ls_logoThe exciting news is that LegalSuite is currently working with SARS to allow you to apply for Transfer Duty Receipts electronically from within LegalSuite. This would mean that all the information already captured in LegalSuite will automatically be sent to the SARS website to populate the fields on their website required to generate the TD forms on-line.

sabinet_logoSabinet, a leading facilitator of access to electronic information, launched the Beta version of its new Legal Search Platform during March 2011 and had the official launch in April 2011. The new platform provides clients of Sabinet's legal products and services an easy-to-use search interface with options to further refine the results of complex searches, adding immense value in terms of ease of access to specific information.

law-ratesLaw Rates released an enhanced version on Monday that boasts a more intuitive and manageable application further improving ease of use.

foipO-Tel Telecom today announced the immediate availability of its Fax over IP service, a value added service for its 1Cloud Hosted PBX Service. The service is ideal for users looking for extended fax services to ease their daily office tasks without the hassle of dealing with telephony hardware. The O-Tel FoIP service allows organizations to take advantage of the O-Tel infrastructure to process all fax transmissions via the cloud-based hosted service.

firefly_logoProgressive attorneys throughout South Africa are arming their Estate Agent clients with the Firefly costs calculator from Avid Software. "Now that smartphones have become ubiquitous in South Africa, virtually any Estate Agent can run Firefly," said Barry Swart, CEO of Avid Software.

gomobi-logoQuestion: What do the following 14 visionary mobile operators, network and device manufacturers, and internet content providers have in common? Ericsson; GSM Association; Hutchinson3; Microsoft; Nokia; Orascom Telecom; Samsung Electronics; Syniverse; T-Mobile; Telefonica Moviles; Telecom Italia; Visa; and Vodafone.

xpressdoxsXpressDox, a global leader in document assembly technology, yesterday announced the release of its Afrikaans language pack, which augments the languages it already supports. Lekker...

legalitesmLegalite is a practice management solution for the small legal firm which enables it to effectively, efficiently and profitably manage its, clients, matters, staff workload and bookkeeping at the same time being fully integrated with separate trust and business accounting records.

xpressdoxLower Cost Of Ownership And Faster Deployment Of XpressDox Online Document Assembly Adds Up For International Law Firms. There can be no question that document assembly reduces costs for law firms.

lexisnexisLexisNexis ( one of the world leaders in information management solutions, and Reputation Institute (, a leading provider of reputation management services, joined forces today to introduce a new solution for measuring and analysing Corporate Reputation in South Africa.

bb-logoDevice Management Solution to Provide Security, Management, and Control of BlackBerry Devices, Plus Secure Management for Other Mobile Devices

asus_tabletwithdockkeyboardDeciding between a tablet and notebook is a no-brainer with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. The 10.1-inch multitouch display is a self-contained tablet computer with added touches. Most significantly, you can transform it into a powerful notebook using the optional keyboard docking station. Whether you're in the mood for entertainment or feeling productive, the Eee Pad Transformer, available in 16- or 32GB capacities, is worth a look.

lexisnexisDURBAN, April 18, 2011 - The launch of the academic portal, uses an innovative approach that merges academic publishing with social media to create a platform for students, authors and lecturers in academia.

xpressdocsNow you can easily add client-facing templates to your website using XpressDox document assembly server version. For example, you might want to publish some simple legal agreements as a service to your clients, such as an Offer to Purchase, a Will, a Domestic Employment Agreement, etc.

gc-boxKorbitec collaboration on the transaction hub is the act of working together on a property transaction by allowing all participants to share notes and documents as well as follow the progress of a particular transaction. How does it work?
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brandCustomise client communications and build your company brand. You can now add company branding to your client communications when sending emails and faxes to clients from LAW Transfers.

ie9Internet Explorer 9 is finally available in final form to the general public, and we’re pleased to say that it represents a big leap forward for Microsoft’s web browser. We know that many of you readers have gotten turned off to IE in recent years (and understandably so) but Internet Explorer is suddenly a lot more competitive, and worth a look.

galaxy89Samsung has announced two new Galaxy Tabs -- both of which will feature prices similar to Apple's iPad 2. It's slightly thinner and slightly lighter than the surprisingly thin and light iPad 2.
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o-telUntil now, the smaller towns were subjected to use the unpopular ‘087' number code for their VoIP service. Many callers felt calling an 087 number is expensive, therefore avoided calling the number.

lawdeed_newsSearchWorks is proud to introduce the latest addition to our extensive range of credit report providers: the Experian Consumer Profile report.

ipad2In January 2010, shortly after its unveiling, I first got my hands on an iPad. My initial reaction? "The iPad is like holding the future." And that's funny because here we are, just a little over a year into that future, and something new has come along that makes holding the iPad 1 feel like holding the past: the iPad 2.
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cipromagnifyOnline search company WinDeed has come up with what it thinks is a solution, at least in part, to the fraud problems plaguing the Companies & Intellectual Property Registration Office (Cipro). In the past year, fraudsters have hijacked a number of high-profile companies, including Kalahari Resources, leaving SA business owners concerned about the security of their assets.
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lawpropLAW Transfers has been given a fresh, new look. The new simpler design reduces dependency on client support processes and the user manual. Users are able to navigate between the lighter, simpler menu options at ease.

winscribe_logoIn today's organization people need the ability to be totally mobile while still having access to their core business applications such as internet, email and dictation. No one can afford lost productivity for staff members that are constantly on the move.

o-telO-Tel Telecom, a Licensed National Telecom Services Provider (LNTSP), announced earlier this month, the nationwide availability of 1Cloud Hosted PBX Service, an effective telecommunication system which easily improves business productivity, lowers telecommunication costs, offers greater advantages with fewer hassles, and steps up the company to new generation telephony, dubbed Telephone 2.0

lawpropLAW is pleased to announce three new councils for which you can now print your RCC via the system.

law_transfersA new Work in Progress (WIP) report has been released on LAW Transfers. This report gives users a global view of all their matters, showing progress and comments made on each matter. It also allows users to drill down to individual matters to view them in more detail.

ipad_in_boxIt seems we're exiting the stone age. The iPad officially is in South Africa, from 28th January 2011, you will be able to buy the iPad from premium Apple resellers, Dion Wired, Incredible Connection or any Apple store. Digicape should also be stocking the iPad. This won't be news to most hardcore geeks, many of whom secured iPads from overseas or from "grey" retailers shortly after it was launched last year.
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For the first time, web-based document automation is available at an affordable price. But it is not only about price: XpressDox is one of the most powerful assembly systems on the market today.

freesmsFree SMSs in South Africa have been a long time coming. UCT chemical engineering student Daniel Schwartzkopff has brought this service to South Africans on both computers and cellular phones.

sign-electronicDigiSigner is a tiny tool to digitally sign PDFs and verify signatures when emailing sensitive information. DigiSigner validates digital signatures for you to ensure that your document was not changed or damaged. DigiSigner informs you who signed the document and reports other details. It uses standard X.509 certificates to sign your PDFs and produces real digital signatures that secure your documents and not just embeds pictures in your documents.

xpressdoxGroup company XpressDox, has just launched the browser version of its powerful document assembly software. With XpressDox "web", you can now run templates from anywhere in the world, even if you don't have Microsoft® Word loaded. You can also launch templates from your firm's own website, for example if you want third parties to fill in templates themselves, perhaps for marketing.

ms-lyncMicrosoft is muscling into the business communications space with the launch of Lync, a new piece of communications software that it says will ultimately replace corporate phone systems.

vikela-buttonThe Vikela Server is a powerful server and gateway solution for the small to medium sized company. Vikela has everything you ever wanted to manage your company's IT infrastructure inexpensively & efficiently. Vikela is a fully managed & supported solution by IT-Works Business Solutions, so you don't need any internal IT skills to maintain your company's complex infrastructure.

bb9780Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) has introduced the BlackBerry® BoldTM 9780 smartphone - the newest addition to the BlackBerry Bold series of smartphones. Featuring a premium and iconic design with an incredibly easy-to-use keyboard and optical trackpad, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is elegantly styled and packed with advanced communications and multimedia features.

law_transfersLAW last week released a new version of their Transfer Solution. This update saw the addition of many new features, along with a fresh, simplified top down look and feel. There are now two additional transaction types available for selection:

bb-logoThe rapid adoption of smartphones is proving to be a disruptive force that is changing the way people around the world manage their personal and professional lives. That's the word from Deon Liebenberg, Regional Director for Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry solution.

lawpacOne of the most frustrating tasks in any law practice is to have to manage heaps of legal documents in an orderly manner. Nothing could be more time-consuming and annoying than having to search through stacks of documents and emails in search of a piece of information. To this end Lawpac has developed a document management solution to enable attorneys to manage their cases in an efficient manner.

vp_scannerThere aren't many computer products around these days that don't need serious installation of software and reading of the manual to get you up and running. But this portable scanner was a real cinch to get going. I unpacked the device, installed the memory card and batteries, switched the unit on and started scanning!

lexisnexisThe new and improved LexisNexis Government Gazettes online service will soon cover the history of Gazetted announcements from 1910 - current. This back data will be offered to subscribers at no additional cost - R6 000 per year for a single user license. That's 70% less than other similar services.

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