microsystemsA year ago, the question everybody was asking was -When are you migrating to Office 2010 or 2007? The emerging questions are, "How much of Office 2010 or 2007 will you take advantage of?" and "How will you arm your users to cope with a dual-format environment?"

onenoteThere are tons of great blog posts about how the iPad is rapidly becoming a valuable tool for lawyers. See this, for example. Let me join the cacophony by touching on a great app that has not gotten much play: Microsoft'sOneNote app.
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msword_logoIn previous versions of Word we used "Shift" "File" and "Close all" to close multiple open files in Word or other Office applications, but in Windows 7 it is a little different.

networking_measureOn the legal marketing and public relations side of social media, the industry is abuzz with trying to determine how to measure the value of engagement. There are a ridiculous number of articles, blogs, conversations, and metrics surfacing -- all trying to tell us how to measure the return on investment as it relates to an attorney's time spent online networking.
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compresspdfLately, I've been trying to scan my class notes and handouts, and transfer some e-textbooks so I can view them on my Kindle to save myself carrying too much in my backpack. This is something that Calibre could help convert easily to ebook reader-friendly formats, but the resulting PDF files are often huge, have several pages and thus, take sometime to load and smoothly display things.
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doc2pdfIt makes sense to save Word documents as PDF (Portable Document Format), as MS Word in its native format keeps a lot of information embedded in the document, which means that the person reading the document can also see this "extra" information that you did not want to leave the office. More on the exposure in Word documents in a future article, but for now let us see how to convert or save the document as a PDF file which does not contain all this "extra" information.

ipadsIf you missed yesterday's "iPad for Lawyers: There's An App for That!" webinar by my good friend, Finis Price, shame on you. Fortunately, you can view a list of many of the referenced apps here, and his webinar should be rebroadcast in the not too distant future. As expected, Finis did an outstanding job, discussing many of the very best iPad apps for attorneys in about an hour.
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email-overloadInformation overload is the bane of the web worker, and a primary source of that overload is our email inboxes. While I've previously mentioned a few strategies for dealing with email overload, I think it's a good time for a post with comprehensive rundown of my tips for managing email.
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opalitySome time ago the guys at Opality offered me a trial on the Hosted Exchange servers. This service really makes working from your mobile extremely easy and fully functional.

symantecTargeted attacks, social networking threats, mobile device security and the proliferation of attack toolkits are top growing trends to watch in today's threat landscape.

lcd-palmMinister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan during his budget speech earlier this year, announced several taxation amendments one of which affects the importation of monitors.

piracyPiracy hinders prosperity. This is the united/resounding message coming from speakers at the Convention on Reducing Software Piracy organised by the Free Market Foundation (FMF) and the Information Technology Association (ITA), and hosted by Microsoft South Africa on Thursday.

now_openLaw firm owners and administrators -- especially ones who have been part of law firms in the past -- often think that because they have operated in a legal environment before, they can easily select systems, have them installed, and be up and running. Wrong!
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phoenix_business_solutions_smallIn 2009, Adams & Adams successfully introduced Autonomy WorkSite in to three key practice areas. In April 2010, part way through rolling out WorkSite across the rest of the firm, Senior IT Manager Colin Short and Solutions Architect Pierre Colyn decided to upgrade to the latest version -WorkSite 8.5.

christelle_hicklinSouth Africans love email so much they will work around any and all corporate policies to get to it. Mimecast's Generation Gmail Report has revealed that rogue emailing - using personal email accounts to send and receive work documents - and the associated information security risk is exacerbated by the laissez-faire attitude of most South African employers.

ocrThere are a number of OCR packages available that you can download, or get with the purchase of your scanner, but just about all of those seem to be dated the day you get them.

kindleupLike a growing number of attorneys looking for a way to conveniently access books and documents anytime, anywhere, Charles Naylor faced a choice: buying a tablet computer or an e-book reader.
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warning-signIt's every lawyer's nightmare; you compose an e-mail laying out the strengths and weaknesses of your client's position and shoot it off to other members of the team. Ten minutes later you get a reply from your client asking why a strange name appears on the cc list. Yikes, time for damage control.
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hddApart from being one of the most essential parts of your computer, hard drive storage is constantly updating, in terms of both capacity of disk space and in physical size. When it comes time to upgrade your disk storage, there are a number of factors for you to take into account.

piracySoftware companies around the globe are losing billions in lost revenue due to piracy and counterfeit copies. But the lost buck does not stop at the software companies....

info-securityInformation security very often does not receive the attention it deserves. However, that is changing as pending legislation in the form of the Protection of Personal Information Act forces organizations to review and implement robust practices for keeping information secure. Law firms in particular are exposed in that their core business revolves around the creation and selling of sensitive information which should be, yet often is not, kept secure.

google_logoThe lead story in the Business Section of Sunday's New York Times, 'The Dirty Little Secrets of Search,' ought to be a wake up call for law firms paying companies for search engine optimization - SEO.
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altkeyIn a recent article I mentioned how you could get alternative characters by using the "Alt" key and then typing the numbers on the Numeric Keypad. Adriaan asked in the comments section, how he could use the "Quick Key" he used previously, for example "Alt" + "R" for the "ë" character or the "deelteken" as referred to in Afrikaans.

special_charsOften when using Microsoft Word or email, one wants to insert a "Special Character" or "Alt" character as they are sometimes called - these codes insert the special character into the document - for example "ê" or "♥". In this article we will give you the table of the special character codes.

bb_desktopIt is an unfortunate fact of mobile living that you may misplace your BlackBerry® smartphone. While the smartphone itself is easily replaced, your contacts, appointments, messages, and the like are not - unless you back them up to your computer. And with the new BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6 for PC backing up and restoring the data on your BlackBerry smartphone is easier than ever.?

bloggingImagine you're an estate planning lawyer in Des Moines looking to grow your practice. The marketing folks at Principal Park, home of the Triple A Des Moines Cubs, call to tell you that you'll have free use of a luxury box for five of next year's ball games. Better yet, they tell you they'll arrange for the food and drink and invite a who's who in networking for a Des Moines estate lawyer.
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smsingIn the past, when I gave a presentation to groups of attorneys about ways to reduce costs and increase productivity, I always mentioned email as the number one tool for law firms. That was ten years ago.

bbbatteryBlackBerry® smartphones are renowned for their long-lasting battery life, but even so you can take several concrete and easy steps to noticeably squeeze more time from your battery. Follow these tips-especially when travelling this festive season.

evidenceSymantec released the findings on their recent Electronically Stored Information (ESI) survey in EMEA countries covering 500 legal respondents from each country. We spoke to Tyrone Theodorides from Symantec and Paul Jacobson from Jacobson's Attorneys on the outcome of the survey.


A recent survey focusing on the important role of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in the legal process highlighted that while ESI has become a crucial part of the legal process, it has caused lawyers numerous problems over the past two years.

shadowmatchAs a fairly young organisation (14 years old), operating in the medical imports industry, turning over just short of R50 million, employing 38 people (16 sales, 12 operational and 10 technical) and with a salary bill of over R400,000 per month before performance bonuses, we have had some employment successes and more than our fair share of employment mistakes.

50offNew Open Value Subscription customers have the opportunity for greater savings through the Up to Date (UTD) promotional offer due to the expansion of qualifying Microsoft products.

needle-haystackPaul Mullon, a SA consultant in records management, looks at what it is that makes business records important, and how to think about them to handle them better. How long must you keep a record if you're a business? Give me a number. Three years? Five years? Seven years? Ten years? How about forever and ever?

bradhamThe aim of this white paper is to highlight the inefficient printing habits that are prevalent in various organisations worldwide and the cost savings and environmental benefits that can be harnessed through a proper print management system like PretonSaverTM.

privacyRecent events have seen a very unfortunate confusion arising between the Protection of Information Bill and the Protection of Personal Information Bill. Due to the similarity of the names, for the purposes of this article, it will be easier if the former is referred to as the "State Information Bill" (which, it is submitted, is a more accurate description in any event). Hopefully, this short article will assist readers in clarifying the distinction between these two instruments of proposed legislation.

word2010Microsoft Office is essential for many law firms. But is the latest version - Microsoft Office 2010 - an essential upgrade? According to legal technology consultant and Microsoft Office trainer Christel Burris, it depends. In this TechnoFeature article, Christel discusses the top five improvements to Microsoft Office 2010 as well as the top three disappointments. If your law firm is considering an upgrade, Christel's analysis may help tip the balance one way or the other.
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brightideaOften when receiving text from others, THEY SEND EVERYTHING IN UPPERCASE OR WITH NO CASE FORMATING AT ALL. Now for those who don't have fancy Document Assembly tools like XpressDox, GhostFill or HotDocs to mention a few, you can use the following Word button..

smediaCompanies are having trouble measuring the ROI of social media. As a result, they're holding back from investing further in social media. This per eMarketer citing a recent Econsultancy survey.
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broadrouterMost South African Internet users are making far more modest use of the Internet than they think and many are buying packages that are an overkill for their needs. That's the word from Tim Walter, general manager for product and marketing at Nashua Mobile. He says that when you are choosing a broadband solution, you should opt for one that matches your lifestyle and that can be scaled up as you make use of more online services.

pbdlogoFor attorneys and law firms looking at creating or redesigning their website, the decision of choosing a specialised web design company is an important one. With the steady decline in success of print marketing, law firms are becoming more aware of the role their website will play in the future of their business.

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