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Wanting to close applications or active windows very quickly? These shortcuts will help in speeding up your closing of applications.

daily diarySteven Hardy answers a question about using Outlook as a legal customer contact diary, where one can easily see all approaching appoints related to a client.


A quick and easy way to get to find anything that is stored on your computer...


mweb_businessTo cap or not to cap? That is a question many businesses ponder as they consider their ADSL options. Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business says the answer to that question will depend on each business's individual situation and requirements.


Sometimes we need to prove the error we are getting in software programs, or we need to take a screen shot of the computer screen for training purposes. This shortcut will do that do you without taking a picture of everything.


ctrl_alt_del_tshirtThings do go wrong....You can be happily working in an application in Windows and the next thing, no matter how hard you hit that keyboard, the system will not respond - time to accept the reality and close the application, instead of just hitting the power button.

word_gabAn easy and effective way to flip between open applications without having to go into each one to see if it is the application you need.

word_gabJumping across the page one word at a time..

bamboo_paperUsing your finger or a stylus to hand write your notes. This free app is a real meeting discussion point - everybody wants the app, in fact most download it during the meeting!

word_gabAnd now, how to highlight text in MS Word at supersonic speed...

the_endWell we have covered the "Home" key, now let's look at the other side of the coin - The End...


No place like "Home". A very simple keyboard shortcut, in fact a single key that is extremely useful.

google_plusLaw firm social media consultant, Adrian Dayton, penned an interesting piece at the National Law Journal last week advising lawyers to ignore Google+ for now. Dayton's position, also drawing the support of others in the field, is that it's too early for the vast majority of lawyers.
Read more at the LexBlog site...

afrikaans-computer_key-smallNow taking a break from the conventional shortcut keys, let's look at the very often used Afrikaans characters, so that on the fly we can use a key sequence and keep typing at lightening speed - or at least I should _you_ should be able to continue typing at lightening speed, my two fingers don't move that fast. We use the "Ctrl" key plus another to get these characters.

battery_lifeHere are a few tips on saving your cell phone's battery taken from the Cell C Magazine. These should work on all smartphones.

computer_key-smallNow that we have done all of the copying, and cutting and worked out how to undo "not so good" decisions, now is the time to be able to paste the information we have in the clipboard...

gomobi-logoThe use of mobile phones for Internet searching is a fast growing trend in South Africa, which offers a major opportunity for companies to tailor their marketing efforts to reach a mobile audience.

computer_key-smallOften we cut or delete text, or realise that what we did was not clever and want to go back one step - well there is a key for that...

computer_key-smallStill on the subject of "copy and paste junkies", this time allowing you to copy the text into the clipboard.

computer_key-smallStill on the subject of "copy and paste junkies", the other copy and paste shortcut key is the following used for cutting information.

androidWhile the iPad was able to jump on the tablet market before anyone else, Android tablets from competitors are starting to flow like water. There's now a wide variety of options available and many of them are quite mature. There are some Android tablets that stand out from the crowd. Let's have a look at three of them that any potential buyer should be sure to check out.
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computer_key-smallIf you are a copy and paste junky like I am, then this shortcut to select everything will save you plenty of time.

computer_key-smallThis week we are going to continue the obvious general windows shortcut keys and look at the Edit shortcut.

appstorenonsaTwo weeks ago I tried to download the most talked about application for dictation, by the industry leaders Nuance Communications. Only to find that the application is not available to the South African apps store - rather ridiculous as this is available for free and there should be no reason why it should not be available locally - so here is the way to get such "non-South African" apps.

computer_key-smallWe start off with the basic quick keys, which control most of the Windows functions.

afrikaansTyping out an Afrikaans document in MS Word with your language and country settings set on English doesn't do much to improve your love for MS Word. The answer is to load the Afrikaans language pack and setup MS Word to be able to assist you in creating an "ordentlike dokument".

ipad-appsAbout 6 weeks ago, I bought myself an Apple iPad 2 and to be very honest I love the device. What I find extremely interesting - and this I'm sure goes for everyone who has the iPad - is every time you see another iPad enabled person, the first thing you ask is, "What applications do you use?". Let's start looking at why and what makes the iPad a clever and useful tool for day to day business.

word_gabWhat's a style and why would I want one? Few of us would create a document in which every paragraph looked the same. We use structural elements (such as a title, headings, sub-headings, or captions to pictures) to help our readers make sense of our documents.
Read more at Shauna Kelly's MS Word site...

how_fast_is_internetOokla's Net Index sheds light on how South African broadband providers compare on download and upload speed. is the de-facto standard for testing broadband speeds, and the company's Net Index is using these statistics to compare countries and service providers based on download speed, upload speed, latency and connection quality.
Read more at the My Broadband web site...

ipad2The iPad is a pretty nifty thing. If you believe the true enthusiasts, there's nothing you really can't do with an iPad. We all know that if iOS apps were an ocean, we would all be long drowned. This is not even considering the fact that some iOS devices are jailbroken. So we all know there are lots of very cool apps out there, and if you're willing to pay a few dollars for some once in a while, you and your iPad can have the world at your fingertips! (well, almost). But even without downloading anything at all, there are some pretty handy things hidden in the iPad.
Read more at Make Use Of....

formatingHave you ever had a joint submission due in court (or some other document you were collaborating with another attorney on) and gotten a draft Microsoft Word document from your co-counsel that was an absolute train wreck? I'm not talking about legal arguments, but formatting that looks like someone's two-year-old typed it.
Read more at The Lawyerist

dupontMany businesses that have opted for hosted PBX solutions in an effort to reduce their telecommunications costs are experiencing some unexpected benefits which have little to do with reductions in capital and operational expenditure.

microsystems_logoIn the United States alone, over 60 million information workers employ the Internet and e‐mail in their daily duties. Most now view e‐mail as more important than the phone as a business tool. Yet, as indispensable as these tools have become, they expose most organizations to increasing risks, especially as it relates to the transmission or posting of documents. These documents are often published with hidden business data or confidential text not intended for the recipient or outside world to review.

off-tipsThere are two very useful features in the ribbon versions of Word, which can make the Office user's life a lot easier. These are the Access Key feature and the Quick Access Toolbar.

cloud_computingThe cloud. It seems like everyone is talking about how computing is moving to the cloud. And there is certainly an element of truth to that. Gartner estimates that the cloud market will reach $150-billion by 2013. Among the reasons for this sudden interest are the need for collaboration among the increasing number of remote and mobile attorneys, a desire to improve client service, and the goal of cost-efficiently improving operations.

blackberry_protectEmails, contacts, appointments, tunes, photos - if you are like most BlackBerry® smartphone owners you keep your life on your smartphone. And that information is vulnerable if you do not lock it up safe.

word_gabWhen working on a document and you save your work before closing, the next time you open that document, you need to scroll through to search for the last place in the document you were working on? Well no more....

blackberry-torch9800The delivery from RIM South Africa took all of two days to organise and for them to ship the demonstration unit to my door, so good to have something done earlier or quicker than promised.

word_gabI bet that if we did a survey to ask paralegals how they create new contracts for clients, 80% or more would reply that they open a previously saved client agreement and edit it with the new details before saving it under a new name - Eish!

word_gabOften when you are designing forms, styles or paragraphs you want to be able to have an idea what your document is going to look like with your content. Here is a quick way....

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