xpressdocsA new feature in XpressDox allows users to convert numbers or currency amounts to words in English, Afrikaans, German and French. Users can specify which language to use as a default, and also how they want the wording to be formatted, for example ‘Caps'.

ms_office_2010After not mentioning the suite for nearly six months, Microsoft has come out with a general timeframe for the productivity software's release  and tipped its hand as to the naming of the suite-which will apparently get the "2010" moniker like today's Exchange product. The company had previously been referring to the product as "Office 14."

lawportalL@W is proud to announce the launch of the Bond Portal for all Standard Bank panel attorneys.The bond portal is a central location for attorneys to access and generate core bank documents in the confidence that they are the latest & correct bank templates. Standard Bank is now able to make changes overnight which are immediately available to their entire panel removing the hassle of software updates. For more information please contact your relevant Key Account Manager.

lexpro_iconLexPro Systems has now included Wills in their conveyancing module. "You can now create a Will in a matter of minutes! It is easy and fast to use and is available with the following clauses: Testators, Executors, Special bequests, Heirs, Trusts, Guardians and Conclusion. No more valuable time will be wasted with the new Will addition", says Chantal Muller, communications manager at Lexpro.


AJS is now fully integrated with the HP9250C Digital Sender, which means that adding paper documents to matters in AJS is extremely quick and easy. Pages are stacked in the in-tray of the sender and the AJS matter number is typed into the control panel. At the push of a button theajs documents are scanned and stored in the AJS matter automatically.

xobniIf you've ever been frustrated with the default search options in Outlook 2003 or 2007, consider getting the free add-on application called Xobni (which is Inbox spelled backwards). Not only does it provide superior email search options, it builds a network listing of your contacts, and it makes finding attachments very easy. It can also associate phone numbers with contacts, even if somebody is not in your address book. Also, it provides email analytics, showing average response time, email traffic trends, and related statistics. They partner with LinkedIn for displaying profile information and pictures, and there's talk of a Facebook tie-in.

lenovoBoth the S9e and S10e are capable of handling most normal computing tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet, web-surfing, email, viewing photos and listening to music. At 1.1kg (S9e) and 1.3kg (S10e) and 22-27.5mm thin, it's so light and portable you can take it wherever your day takes you. A winning combination of mobile technology and exceptional engineering at below R5000.

msoffice14An ad-supported Microsoft Office 14? That's what Microsoft Business Division Chief Stephen Elop said was coming at a presentation to analysts at the Morgan Stanley Technology conference.


mimecast_logoMimecast, a holistic e-mail management company offering SaaS-based e-mail archiving, continuity, security and policy control, announced its leadership position has been recognised by The Legal Technology Awards.

dell_mini_projectorTired of lifting heavy projectors into the overhead bin? With Dell Inc.'s M109S DLP On-the-Go Projector, you'll significantly lighten your carry-on luggage and still be able to display images at your next presentation. And the price is not too shabby at under R6000 incl VAT. However, read the reviews before buying any mini projectors, size has a definite trade-off on brightness and quality.


ie8_logoLas Vegas - Having finished its latest browser, Microsoft on Thursday last week kicked off its campaign to get consumers to actually start using it. After years of losing market share to Firefox and other rivals, Microsoft is hoping to convince people, many of whom use old versions of Internet Explorer, to give the company a new look.


eliteElite has announced the general availability of Elite® Enterprise Version 3.8, the newest release of the company's financial and practice management system for legal and professional services firms. New Features include, Streamline Bill Processing, Conflicts Searching and Records Management.


law_deedUsing a barcode scanning solution at every Deeds Office, the progress of all Deeds Office matters can be electronically tracked from the time it leaves your office until the security documents arrive back at the instructing firm.

law_ficaUsing the latest technology, FICA documents are securely stored in digital format in a protected digital vault.

law_transfersL@W brings you the first true intelligent workflow based online Transfer Solution.

pdfPDF has become widely accepted as the dominant file format for document exchange. Increasingly too, PDF files have emerged as the standard for the electronic filing of court documents in the US, Canada and Europe.

kindleYou may never have heard of the e-book (electronic books to read on your computer), or a device that is only an e-book, called the Kindle by Amazon.  Just out is the new Kindle 2, take a look at what it has to offer on the Amazon site, they sure know how to sell, and pull out all the stops on showing it off on the  promotion page.


intelipenLivescribe's Pulse "smartpen" is part pen, part voice recorder, and part nothing you've ever seen before.


afrideed for technology for lawyersThe main focus of AfriDeed is to become a one-stop property information shop where anyone interested in property can find what they are looking for. Apart from Deeds Office searching, AfriDeed also provides automated valuations and aerial photography services.

enter_key_logo on technology for lawyersFICAtrac uses a wizard to prompt the user for all the information that is required to be collected, verified and stored for FICA compliance.


Windows7You've been thinking about installing Windows 7 Beta 1 now that it's totally available to anyone. Well, here's our complete guide to grabbing, installing and playing with Windows 7-it's (mostly) painless, so no excuses!

ghostconvey_logoFrom within the GhostConvey Transfers and Bonds (limited to further loans and switch loans) modules users can choose to 'Import Deeds Office Search Information'. The results will be used to accurately and instantly populate up to sixteen fields in a new matter. The deceptive simplicity of this new functionality is that users will no longer have to log in to other applications to do Deeds Office searches. This saves time and guarantees accuracy.

xpressdocsThe software has been designed to complete marked-up templates in two general situations. The first is when data is captured and stored as part of an application such as an accounting system, or any other system requiring the filling of standard documents. The second is to assist users such as secretaries who use the system within Microsoft Word to produce standard documents such as letterheads, contracts, or any other document template.

rocket_matter_logoRocketMatter, a practice management and time billing system accessed exclusively over the internet as a "Software as a Service" - or "SaaS" as it is known, has released RocketMatter 1.0. The product was released to the North American market in February 2008 in a beta release. What makes SaaS a good idea, is the fact that it is operating system independent, so it does not matter whether you are on Windows, Linux or Mac and it does not matter how great your servers perform. The down side for South Africa at the moment is our poor bandwidth. Watch SaaS in 2009!


green_odometer on technology for lawyersActual Booster 3.1 works by simply boosting the priority of whatever program is running in the foreground window, that is, the currently active window.


win7A preview of what Microsoft Windows version 7 will look like. To mention just one feature, gadgets are available like Vista, however they do not hog desktop space, nor memory, and float transparently in the desktop.



Windows enthusiasts were buzzing recently over a Microsoft blog posting that makes it seem as if a beta version of Windows 7 should be ready by January 2009.

SearchWorksThis feature is valuable to attorneys that need an estimated value on a property. It is useful for Estate Planning, Deceased Estates, Insolvencies, litigation and more. Many law firms assist sellers or Estate agents with a guideline value to secure the opportunity for the conveyancing for their firm.


MemoKeys saves you time and potential errors by letting call up commonly used phrases with a keystroke combination. This shortcut generator creates the combos, and you associate them with oft-used data: disclaimers, contact information, favorite sayings, etc. You can use your shortcuts in e-mail programs, word processors, web forms, and other apps.

speedPCThis comprehensive PC-care utility has a one-click approach. Advanced SystemCare Free helps protect, optimize, clean, and repair your computer and Registry -- with daily use. We are not saying this is the best or the only application available, but do say that we think it is worth a look.

msofficefreeIf you are using a genuine copy of the 2007 version of Microsoft Office, you can download professionally created templates from the Microsoft website for no charge.

Many users of Microsoft Word don't know that there are keyboard shortcuts for Afrikaans characters. Here is a short list of the most often used shortcuts:

  • Deelteken (ë) = Hold CTRL + SHIFT and press : then release and press letterafrikaans

  • Kappie (ô) = Hold CTRL + SHIFT and press ^ then release and press letter

  • Akuut (é) = Hold CTRL and press ‘ then release and press letter

  • Gravis (à) = Hold CTRL and press ` then release and press letter

bixlogoWith the worldwide trend towards colour logos on law firm letterheads, there is an increasing demand for logo design. Biz-logo has been designing business logos since 1997. What is unique about the service is that you can either choose a pre-designed logo from their website, or you can request them to design a custom logo. Each logo is unique, and once a logo is sold, it will never be re-sold to anyone else. Pre-designed logos are priced at around R1,300 and come with a money-back guarantee.

ms_outlookAutomatically add holidays to your Outlook Calendar   On the Tools menu, click Options > Calendar Options > Add Holidays. From there choose which countries you want added. It's that simple!

pdfYou can now save files created by many 2007 Microsoft Office system programs in Portable Document Format (PDF), which is a common format for sharing documents. However, before you can save files as PDF, you need to install an add-in. To install the add-in, either click on the link above, or search for "save as PDF" in Word 2007 help, then simply follow the instructions, and, once complete, PDF will become an option in the "Save as type" dialog.

ergoclipSouth African entrepreneur and MD of Ergo-TiltTM, Herb Ostroff has added two new products to Ergo-Tilt'sTM accessory range, MyClipTM and MyCellclipTM. MyClipTM is self-installed on your desk via an adhesive pad which links all your loose cables in one small gadget. MyClipTM is easy to unclip in order to rearrange cables or move the clip to a different location. MyCellclipTM is the same idea, designed for those people who are irritated by never finding their cellphone charger cable in the same location where it was left. Ergo-TiltTM is available from Incredible Connection, Hi-Fi Corporation, Game and other stores nationwide, as well as in Namibia and Botswana. In the New Year the new products will be available at these stores at recommended retail price of R49.00 for both clips, while they are currently available directly from the website www.ergo-tilt.com. Ergo-TiltTM products make ideal festive season gifts and can be name branded.

legalsuiteLegalSuite has added an "Instant Messaging" feature to its software which allows users to send messages to one another from within the program. This is used on occasions when a user needs to send an urgent message to another user to tell them to do something, remind them of something or to bring a "real time" event to their attention - for example, the debtor has made a payment at the front desk or the Mortgagors are waiting in reception to sign their documents. In these cases, reminders and/or email messages are not ideal because there is sometimes a delay in the delivery and/or receiving of these messages.

ajsLaw Firms who make use of the AJS financial and management systems who also make use of Korbitec's GhostConvey will be pleased to hear that integration between the two products is being developed. "It is confirmed that the software integration between the AJS financial and management system and the GhostConvey system will be developed in the interests of all concerned" said Johan Venter - director of O2Smart.

hotdocsHotDocs 2008 significantly reduces the time spent generating customized documents, such as contracts, sales proposals, government and court forms, legal documents, loan applications, and medical forms. Using HotDocs, you can transform any word processor file into an interactive template. Simply replace the changeable text with HotDocs variables and identify text that may be included in or excluded from the final document. Then, the next time you want to generate a completed document, just assemble the interactive template you've created. As you do this, you will be prompted to answer questions, and the appropriate information will be merged into the document.

OoFollowing three years of continuous improvement, OpenOffice.org has now reached the landmark version 3.0, with a host of new features. With the current exchange rate, OpenOffice.org will no doubt be considered more seriously, even for use in law firms. Version 3 was released on 13 October 2008.  By the 26th October it had already been downloaded more than 6,000,000 times.

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