google glass injury lawyerNew technology like Google glasses may seem like a novelty rather than an aid to developing a personal injury law practice, but for California personal injury lawyer Mitch Jackson, whose practice focuses on personal injury and wrongful death law suits, the use of Google Glass has been something he uses as what he sees as a short- and a long-term play. How? Why?
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ISS buttonBy the end of 2010, an estimated 1,97 billion people around the world were using the Internet. Of these, about 111 million were in Africa. With the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, this number is likely to have grown substantially in the past few months. Close to 18 million Africans were using Facebook by August 2010 – this constitutes 16% of the total number of Facebook users worldwide, according to

evidenceSymantec released the findings on their recent Electronically Stored Information (ESI) survey in EMEA countries covering 500 legal respondents from each country. We spoke to Tyrone Theodorides from Symantec and Paul Jacobson from Jacobson's Attorneys on the outcome of the survey.

interconnectIn October 2008 Namibia's electronic communications operators (1) were hosted by the Information Communication Technologies' (ICT) Minister Joel Kaapanda to address ongoing call termination rate disputes (2) between the parties. The forum agreed to a initiate a study of termination costs, which was commissioned in January 2009 and by 1 June 2009 the Namibia Communication Commission (NCC) prescribed a new termination rate ceiling of N$0.60 (3) (down from N$1.06) with a glide path to N$0.30 by January 2011. How did this happen and can it happen in South Africa?

youtube on technology for lawyersNumerous people in graphic arts have contacted me in connection with the Orphans Bill in the USA and are concerned about putting their artwork on the net due to this posting on youtube.

llrxJim Calloway explains why every lawyer needs to understand a few basic things about metadata. He contends that the legal ethics implications of metadata "mining" are no longer just of interest to the lawyers processing electronic discovery, or the ethics mavens.


stress_iconAn identifiable Internet speaker who sends an unlawful e-mail or posts an unlawful Internet message is subject to traditional litigation tactics. However, countless Internet speakers are not effortlessly identifiable. Hence, novel litigation, technical and administrative law tactics are advantageous for successfully curbing Internet defamation.


google_swirl A three-judge panel upheld a decision against a former government employee who had a Google search performed on him before getting fired, as well as being accused of misusing company funds.


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