automate maintenance tasks in Windows 10

Just like with any operating system, keeping a Windows PC running well requires some maintenance. The good news is that  you can automate most of the important maintenance tasks, and keep Windows humming along like it was freshly installed.
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Windows OS updates

For about 15 years it has been a standard practice among law firms to skip iterations of Desktop Operating Systems—go to Windows 7 from XP, for example, or from Windows 7 to 10. As a result, desktop deployments used to be projects slated for every few years. This model, however, is no longer sustainable. With a new update schedule and a less than forgiving end-of-support timeline, skipping versions will leave firms scrambling to test, pilot, and deploy updated builds in uncomfortably small windows.
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blank screenThis morning I switched on my Windows 10 computer to find that after the Windows logo appeared, both screens on the system when blank, with only the mouse pointer to be seen. The start up jingle played, so I assumed that the PC was alive, but just not showing me anything.

moving outlook dataIf you use Windows' Easy Transfer tool, the actual file moving should be no big deal, although I wouldn't bet the farm on it working well every time. I gave up Easy Transfer years ago, finding it easier to simply drag and drop my files over the local network. However you move the files, Outlook can be particularly tricky. 
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