iOS7 tipsWith hundreds of new features to boot, iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a gold mine waiting to be explored to its full potential. Today, we’re going to go through some of the most lesser known features and tips which we believe you should try right now. (apologies to those who tried to load the article in LTN - seems you need membership to read the article - Editor)
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ipad apps for lawyersHere it is– the latest, greatest list of iPad Apps recommended for lawyer use by the Hytech Lawyer. They are grouped by category.  These are my favorites,and I have left out some perfectly acceptable alternatives to keep the list manageable.
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Camera Amazing for the iPadWe all have used the standard issue camera on the iPad – you point and click and you hopefully get the picture you imagined – if it fails you keep going until you either get the picture you want or you give up. No more with Camera Awesome…

Gojee iconGojee makes a lot of sense to me, normally I start rummaging through my kitchen cupboards to find what I have, before I decide what to cook. Gojee seems to think just like me…

iOS6 logoApple says that this new version for your Apple devices will make your day to day tasks even easier. We have summarised what the new features are but have not done extensive tests on these features. The idea is to allow you to make a better informed decision whether to upgrade or not.

iPad on the beachBack in December of last year, I reported on one of the most unexpected things that had ever happened to me as a user of gadgets. I’d begun using an iPad 2 with a ZaggFolio keyboard case as my primary computer. I found that I really liked it — and that for me, at least, the conventional wisdom that iPads were only truly useful for consumption, not creation, was seriously out of whack with reality.

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google searchYou can use Google search facility inside of Safari on the iPad, by going to the web page – but the iPad application “Google Search” just works sooo much better…

flipboard iconFlipboard is an application that becomes your very own customised newspaper, which delivers news, information and your personal social media to your iPad instantly.

dropboxIf you own an iPad, you should have Dropbox for iPad to share files with business people, friends or even from your office PC to your iPad.

notabilityTake notes while you record, change to text, insert pictures, take pictures and play back the recording from a certain area in your notes.

skypeWe all know how useful Skype is on your PC and some of us have also tried it on your cell phones, but how many of you use Skype on your iPad?

search magnifyThe iPad tip this week is not very complicated and is an embedded application or feature that just about everybody overlooks!

mobile recorder hdThis high fidelity recording device is an application by Sonzea which is a fantastic audio recording application for the iPad or iPhone.

notebook-plus-iconNow that the shortcut series for Microsoft Word has come to an end, I decided that it would be a good idea to start a series of tips for the Apple iPad.

survey questionsThis article that we found speaks to both people who use iPads and also those who are considering buying the tablet device. As an iPad user I cannot tell you how many times people ask the question, “What do you use the iPad for?” or “When do you use your iPad?”. At last we have something to show them!

ipad securityThe very attributes that make the iPad such a powerful tool for lawyers — easy portability, fast access to information, ubiquitous connectivity and a simple user interface — also help make it a security risk. Like it or not, the iPad is the best thing to happen to data snoops and thieves since the arrival of Wi-Fi.
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 best ipad appsIt’s been another great year for the iPad, and for iPad apps. There are now over 170,000 iPad apps available in the App Store (as at 12/21/11). And as Apple’s TV ads for the iPad so nicely illustrate, there are now iPad apps for just about anything you care to do with your favorite tablet device.

 ipad-officeNo doubt you've read in BigLaw about all the midsize and large firms equipping their lawyers with iPads — or at least supporting iPads purchased by their lawyers. Many methods exist for integrating iPads and other mobile devices into your legal environment.
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bamboo_paperUsing your finger or a stylus to hand write your notes. This free app is a real meeting discussion point - everybody wants the app, in fact most download it during the meeting!

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