Dual monitor setup

Using two monitors is a simple enough concept. You would think that all you’d have to do is just plug any video display into the applicable port on your laptop or PC and you’re good to go. The multiple monitors should just instantly turn on and start working, right? Well, that’s usually not the case.
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Hard drive and magnet test

You’ve heard it somewhere down the line: “Don’t put a magnet near your laptop, it will mess up the hard drive.” This is thanks to the popular tech legend that household magnets can interfere with the data stored on a hard drive. The theory is that if you place a magnet on a mechanical hard drive, it can wipe its data.
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Domain Names

Choosing the right domain name can get some additional benefits for your business and make your website more appealing to new visitors. Currently, there are more than 330.6 million registered domain names and the number is increasing exponentially. This Website Builder infographic illustrates some interesting facts about domain names and their importance in your online presence.
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Installing Windows 10 by USB

With its range of office and networking capabilities, Windows 10 has a lot of advantages for members of the legal profession in South Africa. When you're putting together the ideal PC, either for personal use or for your firm, money is sometimes a consideration.

Choosing the correct device for your business

Devices are as fundamental to a business as a business plan. What’s great about modern devices is that they support a wide range of advanced business applications that can manage your work-flow from anywhere. But with the market always releasing new and better devices, how do you know which one to choose?

wifi placement in homeMoving your Wi-Fi router around your home or office with the aim of maximizing signal coverage can be a challenge for the uninitiated. Wi-Fi signals emitted from a router can be blocked or weakened by a variety of factors – which can leave users with weak signal and, ultimately, a poor Internet connection on their Wi-Fi-enabled device.
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power inverter 1440We hosted a webinar/podcast last week and Tuesday on the differences of a UPS and an Inverter. The 28-minute video of that podcast is now available for you to watch in the Tech4Law Youtube channel.

broadband comparisons around the worldThe latest Ookla Household Value Index statistics show that South Africa’s broadband prices are very high when compared to global standards. The Net Index Household Value Index uses recent surveys from Speedtest.net to compare and rank consumer broadband value around the globe. According to the Net Index statistics, South Africa has the second highest tariff out of the 64 surveyed countries for the raw cost per Megabit per second (Mbps) — a measurement of how much you pay for broadband speed.
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