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The work of a lawyer involves a lot of dictating. Letters and submissions which have to be typed out later. Combining a quality Philips professional dictation recorder with the Philips SpeechLive cloud-based service allows you to dictate from anywhere and send your dictations to a designated recipient, maximizing your daily productivity and efficiency.


Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams sets standards for balancing the workload between two offices and location-independent working. The law firm Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams, located in Melbourne, have provided high quality legal services to their clients since 1983. The company has two offices, one in the well-known Central Business District of Melbourne and one outside the city in Mount Waverley.


Claire Coe (Claire Legal Ltd) and Dr Steven Vaughan (University of Birmingham) research focuses mainly on the shift in the balance of power from law firms to clients and the pressure of firms to deliver “value for money” in a competitive market.

billing ideasOver this last weekend I came across this short e-book on eliminating client billing hassles while improving the law firm profits - it is old but has some great "take-aways" which are still very relevant to law firms.

law-firm-white-papers-2015White papers are a place for deep thinking – deep thinking that is data-driven. Combine that data with innumerable client engagements, from small law firms to large – and from corporate legal departments to legal services bureaus – and we’re able to chronicle insights for the market in neatly packaged white papers. As part of our 2015 roundup series, here’s an at-a-glance listing of many of the white papers we’ve publish this year.
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outsource law firm itOver the last decade, advancements in computer technology have dramatically changed the way lawyers manage their offices. Today, lawyers are able to take on more cases, keep better track of clients, and quickly sift through more information than ever before. The importance of technology in today’s law firm can no longer be ignored…and neither can the growing complexity. So how can the average attorney, office manager, or administrator juggle all the pieces and parts that make up your IT environment?
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Megan Rehbock of LAWtrustThe problem of verifying identity, and being able to trust that verified identity, has only worsened as internet usage has increased, and usernames and passwords have become more valuable. Security measures have become more sophisticated and widespread as a result, but so have cyber-criminals. Public key infrastructures and Single Socket Layer (SSL) certificates offer one means for ordinary humans to trust that the site they are logging into and transacting on is secure, and is the site it purports to be.

making wifi work for your officeFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may have raised some eyebrows when he said that connectivity should be a human right, but many smart device users would agree. Research has shown that as many as 32% globally rely on more than one device during the average working day to conduct their duties and half of the world’s CIOs have said that they view Wi-Fi as an essential part of operations.

windows xp hackers paradiceThe final deadline for Windows XP support will act as a starting pistol for hackers, as they target hundreds of millions of users on unpatched systems. Microsoft has already granted the 12-year-old OS several stays of execution, but the firm has said it will finally end extended support on 8 April 2014 – despite the fact that XP remains the second-most popular OS, with almost a third of PCs running it.
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screen damaging your eyesIn today’s world many of us spend 10-12 hours of our day in front of glowing computer screens. Computers are used for doing almost everything, they improve productivity by making complex calculations simple, but have you ever wondered if staring at the screen for long periods of time can significantly damage your eyes?
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symantec threat reportThreats to online security have grown considerably, increasing by 42% in 2012 according to Symantec. Reshana Pillay, Director at Routledge Modise, is of the view that with the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act on the horizon, liability will undoubtedly flow from the current cyber onslaught and companies and businesses best prepare for any attack against their databases to obtain customers personal information - one of the most valuable marketing assets of a business.

smoke signalsCommunications technology has made astounding advances over time, and yet has not been allowed to deliver on its promise of bringing information to areas where it has the most potential for change and progress.

1streamNigel Clarke, an IT manager from the UK, made a few headlines earlier this year when he drew up a comprehensive call center menu map – a project called “Please Press 1”.

trade marks vs adwordsThe issue of Adwords has become increasingly important in trade mark law. When you buy a word from Google as an Adword, this has the effect that whenever anyone enters that word as a search term, your pop-up advert will appear on the screen together with the so-called ‘natural results’.

rocket matterLegal technology consumers have a lot of choices these days. But that wasn’t always the case. Now, law firms can choose from an emerging group of online cloud providers for legal practice management (LPM) and time and billing applications.

1streamFrost & Sullivan’s most recent end-user research detailing the factors that motivate the adoption of a hosted solution has shown that 61% of companies have moved to the model because of the ease of provisioning and the ability to manage multi-site and remote agents.

VoIP securityAmong the last remaining arguments against the tidal wave of voice-over-IP is the claim that IP systems are susceptible to fraud. In reality, breaching VoIP security is a far more complex proposal than hacking a traditional analogue telephone system, and the South African VoIP industry has taken a highly proactive stance with safeguarding it further.

law trustLAWtrust, the first accredited Authenticated Service Provider in South Africa, says there is a great deal more behind electronic signatures (including advanced electronic signatures) than mere aesthetic quality – legally this information is considered evidence and can be of huge significance in business.

privacy dead"Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun" Pete Cashmore. As highlighted in the recent decision by the Honourable Willis, J in the South Gauteng High Court matter of H v W (12/10142) [2013] ZAGPJHC 1 (30 January 2013), South African courts are having to take account of the changing realities of technology and society so as not to lose credibility.

PC-fast-with-sdd-driveWindows takes some 40 to 60 seconds to boot from when it starts displaying the “starting windows” logo. A computer fitted with an SSD? From 6 to 20 seconds depending on the drive you buy, your computer speed, age of technology and on what operating system you are running.
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cyanreThe advent of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill, which is set to be enacted this year, will change the way companies have to approach data handling strategies, processes and procedures.

microsystems logoAn examination of the current state of legal agreement drafting and review and recommendations for improving the process. Additionally, new technology designed for lawyers to improve the agreement drafting and review process is presented. By Robert Blacksberg.

question exclamationAmong other things, IT Leaders in law firms are tasked with keeping the lights on and driving innovation in the name of making our attorneys and users more efficient. So, the question needs to be asked: Why are firms continuing to install and advance SharePoint when in reality it has never really lived up to all the hype?
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CyanreUnauthorised access to information is one of the most prevalent cyber crimes in South Africa. Data has become the lifeblood of business – from financial information to the details of a company’s customers, data is the basis of every business transaction today. 

Data ProtectionDuring the past few weeks we discussed each of the 8 principles, and we investigated what they mean to your firm.

SQL or Structure Query Language is a programming tool which is used for database programming and backend to a number of software systems.

Personal DataThe Protection of Personal Information bill, soon to be enacted, will define the conditions under which personal information is lawfully processed. As the business of lawyers involves working with personal information on a daily basis the impact is obvious. We look at Data subject participation this week.

Security SafeguardsIf you read none of the others, read this. The Protection of Personal Information bill, soon to be enacted, will define the conditions under which personal information is lawfully processed. As the business of lawyers involves working with personal information on a daily basis the impact is obvious.

POPI data problemsThis week’s article on the Protection of Personal Information bill addresses the sixth condition which is Openness. There are two elements to this condition: 1 – Notification to the Regulator and 2 – Notification to the Data Subject.

Quality InformationThe Protection of Personal Information bill, soon to be enacted, will define the conditions under which personal information is lawfully processed. As the business of lawyers involves working with personal information, sometimes on a daily basis, it is obvious that PoPI will have a definite impact on how law firms operate.

How the internet worksThe Internet is amazing. It allows us to communicate instantly, search for and find information on nearly anything, stay abreast of current events and, of course, watch the latest cute animal video. But how does it actually work? The infographic illustrates just how the Internet sends these packets from one place to another.

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Locked private informationThis week’s article addresses Condition 4 of the 8 listed in Chapter 3 of the Protection of Personal Information Bill , titled Further Processing limitation. The fundamental principle underlying this condition is that the purpose for the further processing must be compatible with the original specified purpose.

Digital Signature ManIn the past, where the law required a signature, statement or document to be notarised, acknowledged, verified or made under oath, that requirement was, until recently, typically only met if the handwritten signature of the person authorised to perform those acts was used. 

Private DataIn this week’s article we continue to look at the conditions governing the lawful processing of personal information, as stated in Chapter 3 of the Protection of Personal Information Bill, and how this will practically affect your organization.

Information wobblyThis week’s article continues to look at the conditions governing the lawful processing of personal information as stated in Chapter 3 of the Protection of Personal Information Bill and how this will practically affect your organisation.

AccountabilityOver the next 8 weeks this article series will provide a practical overview of each of the conditions for lawful processing of personal information as stated in Chapter 3 of the Protection of Personal Information Bill. 

POPI man outline The long anticipated Protection of Personal Information act, commonly known as PoPI, seems to finally be in the home stretch. Initiated in 2009, the bill was approved by all parties during its second reading at the National Assembly on 11 September 2012.

Ari KaplanI just took a random sampling of 82 lawyers, of whom 54 reported that they have a LinkedIn account. However, most of them admitted that their use is ineffective. Respondents wrote: "I am a member of LinkedIn, but don't really see the benefit of that site;" "I do have a LinkedIn account but have done nothing with it;" or "I still have not figured out how to effectively use LinkedIn."

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cloud based PBXAs cloud-based PBX deployments show accelerating growth, a fascinating sub-plot is unfolding, with public, private and hybrid installations all finding favour*. The question is – which configuration will gain preference as the market matures, and in what circumstances?

blackberry in riceWater. We can't survive without it for more than a few days. But if water is life to us, it's death to our precious electronic gadgets, especially cellphones. Drop your phone in the loo or even keep it too close to your body on a muggy summer's day and you can find yourself with an expensive paperweight. The manufacturers call this “liquid” or “water” damage” and specifically exclude it from their warranties. Many insurers won't pay out for it either.
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