screen damaging your eyesIn today’s world many of us spend 10-12 hours of our day in front of glowing computer screens. Computers are used for doing almost everything, they improve productivity by making complex calculations simple, but have you ever wondered if staring at the screen for long periods of time can significantly damage your eyes?
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Connection telecom buttonThe major trends and events that shaped the communications landscape in 2013 are as follows:

philips dictation why customers use themThe all-new Philips Pocket Memo and SpeechMike Premium voice recorders are reshaping the world of professional dictation. The new dictation devices have already received excellent reviews from the media and have been awarded the maximum star rating by the speech recognition specialist Nuance. End-users from around the world are now mirroring this praise and voicing their opinions.

software development for law firmsToday, technology is at the heart of every law firm. It’s vital to improve service and optimise costs. And, as it becomes more and more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, expectations of what can be achieved are continually growing. So when you want to create a new, improved business application, it makes sense to ask the IT department to build all of it. Right? After all they’re the ones who know all about technology, they’re skilled in all the latest coding languages and they’re keen as mustard to do anything new. Plus, they can deliver the perfect fit for your business. -
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Google glassGoogle Glass is a key technology in the Internet services giant's plan to break data away from computers and portable devices and place information directly in front of users' eyes. Comprising a camera, microphone, display, touch-pad, and battery, all integrated into spectacle frames, Google Glass aims to help users view and share information, conduct searches, record video, and take pictures on the go. This article is about the technology's likely impact on lawyers.
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document burningMetrofile’s document storage warehouse in Westmead, Durban, caught on fire, on Friday night, resulting in thousands of documents been lost permanently. 

mimecastGovernment has accepted the Protection of Personal Information act. How can local businesses prepare? The Protection of Personal Information act has been waiting in the wings of South African legislature for some time now.

POPIThe Protection of Personal Information act is imminent. How can South African business prepare? The Protection of Personal Information act is, now more than ever, an immovable force that South African businesses will soon be expected to comprehensively address or risk facing harsh penalties for failure to act.

ms office 2013A while ago we looked at pricing options for Microsoft Office 2013 and the cloud solution of Office 365 – the prices we quoted were for stand-alone systems. We now look at the volume licensing pricing for MS Office 2013.

training on PCI have recently been doing a fair amount of upgrade/followup training, which raised a number of interesting issues. Readers may recall the interesting “test” KIA motors administered to firms wanting to represent it. Attorneys from the firms in question (selected by the firms, so presumably some of the most technology savvy) were given a series of basic tasks to do in Word, Excel, etc. Not surprisingly, they all flunked.
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mweb BusinessIn today’s extremely tough economic conditions, many businesses are effectively being excluded from the Cloud revolution because they cannot afford uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled business connectivity solutions.

VoIP phones soon 50 percentSoon half of all desk phones will be IP-based. It is generally agreed that all voice calls will in time be delivered over Internet Protocol-based (IP) networks. Just how far we’ve come on this journey may come as a surprise to some.

Buying Office for small law firmMicrosoft has changed their billing model from once off purchases to annual or monthly subscriptions. The plus for Microsoft is that they will make even more money, the plus side for the consumer is that it is easier to manage and stay up to date with the latest versions of their software and it should minimise the risk of viruses and malware.

symantec threat reportThreats to online security have grown considerably, increasing by 42% in 2012 according to Symantec. Reshana Pillay, Director at Routledge Modise, is of the view that with the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act on the horizon, liability will undoubtedly flow from the current cyber onslaught and companies and businesses best prepare for any attack against their databases to obtain customers personal information - one of the most valuable marketing assets of a business.

smoke signalsCommunications technology has made astounding advances over time, and yet has not been allowed to deliver on its promise of bringing information to areas where it has the most potential for change and progress.

1streamNigel Clarke, an IT manager from the UK, made a few headlines earlier this year when he drew up a comprehensive call center menu map – a project called “Please Press 1”.

law trustAs the name suggests, the value of a Wildcard SSL certificate varies and is determined by its audience. There are several risks associated with this certificate type.

KM dangerCan legal KM initiatives actually increase attorney carelessness and risk-taking? Risk compensation, an interesting behavioral phenomenon that has time and again been highlighted in our species, may lead to this odd result.  According to a study by Canadian psychologists, school-aged kids tackling an obstacle course engaged in far more reckless behavior once they donned safety gear.
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trade marks vs adwordsThe issue of Adwords has become increasingly important in trade mark law. When you buy a word from Google as an Adword, this has the effect that whenever anyone enters that word as a search term, your pop-up advert will appear on the screen together with the so-called ‘natural results’.

Speechworld appSpeech Processing Solutions has announced the release of a new free iPad app for users of their dictation solutions and customers-to-be. The app includes movies, 360 degree product views and technical details and information.

phishingOnline security has hit the headlines again recently thanks to a spate of Facebook account cloning. Another form of online identity theft, hackers create clone accounts, send friend requests to the user's friends and then message them asking for help or money.

Olympus ds7000You can use a smartphone to take a photograph, receive a telephone call, or dictate a letter. A smartphone is a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none...

Even though Google has become an essential tool for lawyers, many attorneys use only a small fraction of its features. They would readily admit that their search skills could be improved. If you’re looking for a small technology education investment that can pay big dividends, ramping up your Google search skills would be a great choice.
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transunionFrom reconnecting with an old friend from school, to hearing about a friend’s job promotion, to viewing photos of a colleague’s new baby – social media has made it easy for consumers to share exciting news or just let their social media circles of friends know where they are getting their morning coffee.

fax to emailFor many years the convenience for the man in the street to sign up for a “fax to email” solution has created an absolute groundswell of “fax to email” users in South Africa. Unfortunately the system is flawed and expensive in my opinion.

philips pocket memo 8000 smNo matter what the reason for the compensation is – injury, loss of earnings, reimbursement of treatment expenses, loss of the breadwinner or others – this can require countless legal formalities. In order to handle this enormous amount of paperwork efficiently, Grove & Partners are heavy users of digital dictation. 

J2Every profession has its own mandates, operating requirements, and best practices. While these assist companies within these professions to perform effectively within the criteria of their particular sector, they can often prove onerous for smaller businesses to maintain and manage.

fax receiveAs the business world becomes increasingly digitised and virtualised, it’s hard to imagine that corporates are still stamping fax numbers at the bottom of their business cards. But the truth is there are still over one-hundred million fax devices in use globally today – and the numbers are rising, not declining.

email policyEvery employee has a responsibility to maintain your company’s image and to use emails in a productive manner and to avoid placing your company at risk. 

rocket matterLegal technology consumers have a lot of choices these days. But that wasn’t always the case. Now, law firms can choose from an emerging group of online cloud providers for legal practice management (LPM) and time and billing applications.

ipad apps for lawyersHere it is– the latest, greatest list of iPad Apps recommended for lawyer use by the Hytech Lawyer. They are grouped by category.  These are my favorites,and I have left out some perfectly acceptable alternatives to keep the list manageable.
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law firm website analysisFindLaw’s Web audit is a free search engine optimization (SEO) analysis that assesses five basic elements required for a legal Web site to effectively serve as a client development tool for a solo or small law firm. It helps you determine how your firm’s Web site is competing in the legal marketplace, and identifies areas that need improvement.
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social media metricsEven the most social-savvy business owners can get caught up in the numbers game: counting and recounting likes, followers, fans, retweets, shares. Not to say those numbers don't correlate to how well your business connects with customers online, but 100 shares doesn't necessarily mean 100 sales — and it certainly doesn't measure the potential value of those 100 shares. For example, were any of the 100 fans sharing that post actually influencers? Did the fans in question sign up for your list, or share and forget? Are your likes and follows actually impacting your sales? Many business owners wouldn't know how to start answering those questions.
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spam emailWe first wrote about email marketing, spam email and the law  in August 2003 in an article titled The Law vs the Scourge of Spam. The law relating to spam has changed a lot over the last 10 years. So has people’s concept of what spam is.
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davide hananDavide Hanan, MD at QlikView SA, outlines how different vertical sectors embrace the big data opportunity in different ways – and how more potential can still be harnessed across all of them

moiWhat are the new CIPC lodgement fees for Memorandums of Incorporation now that the transitional period for companies is over?

1streamFrost & Sullivan’s most recent end-user research detailing the factors that motivate the adoption of a hosted solution has shown that 61% of companies have moved to the model because of the ease of provisioning and the ability to manage multi-site and remote agents.

VoIP securityAmong the last remaining arguments against the tidal wave of voice-over-IP is the claim that IP systems are susceptible to fraud. In reality, breaching VoIP security is a far more complex proposal than hacking a traditional analogue telephone system, and the South African VoIP industry has taken a highly proactive stance with safeguarding it further.

Uriel-RootshtainAt the recent TechEd Africa 2013, we caught up with Uriel Rootshtain, Business Lead of the Office Division at Microsoft South Africa about Office 2013 and Office 365 and the role it will play in the local law office.

social media for small businessEarlier this month, Telstra released the results from a survey which found the majority of small businesses aren’t using social media. The story hit the media and several great articles were written detailing the stats, including Gina Baldassarre’s article for Dynamic Business. Interesting. But, so what?
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