block unwanted callsIn recent months I have been plagued by repeated calls from 031 833 2707 to my mobile phone. When I answer, there is no one on the other side and the call almost immediately hangs up, so it is most likely an auto-dialler gone wrong.

huawei p8Over the last couple of years, I have evaluated a number of smart phones and right from the word go when I received the Huawei P8 I was impressed with the quality. So much so, that even the packaging seemed superior to any other phone I have received.

fake google appsMost of the popular applications on Google's Play Store online site have fake copies loaded with malware designed to steal personal and financial information, a report has found. Security company Trend Micro found that 77% of the top 50 applications on the storefront dedicated to Android powered smartphones have fakes which are designed to mimic the popular programs.
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choosing phoneRecently, we ran a survey to identify which features were important to lawyers when using a smart phone. The participation was bleak, but it did give us an idea as to what was important as a user.

iphone or androidAttorneys often find themselves operating in separate camps, such as plaintiff-defendant, prosecution-defense, civil-criminal, private-public and, perhaps most contentiously, Android-iPhone. While both iPhones and Androids deliver a smartphone experience that keeps attorneys connected wherever they go, each platform takes a unique and sometimes idiosyncratic approach to features and capabilities. These differences have helped build strong user loyalties in both camps.
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samsung note 2Well, the Samsung Note II _is_ big (it reminds me of the Big Korn Bites ad) – some people say "too big", I say that I can read what is on the screen and use it practically without me having to grab my glasses every time I need to use the phone!

cell phone pollEvery time I do a smartphone review, I try to imagine what features would be important to lawyers in the field. So I decided that the best way to find out would be to ask lawyers what they think important in a simple poll.

Samsung s3 Blackberry 9930 and iPhone5In this article I will attempt to compare the three most exciting new smart phones which are currently available on the South African market for consumers. The phones which I will be comparing are the Apple iPhone 5, RIM Blackberry Bold 9930 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.
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lumia 900After using the Lumia 800, I was looking forward to the review of the Lumia 900. The Lumia 900 is the latest phone from Nokia running on the Windows Phone platform. I used the phone for a week and this is what I found….

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