Cloud ComputingWhile Cloud computing remains a rather fluffy concept for many South African business people, local businesses are increasingly using Cloud-based applications – many without realising that they are “in the Cloud” at all.

iPad on the beachBack in December of last year, I reported on one of the most unexpected things that had ever happened to me as a user of gadgets. I’d begun using an iPad 2 with a ZaggFolio keyboard case as my primary computer. I found that I really liked it — and that for me, at least, the conventional wisdom that iPads were only truly useful for consumption, not creation, was seriously out of whack with reality.

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google searchYou can use Google search facility inside of Safari on the iPad, by going to the web page – but the iPad application “Google Search” just works sooo much better…

add phone cloud“Cloud-based communications has clear benefits, but whether those benefits will accrue to your organisation depends on a number of factors,” says Rob Lith, Director of Connection Telecom.

flipboard iconFlipboard is an application that becomes your very own customised newspaper, which delivers news, information and your personal social media to your iPad instantly.

dropboxIf you own an iPad, you should have Dropbox for iPad to share files with business people, friends or even from your office PC to your iPad.

notabilityTake notes while you record, change to text, insert pictures, take pictures and play back the recording from a certain area in your notes.

skypeWe all know how useful Skype is on your PC and some of us have also tried it on your cell phones, but how many of you use Skype on your iPad?

surface msSurface will change your expectations of what you can do with your tablet. First and foremost, you are no longer buying into a dedicated mobile OS and its corresponding app ecosystem. Instead, you’ll be able to buy one app and use it on both a tablet and a Windows 8 laptop or desktop PC.
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vox telecomThe decline of RIM and increasing diversity in the smartphone market are driving more South African CEOs to take a hard look at their mobile device management (MDM) strategies,

search magnifyThe iPad tip this week is not very complicated and is an embedded application or feature that just about everybody overlooks!

lumia 900After using the Lumia 800, I was looking forward to the review of the Lumia 900. The Lumia 900 is the latest phone from Nokia running on the Windows Phone platform. I used the phone for a week and this is what I found….

mobile recorder hdThis high fidelity recording device is an application by Sonzea which is a fantastic audio recording application for the iPad or iPhone.

Connection Tel button“There can be no doubt that businesses have to employ technology if they hope to compete,” says Rob Lith, Director of Connection Telecom. “When it comes to investing in cloud computing and virtualization, the return on investment may very well be the ability to remain in business.”

notebook-plus-iconNow that the shortcut series for Microsoft Word has come to an end, I decided that it would be a good idea to start a series of tips for the Apple iPad.

green PCMore often than not, when companies are asked how they are reducing their electricity bills or even carbon emissions, they’ll mention their lighting retrofits, their recycling initiatives, their partnerships with other organisations or their logistics’ department. The IT department rarely, if ever, features - despite being a significant contributor to energy costs.

Tayyibah Suliman and Mukelo NgobeseThe evolution of cloud computing introduces a number of complexities for the application of contemporary data privacy and protection laws in the cloud-based environment. The flexibility of cloud-based services allows for these services to be provided to numerous data subjects across various jurisdictions by any number of service providers located across the world.

mdm shockThe number of smartphones, tablets and Android devices in South Africa is believed to have more than doubled between September 2010 and 2011, and it continues to grow. “Owners of these devices are already using them at work, with or without corporate support, to make work-related phone calls, to check e-mails and to browse the intranet or internet for research,” says William Hardie, Executive Head of Vox Telecom’s Enterprise Mobility Division.

cloud based PBXAs cloud-based PBX deployments show accelerating growth, a fascinating sub-plot is unfolding, with public, private and hybrid installations all finding favour*. The question is – which configuration will gain preference as the market matures, and in what circumstances?

survey questionsThis article that we found speaks to both people who use iPads and also those who are considering buying the tablet device. As an iPad user I cannot tell you how many times people ask the question, “What do you use the iPad for?” or “When do you use your iPad?”. At last we have something to show them!

revolving door

In-house counsel must be involved in shaping procedures that help the human resources department and departmental supervisors avoid mobility suits from former employees and prevent misconduct that requires litigation by the company to protect its own information. Here are six ways the legal department can accomplish these goals.

word gabUsing a shortcut key to align the text to the right of the document.

word gabLast week we looked at left aligning text, this week we look at centering the text.

fix-it-guyHaving a computer does not automatically make you more productive, nor does a server necessarily make your data more secure. I wish I could count the number of sites I have visited where their “file server” was just that – a file server. Their “computer guy” just sold computers. He did not sell solutions that made his customer’s business more productive, cut costs or made their information more accessible and even more importantly – safer.
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digital certificateJust about all law firms use digital certificates, mostly to ensure secure instructions from certain banks. Even though they are used on a daily basis, not many people understand how these certificates work. A friend pointed me to this site for a layman’s idea on the digital certificate, I think this should help explain things for us.
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word gabVery similar to the shortcut key of last week, but now it allows you to align the active paragraph to the left, not just the selected text like Ctrl L.

digital-analoque dictationConverting your dictations into finished documents has never been faster. Digital dictation solutions from Philips offer a host of advantages over analogue cassette-based devices and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing company workflows.

word gabJustifying text in a paragraph is normally a quick click of a button, but if you know the quick key, it makes it easier to see how the text would look on the right, left or centre just by holding down the Control key and typing keys to see the different layout.

word gabThere are times when we act a little too impulsively and "Undo" a little too much when using Ctrl Z, but there is a shortcut to reverse this situation.

word gabLast week we looked at jumping to the beginning of the document, today we look at the opposite and find the quick key to get to the end of the document.

word gabPeople wear out their arrow keys on the keyboard. Instead of jumping to the beginning of a document they use the arrow keys to scroll to the top of the document - if being paid by the hour I suppose it is one way to pass the time. Let's educate everyone about a simple quick key that is often over looked.

word gabA simple but often forgotten command, is using the quick key to jump left or right one word at a time.

wordtipsWe have missed our shortcut series for a week, my bad. This week we look at moving to the beginning or end of a line in MS Word.

 date timeLast week we looked at inserting the date into your documents, this week let's look at inserting the time into the document.

otta boxWhile water is undoubtedly a major hazard for our gadgets, especially mobile phone, as many if not more phones are damaged by dropping them. Slipping our phone into a cover or case helps, but most are designed to only protect against scratches, scuffs and minor bumps. The next time your phone takes a tumble down a long, hard flight of stairs, you'll want it to be sheathed in something that's made of sterner stuff...
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 date timeWhen I type the date, 9 times out of 10 I mix up two characters, or get the spacing wrong. Here is a shortcut key to get you today's date with a single key sequence.

 save-asSaving documents is something we touched on last week, this week we look at using the "Save As" function allowing you to save the file as a new file.

Not Saving documents

Saving documents on the fly as you type - something you really wonder why you don't do it more often....when you have typed ten pages and Eskom does their unexpected load shedding..

NokiaLumia800Nokia have been very kind and allowed me to use the Nokia Lumia 800 for the last couple of weeks. I don’t control server farms using my phone, but I do use the phone more than most people. Here are my findings….

designing websitesIn an information session at the Cape Law Society annual general meeting at the end of last year, Malcolm Pearson, owner and publisher of online legal technology journal Tech4Law (, gave attorneys some guidelines for developing or improving their law firms’ websites.

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