online_backupOnline backup enables business to backup their data automatically using the internet to pass the information securely to off-site data centres, managed by data specialists. Let's take a look at how this works, how secure and what is on offer.

LegalSuiteLast year, Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes (STBB), one of the leading conveyancing firms in South Africa, began investigating the possibility of upgrading their conveyancing software. They felt they needed a system that not only offered the flexibility to satisfy their unique demands, but could also cater for their multi-branch environment running over a Wide Area Network.

big_firm_to_soloLawyers in larger practices may feel they've fallen victim to the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Thousands of lawyers have been adversely affected by the economic crisis. For lawyers who have lost jobs or whose firms have dissolved, re-employment options include landing at other large firms, taking in-house jobs or pro bono positions, or hanging up their own shingle, as solo or small firm practitioners.

web_benefitWe see quite a vast array of quality and purpose with legal web sites in South Africa. What should you expect from your firm's site? Does this medium bring in business, or is the upkeep of the site more hassle than it's worth?

email_enhanceThere is a common misconception that email marketing is part of a dying breed. The advent of spam mail has further entrenched mistrust in the general emailing population.

cloud_computingCloud computing is maturing into a plausible alternative for online data storage, according to consultant Brett Burney. When your data is "in the cloud," you are not tied down to a solitary computer -- you can access your files from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

cloud_silver_liningIf you're ready to punch the next person who tells you there's got to be a silver lining to the clouds of the current economy, we hope you'll hold your fire, at least until you've read what we have to offer here. While the recession is painful, it truly offers opportunities to revamp your practice, including in the technology area.

ecopyStreamline workflows and increase productivity by performing document imaging at the front-end of business processes. In today's challenging economic climate, the ability to automate business processes becomes essential for improving productivity and managing costs. To achieve process automation, organizations are turning to Business Process Management (BPM) - the practice of designing, implementing,  executing, monitoring, and administering business processes that incorporate human and system interactions.

e-marketingQuestion: How Many Emails Are Sent Every Day?
Answer: Statistics, extrapolations and counting by Radicati Group from August 2008 estimate the number of emails sent per day (in 2008) to be around 210 billion.

tux-iconWhat is Linux?
Linux has been around for a number of years, and, for those who don't know, it is a free operating system originally coded by Linus Torvalds in 1991.

bgWhilst the instances of software piracy have been steadily decreasing in South Africa over the years, the value of the software that is being pirated is on the increase. So whilst South Africa's current software piracy rate is 34% (down from its peak of 37% in 2007), the value of the software that is being pirated in the South African market has increased to ZAR1.9 billion.

paralegals_and_social_networks_graphicAs technology continues to impact the legal profession, paralegals are turning to social and professional networking sites to investigate claims. These sites can provide a deluge of data, including specific communications and entries concerning parties to the action.


brwarsEver wondered which browser is most popular among law firms in South Africa? Or wondered if you should change to a different browser? Here is a graph which shows which browsers are currently being used by law firms in South Africa. We also looked at what screen resolution they were using.

tools_for_lawyersThe largest expense of a high quality law firm web site is not having a firm do the HTML coding or renting space on a web server, but indirect costs: the time spent planning what to say substantively and keeping the site updated. Before you can begin the design process you need to think carefully about how you expect the web site will benefit your firm.

bbb_e71I have recently acquired the Nokia e71 after owning its predecessor, the e61 for over 2 years. The e71 has everything the e61 had and more, and it is lighter and smaller than its ancestor!


competitionA couple of years ago Apple announced the revolutionary iPhone. Beautiful. More advanced than anything else on the market. And so easy to use.

voipThere are two sides to every story, so amidst speculation in November's Insider that IP telephony is a time bomb waiting to go off, Total looks at the positive impact its emergence will have.

cellbaBritish Airways plans to launch text and mobile services for customers on its new all business class route from London City Airport to New York's JFK airport later this year.

youtube on technology for lawyersNumerous people in graphic arts have contacted me in connection with the Orphans Bill in the USA and are concerned about putting their artwork on the net due to this posting on youtube.

llrxJim Calloway explains why every lawyer needs to understand a few basic things about metadata. He contends that the legal ethics implications of metadata "mining" are no longer just of interest to the lawyers processing electronic discovery, or the ethics mavens.


stress_iconAn identifiable Internet speaker who sends an unlawful e-mail or posts an unlawful Internet message is subject to traditional litigation tactics. However, countless Internet speakers are not effortlessly identifiable. Hence, novel litigation, technical and administrative law tactics are advantageous for successfully curbing Internet defamation.


ltn on technology for lawyersWho would have expected the world economy to take such a precipitous plunge? Attorney Ross Kodner issues tips for law practices to batten down the hatches, tighten belts and learn to better exploit their existing infrastructure before rushing to upgrade and buy new technology.


chairdeskSitting at a computer for long periods of time, can take a toll on your body. By not sitting in the correct positions, it is easy to end up with back pain, neck pain, knee pains, and a tingling of the hands and fingers.

fingerprint on technology for lawyersIt is estimated that in excess of 90% of all new documents are created, communicated and stored electronically, however a recent survey of South African litigation practitioners revealed that less than 25% of documents produced during discovery or at trial are produced in electronic form.

feet_in_screen on technology for lawyersFaster computers and increased Internet bandwidth have led enterprising companies to develop Web 2.0 applications that meet consumers' needs. For some time, the business world has used "software as a service" (SAAS) - secure, hosted programs accessed over the Internet rather than through a hard drive or inhouse server - for such functions as timekeeping, billing, and project management.

google_swirl A three-judge panel upheld a decision against a former government employee who had a Google search performed on him before getting fired, as well as being accused of misusing company funds.



How do you set up a computer workstation? Do you buy monitor risers or remove the CPU from beneath the monitor. Will even lower monitor positions cause neck strain?

harddrive6Data recover lab Techleo discusses the causes and damges with hard disk failure. What I like is that they have also outlined the preventative measures one can take to prevent damage.

PCextraIn our survey last month, we asked how long a PC should be expected to last. The results weren't at all conclusive, but 3 years was the most popular life expectancy for a PC. But what causes a PC to finally need replacement?

mxitIn Mxit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd v Andre Steyn (ZA2008-0020) the alternative dispute resolution body for South African domain names has found, for the first time, that domain name parking can in certain circumstances be an abusive registration.


Based in the UK, Richard Susskind is the world's pre-eminent legal futurist. His new book, The End of Lawyers? (Oxford University Press, Dec. 2008) is extraordinarily timely, as many factors are coming together to accelerate change in law. Posted by Paul Lippe of The AMLawDaily.



Microsoft Word is full of tools that can help you work faster and smarter-but only if you know about them. Here's a list to remind you of just what Word can do for you.

legal_accountingCompetition among legal accounting and practice management vendors has never been as strong, despite the slump in the economy. While most of the vendors have been around for many years, new entrants such as Korbitec's GhostPractice and AdvanceSoft's LMS are causing existing vendors to re-assess their strategy.

bankruptJust how financially stable are the vendors that supply your firm with hardware and software, and should you be concerned about their well-being? The answer to that depends on what products they supply to your firm.

slow_pcRemember how fast your computer was when you first got it? And now, a few years later, it just doesn't seem to be as fast anymore? The good news is that you're not imagining it. But the bad news is that all computers slow down over time for various reasons.

So why does your PC slow down over time, and how do you fix it?

cell_phone_being_buggedA slew of adverts on the Internet in the past few months claim that they can indeed tap into your cell phone conversations. A product called Bluetooth e-Stealth, which sells for around R800 claims that "the very latest technology and programs allow you to spy on any Bluetooth enabled device or mobile phone.

Fax to mail is a service which delivers faxes addressed to your unique fax number directly to the email system on your computer, regardless of where you are in the world. The fax number is provided free when you register. For the recipient, there are no monthly charges, no wasted paper, no printing costs, and you won’t need to buy a fax machine or rent a fixed fax line. Fax to mail also offers some other benefits.

Searching internet

For years, the computer world used the catchphrase “information at your fingertips”, but it was only the advent of the Internet that made this a reality. These days, you can instantly find any information you need on the Internet, including medical questions, homework projects, price comparisons, electronic brochures, recipes, business advice, etc. Of course, you still have to decide which information is trustworthy.

Google AlertsImagine this: Each time anyone in the world mentions your company, client, products, or whatever else you want to keep track of on the Internet, Google Alerts will send you an email telling you about it. For free!

I read with interest Dennis Kennedy’s article ‘Eight Legal Technology Trends for 2008’ published on LLRX in February 2008. While I agree with most of his views, it strikes me that the South African legal technology market is very different to the legal-tech market in the USA. That’s not to say we’re backward when it comes to technology – in fact, quite the contrary.
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