Speling erors alwais creap in when you leest eggspect them, from finger trouble or more often than not…bad spelling - I should know. Let's look at a quick key to spell check selected text or the entire document.

blackberry in riceWater. We can't survive without it for more than a few days. But if water is life to us, it's death to our precious electronic gadgets, especially cellphones. Drop your phone in the loo or even keep it too close to your body on a muggy summer's day and you can find yourself with an expensive paperweight. The manufacturers call this “liquid” or “water” damage” and specifically exclude it from their warranties. Many insurers won't pay out for it either.
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email archivingThe use of email for business purposes has already, to a large degree, replaced many of the more conventional methods of communication, resulting in organisations being faced with the sometimes onerous task of implementing and maintaining effective systems and processes to maintain control over essential business communications.

change caseChange the case of the selected text by using the shortcut key...

 Line spacingLine spacing is important in legal documents, so to make it easier - here are a few quick keys to change the line spacing.

 ctrl bkspaceA quick key sequence to delete previous words at a press of a button - makes document editing a lot easier.

ipad securityThe very attributes that make the iPad such a powerful tool for lawyers — easy portability, fast access to information, ubiquitous connectivity and a simple user interface — also help make it a security risk. Like it or not, the iPad is the best thing to happen to data snoops and thieves since the arrival of Wi-Fi.
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non-printableThis is very useful to sort out the layout issues in a Word document, by turning on the non-printed characters you get to see the tabs, spaces and carriage returns in the document that may be causing the trouble. Very, very useful if you are working on somebody else’s document.

twitterTwitter is not all about broadcasting your messages and distribution of your content, it's about relationships. Sure, you need to share content on Twitter to get the opportunity to build relationships with your Twitter followers, but the end goal ought be engagement with real people, not a lot of followers.

 increase font sizeOften we want to make the text in our documents slightly bigger or smaller, instead of using the font drop down menu, you can use this quick key to increase or decrease the font by one size with each key sequence.

cell-eiffelYesterday I returned from a trip to Europe where I was in telephone contact via Skype and obviously stayed connected with Internet access throughout the trip – all done rather economically.

shortcutsThis quick key sequence will open the font menu so that you can change the appearance of the selected area.

 shortcut2Use this quick key to indent the current text.

 shortcut3Apply a hanging indent to the current text, or the selected area.

  word gabJustify the text so that the text is aligned with the left and right margins.

 Word farA quick way to open the “Find and replace” option….

 best ipad appsIt’s been another great year for the iPad, and for iPad apps. There are now over 170,000 iPad apps available in the App Store (as at 12/21/11). And as Apple’s TV ads for the iPad so nicely illustrate, there are now iPad apps for just about anything you care to do with your favorite tablet device.

 ctrl nWhen you are typing correspondence on a regular basis (all day type of thing), it makies sense to use the shortcut key to open a new blank document....

papercut smA quick and easy way to get to your printing window without the mouse.

price-cutThe telecoms industry is arguably driven by consumer demand. In South Africa particularly, there has been much pressure from the public for lower costs in communications. This constant pressure has definitely had a positive effect. Inter-connect rates are dropping, broadband costs are lower, bandwidth packages are larger in size at lower prices, and call rates are much more attractive. Prices are expected to drop further.

 ipad-officeNo doubt you've read in BigLaw about all the midsize and large firms equipping their lawyers with iPads — or at least supporting iPads purchased by their lawyers. Many methods exist for integrating iPads and other mobile devices into your legal environment.
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formatingWhen typing at the speed of light, like most paralegals I have met - it is a crime to have to stop to use the mouse to click the text formating tools on the menu bar, rather use the quick keys. I know this is a really simple shortcut, but I have seen a number of people using the mouse instead of these simple keys.

 websiteIf your law firm is not on the web, then it is probably not visible to the 7 million or so affluent South Africans who are connected and who use the internet to find information, get advice and purchase services and goods. Putting your law firm online is easy and affordable. Here are some pointers on what you need to consider.

ISS buttonBy the end of 2010, an estimated 1,97 billion people around the world were using the Internet. Of these, about 111 million were in Africa. With the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, this number is likely to have grown substantially in the past few months. Close to 18 million Africans were using Facebook by August 2010 – this constitutes 16% of the total number of Facebook users worldwide, according to

 minimiseSometimes we need to minimise all of our applications in a split second, not because it makes us work faster, but helps hide Facebook when the boss walks past...;-)

winkeyI know what legal secretaries’ computer screens look like on an average day, about 30 windows of Word in various states. When trying to find your Desktop to click on a shortcut takes a loooong time. This will get you there in an instant!

microsystems logoWord's AutoText feature (found under the Insert tab | Quick Parts) is an easy way to store and use common words or information for future use within a document. With AutoText, users can quickly insert lengthy and frequently used words or phrases into a document. AutoText, which has long been a feature of Word, and Quick Parts, introduced in Office 2007, are each subsections or "galleries" of Building Blocks. They both serve the same purpose: To deliver pre-established content into your document quickly and easily.
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Cadastral-smAs a conveyancer, how sure are you of the exact spatial extent and boundaries of the land you are in the process of registering and how well can you prove this?

alt f4


Wanting to close applications or active windows very quickly? These shortcuts will help in speeding up your closing of applications.

daily diarySteven Hardy answers a question about using Outlook as a legal customer contact diary, where one can easily see all approaching appoints related to a client.


A quick and easy way to get to find anything that is stored on your computer...


mweb_businessTo cap or not to cap? That is a question many businesses ponder as they consider their ADSL options. Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business says the answer to that question will depend on each business's individual situation and requirements.


Sometimes we need to prove the error we are getting in software programs, or we need to take a screen shot of the computer screen for training purposes. This shortcut will do that do you without taking a picture of everything.


ctrl_alt_del_tshirtThings do go wrong....You can be happily working in an application in Windows and the next thing, no matter how hard you hit that keyboard, the system will not respond - time to accept the reality and close the application, instead of just hitting the power button.

word_gabAn easy and effective way to flip between open applications without having to go into each one to see if it is the application you need.

word_gabJumping across the page one word at a time..

bamboo_paperUsing your finger or a stylus to hand write your notes. This free app is a real meeting discussion point - everybody wants the app, in fact most download it during the meeting!

word_gabAnd now, how to highlight text in MS Word at supersonic speed...

the_endWell we have covered the "Home" key, now let's look at the other side of the coin - The End...


No place like "Home". A very simple keyboard shortcut, in fact a single key that is extremely useful.

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