses, which is in stark contrast to the current situation, where access to high quality legal services is largely restricted to large corporates and wealthy individuals.

Lexis nexis south africaEvery business will face potential prosecution for not being compliant with the law. Non-compliant companies face risks including penalties imposed on the business and executives, jail time, negative publicity, operational suspension, decreased productivity and increased liabilities. Legally compliant businesses may however find themselves in a healthier financial state by avoiding losses incurred through non-compliance.

xpressdoxsThe legal profession worldwide is facing a ‘more-for-less’ dilemma. Clients are demanding more work for lower fees. Competition is on the increase. And commoditisation is eroding profits like never before. As ‘margin-squeeze’ impacts profitability, law firms need to work more efficiently. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that there is no sustainable way left for firms to become more efficient other than by embracing technology.

ms office 2016Productivity isn’t just a buzzword one carelessly uses around to describe new products, for people at Microsoft, Productivity is the priority. Office 2016 is designed to answer the user’s most pressing question, “how can I be more productive with the new Office?” New features to individual apps and some welcome improvements to the familiar ones including new management and security options are just some of the things to get everyone excited.
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Adobe acrobat DC for lawyersThose of you who follow my blog are no doubt saying, “Gosh, Rick, aren’t you a bit late to the game here?” After all, Adobe Acrobat DC shipped three weeks ago. In this post, I’ll present just the essentials of the Acrobat DC. I hope to follow up with more detailed posts in the future.
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office preview 10Like many of you, I was quite happily surprised by this week’s unexpected preview releases of the Office for Windows 10 apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Since I use Word every day, I thought I’d take a quick look at this new app and see how it compares to Word on the PC desktop and on rival mobile platforms like Android and iOS.
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WorkChat-EvernoteEvernote has rolled out a new “Work Chat” feature to its web and mobile applications which allows users of its online note-taking and collaboration software to discuss ideas and projects directly in the Evernote interface itself, instead of having to shift those conversations over to email. Additionally, when you email a note to someone, it will now show up in Work Chat automatically, allowing you to keep a permanent history of your communications.
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