protect your law firm from cyber crimeSurprisingly, computer criminals tend to have no prior record of crime. Computer criminals also tend to be responsible, honest people in a position of trust. In fact, many of the businesses that fall victim to a computer crime, find out that it was one of their employees that was the perpetrator of the act.

identity theftIdentity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, not only in South Africa but worldwide. 1 370 cases had been reported to the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) as at the end of April 2014.

4 good chrome web store apps for lawyersTo say that lawyers are busy is definitely an understatement. Between juggling the documents, clients and appointments, getting through the day greatly depends on one’s ability to complete important tasks on the go. But, as digitisation has found its role in our society, so have the ever-important productivity tools, which can help us do our business more efficiently.

RAT computer hackedMany of us start up our computer and conduct all types of activities and business, including banking, without a second thought. Well, I have written this article so that perhaps you will give it a second thought.

Man Falsely Accused of Child Porn Charges Cleared After Hiring Computer Forensics ExpertImagine this scenario: your employer gives you a ticking time bomb full of child porn and then you get fired and then you get prosecuted as some kind of freak. George Fitzmons spent seven months in San Bernardino County Jail, even though he was innocent of the charges against him. What were those charges? The charge was possession of child pornography; Mr. Fitzmons was facing life in state prison.

10 Legal Tech Innovations and What They MeanNo matter your practice area or the number of attorneys in your organization, the 10 legal technology innovations outlined here affect you. No matter the size of your bank account, you can’t afford to ignore them. What have been the critical changes in recent years and what do they tell us about where the profession is headed?
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employee termination digital forensicsDuring an employment litigation case, computer forensics can be the key element in the case. Emails, file transfers, and HTML caches are some of the "smoking guns" found during computer forensic investigations that have helped dismiss or settle cases. Some investigations reveal deliberate efforts to hide or destroy information and can lead to claims of spoliation.

android malwareA sinister new bug hitting Android devices is capable of making calls, sending messages, and taking pictures, all while the phone appears to be off. According to Digital forensics company Rick Crouch & Associates, the malware—called PowerOffHijack—presents a fake dialogue box that prompts the user to shut down when the power button is pressed.

accident attorneys need to focus on cell phones for evidenceEarlier this year, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) released their 2015 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements. Topping the list was the need to do more about the growing problem of electronically distracted drivers. It's a problem that can certainly have deadly consequence.

cannot read cell phone screenEven as the displays on our iPhones and Android phones get bigger and bigger, the type on our screens remains stubbornly small—so small, indeed, that you may find yourself squinting whenever you glance at your handset. Give your aching eyes a break. Read on for six settings that’ll make your iPhone or Android screen a bit easier to read, from boosting the size of text to zooming your display with your fingertips.
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Beware of DIY digital forensicsA Do-It-Yourself, or “DIY,” trend has permeated the legal industry when it comes to electronic discovery and litigation consulting services. In an effort to reduce costs, law firms and corporations are building internal teams to rely less on outside vendors, with varying degrees of success. However, certain DIY missions in litigation are fraught with peril and should be carefully examined.

digital forensics hard drive law firmsIf your opponent's client uses a computer or if the organization you represent uses computers, you need computer forensics. The computer has invaded our very existence, become a part of our lives, and is an integral part of almost every case from complex litigation and class actions to contract disputes and sexual harassment.

computer_forensics_law_firmsDigital forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular digital device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. The goal of digital forensics is to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened on a digital device and who was responsible for it.

MS WordIf you’ve ever opened a document that had more strikeouts than a beer-league ballplayer, you’re familiar with Microsoft Word’s “track changes” feature. It’s one of the most useful tools for collaboration, but in practice a marked-up document can quickly overwhelm with its tangle of additions, deletions, and comments all displayed in multiple colors—one for each contributor. It's enough to make you want to put a big red “X” on the whole thing. But before you do, read through our guide to safely—and sanely—navigating a multi-authored document using track changes. We’re confident that by the time you’re done you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
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no power telecommunicationsIn January 2015 Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona warned that one unexpected event at any of its power stations could result in a total failure of the national electricity system. A failure which may take weeks to resolve. This raises the question: What will happen to South African telecommunications networks in the event of a prolonged power blackout?
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law firm backup and restoreThe need to protect the electronic data and related systems has always been top of mind to most legal firms. It falls, however, on the IT staff to properly protect their practice with limited budget and time to do proper research. In many cases, backup products are installed and files are copied to tape which is either stored in a locked drawer or taken home by an employee. Larger practices may use outside companies to transport their backup tapes to secure off-site locations, paying heavy fees for this service. Read more in the full whitepaper.
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Dragon assistantIt’s a difficult task to operate smartphones, when our hands are otherwise busy. Go hands-free and harness the power of these voice recognition apps. These simple but effective apps will change the way you use your phone....people around you may think you are a little nuts or extremely lonely - but they do work.
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time billing tips for law firmsGetting a physical is an important part of everyone’s life. You need to look at the important parts of your body like the blood, the heart, etc. Just like your body, your law firm has parts that are vital to its health—none more important than your billing system. Time accounting and billing is the lifeblood of your firm. Without timely and accurate billing efforts, you will work harder than you should at less money than you should make. We do what are called “systems audits” which is just a fancy name for a billing system physical.
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time suckers in law firmLawyers are besieged with time suckers: unscheduled phone calls, urgent emails and spontaneous interruptions for co-workers. But there is a way to take control of your limited time that you can focus on the “A” cases in your practice.
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cell phone charging tips"Don't use your phone while it's charging," "don't leave it plugged in overnight" and "always let it die completely" — these are just a few popular myths about smartphone batteries. When it comes to battery life, there are many little rules for what you can and can't do with your smartphone. While plenty of real rules exist, there are several rumored ones you can simply ignore. 
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Legal technology trends 2015Of course, knowing how lawyers are currently using technology is certainly informative, but what’s even more interesting is gaining insight into how lawyers–especially solo and small firm attorneys–will use technology in the future. We wanted to find out, so we turned to the experts. The question we asked them was, “What emerging technology or practice management trend will have the greatest impact on solo and small firms next year?”
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key loggersMalware and threats have evolved to previously unimagined levels. Gone are the days where pimply geeks in basements wrote proof-of-concept malware to show off – today’s threat authors mean business, whether that is stealing millions of rands, proprietary company data or proving a political point.

Lexis nexis south africaIncreased investments in technology, coupled with shifting research trends and the challenges of keeping up to date with frequently changing legislation, are just some of the aspects characterising the small law firm in South Africa. This is according to a survey of more than 160 independent law firms, commissioned by leading content and technology solutions provider, LexisNexis South Africa.

lawtrustAdvanced electronic signatures were provided for in the ECT Act (2002), which defines two types of signatures – electronic, and advanced electronic. An electronic signature enables you to link an act of acceptance (signing) with a data message, which leaves it wide open to interpretation as to what constitutes acceptance, and what can be proven to have evidentiary weight or be considered binding in a court of law. 

social media landmineSocial media has fundamentally changed the way information is shared and accessed. As a result, these channels are playing an increasingly important role in cyber forensic investigations.

fitbitData from activity-tracking devices such as Fitbit are now being used in the courtroom, presenting another potential application for channel partners selling wearable technology. In an apparent first, a law firm in Calgary is using activity data from a Fitbit to help show the impact an accident had on their client, according to a Forbes article. Previously such cases had to rely on clinical interpretation.

litigatorThe management of documentation in the South African Courts has been problematic for some time, and, has been a source of frustration to lawyers and their clients. It is no doubt also a source of frustration for staff employed at the courts who have to deal with the day-to-day realities of a system that is outdated, under-resourced and under ever increasing pressure.

commoditization of law firmsThe legal profession is being commoditized by businesses and the internet. Companies are finding new and innovative ways to play both ends of the equation, that is, to make money from both attorneys and consumers of legal services, as well as ways to insert themselves further into the attorney-client relationship. Some of these companies have made brilliant business moves that I believe are responsible for some of the recent decline in lawyer happiness and quality of life. Legal marketing and business development is a slippery slope that we, as lawyers, need to understand before it’s too late.
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Philips Dictation ProductsJENSEN | NEUGEBAUER attorneys are highly specialized within the fields of insurance, tort, sea and transport law. Their client base consists of numerous professional organisations and private persons with various demands and expectations when it comes to working on a law case. This is why focus, flexibility, efficiency and secure and reliable communication to a large extent underpins their daily workflow.

phoenix softwareThe past few years have seen a tremendous rise in the use of email as an attack vector for enterprises and larger entities. These attacks have also evolved in sophistication, from the first examples of malicious links or attachments being included in emails, to the use of phishing, in which cyber criminals try to trick the recipient into clicking a link that leads to a Web site so similar in appearance to the genuine article, that it would defy all but the closest examination.

broadband comparisons around the worldThe latest Ookla Household Value Index statistics show that South Africa’s broadband prices are very high when compared to global standards. The Net Index Household Value Index uses recent surveys from to compare and rank consumer broadband value around the globe. According to the Net Index statistics, South Africa has the second highest tariff out of the 64 surveyed countries for the raw cost per Megabit per second (Mbps) — a measurement of how much you pay for broadband speed.
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Mobile-Lawyer-InfographicSmartphones and tablets and the legal and productivity apps they come with have become a competitive advantage for lawyers and law firms in an increasingly mobile society. Whether they’ve moved to an all-remote firm, need to access a document in court, or bill on the go, there’s a massive advantage to being a mobile lawyer.
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rental vs buying equipmentArranging finance for business equipment can seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t need to be. There is a range of flexible asset finance solutions to suit every organisation, and some, more than others, offer sound opportunities to put working capital to better use.

hosted pbxCompanies are increasingly turning towards the cloud – the umbrella term used to describe Internet-based computing where data, software, or applications are run and stored online instead of on the user's machine itself or housed elsewhere on site. It is therefore small wonder that an enterprise-grade phone system that also utilises cloud-based technology is being enthusiastically embraced as well.

tecnology change in law firmsDoes your law practice struggle with making change? Do you fear even broaching the topic with the firm’s management? There are easy ways to deal with making changes in your law practice. First you need to identify what it takes to manage the change process. There are numerous articles, postings and documents on the web that share information about managing change. The following are some of the top items that we recommend thinking about before your jump into changing things in your law firm.
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LAWtrust solutions director Maeson MaherryPOODLE (or Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) is a vulnerability that enables attackers to gain access to things like passwords, cookies and users private account data on a website. It exploits the outdated SSL 3.0 security protocol.

virtual attorneyOne way or another, all lawyers use technology. But some lawyers use it more than others. And for certain lawyers, like Lisa Epperly, their practices wouldn’t be feasible without technology. Lisa is a partner at Babb & Epperly, PLLC, a firm that handles transactional matters, including business and employment law cases, and also serves as outsourced in-house counsel for businesses. Lisa and her partner also appear in court for other lawyers. Her practice is a virtual one, meaning that she and her partner do not have a brick and mortar office and instead hold meetings elsewhere, often times traveling right to their clients’ doors and meeting with them in their offices.
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dictation on the moveUsing technology for litigators is something that can make litigation simpler, faster and easier. Take what you can do with mobile devices and dictation systems, for instance. The reality is that lawyers increasingly use all manner of technology from their iphones to ipads and laptops and they use them to generate a wide variety of service benefits to make their lives easier. And the increasing use of 'virtual law offices' overseas has seen some of these technologies come to the forefront.
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Outlook keyboard shortcutsAnyone who has a new tablet knows how hard it can be to only use touch in Outlook (especially on a high-res screen) – I’m always opening the on-screen keyboard, even though it takes up half the screen. What if you only had a keyboard? Could you get anything done?
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document automationA technology expert has urged lawyers to stop living in the dark ages and embrace document automation. Catherine Bamford, director of Bamford Legal Engineering says, “I am going to give you a serious and stark warning that if your … lawyers [are] not already using [document automation] as the business-as-usual way to draft all of their documents and reports then you are already behind the curve and you do need to catch up fast."
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