The "High Price" of using your Cell-Phone or 3G Modem without precautions

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Monday, 15 March 2010 19:26

cellbillThis is important information for all cellular phone users who have 3G cards/modems or even those that use their cell-phones for simply accessing/browsing the internet. If you are on a contract, please ensure that you have put a limit or "cap" on your monthly data (internet) usage - 500Mb is usually a safe "cap". This is very, very important.

Why? Well, if you don't, then each additional Megabyte of data you use over and above your allotted contract amount could cost substantially more - sometimes at rates of R2 or more per megabyte! We know of cases of subscribers who had a virus on their PC's or a defective modem and receive 3G cell-phone accounts of over R14,000.

And, no, the cellular service provider is not usually open to discussion. They will demand payment. If you are on contract and use Internet/3G, contact your service provider, check that you do have a "cap"/ limit. Remember to always disconnect your phone / 3G modem from the computer after you are done using the internet.

Another cell-phone tip: Often, it is not a good idea to take a cell phone with you to use when overseas. Always ensure you know how your service provider bills you for "overseas roaming". We have heard horror stories of customers paying thousands of Rands for using their cell-phone when overseas.

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Craven Coetzee

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0 #1 2012-01-23 20:14
Take your cellphone but get a prepaid sim, just make sure the country you are visiting allows it. Some places are more effort than they're worth - India for instance has 'rica-esque' laws where you have to wait a day at least after submitting photo ID. Most central and East African countries are very easy, some Caribbean countries are OK too.