Meeting clients at their office

In all sales training, they always push the fact of doing whatever you can to get time in front of your prospect or client. I know you are no door to door salesperson, but getting in front of your client is very important and effective.

None of this visit is billed, you are there out of concern for your client and the goal is for the client to sit back after you leave and to think, “Now there is something special, my attorney came to visit me, just to see how business was going!”.

Before you even get to the office of your client, just sitting in the reception area will tell you volumes about their business, and getting to know their business is important if you want to be able to truly help them with your services. Getting to know their business, you will be able to refer other people to them, and you will be able to forward them information you may come across that they might be interested in and, you will be able to see opportunities that relate to their core business and what you offer.

The only sales pitching or handing out of promotional stuff you do, is to hand over your business card at the end, to ensure they still have your details and to subtly remind them that they can call when they need help.

If you wish, you could setup an appointment, but I think it would be better just calling from the car, to see if they are in and going in for a visit, unless they are professionals who would not appreciate you taking their billable time. Don’t see 10 clients a day, I am saying that you pick one a week and make sure you show genuine care and concern when you make the visit.

Take special care to observe and remember what you see in their office, look for pictures of family, cars they love, type of PC they use, how they treat their staff, hobbies, interests etc – this information will not only give you something to talk about when you next see them, but will offer you background when you do work for them. 

Follow up with an email when you get back to the office, if makes it easier for your client to save your email and contact detail to his email and contacts system. 

Try it this week, you will be amazed at the results.


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