Lawyers working from home

10 Things to Consider when a Law Firm works from home

To Win at the Practice of Law we need the right tools and the right mindset. The #WorkFromHome trend was not created...
Elad Smadja

R300 million finance available for SA law firms

Although a number of South African law firms have shifted to online consulting solutions, many are under financial strain due to the...
Cloud and Data Loss

CLOUDy with a chance of data loss

The current #lockdown has forced businesses to #WorkFromAnywhere in an attempt to maintain #BusinessAsUsual. This article focuses on the technological challenges faced...

COVID-19 Will Turbocharge Legal Industry Transformation

The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is attacking the health, financial welfare, social order and political stability of nations across the globe. At...
What next for law firms

Where to now for the legal profession in South Africa?

Three years ago I began speaking about the tough times that lay ahead for the South African legal profession.  “Alarmist!  We’re doing...

Durban Law Firm Marketing and Management Meetup Group

Tech4Law has decided to establish a social networking group, to help law firms of South Africa practise law more efficiently and effectively....

Using automation software to deliver consistency and security within a legal environment

Technology can be a key differentiator for companies, helping to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. This is particularly true for automation technology...

Tips to position smaller law firms for success

Law firms are faced with a tough competitive environment in which the market has become increasingly price sensitive. With clients demanding even...
5 accounting reports for law firms

5 Essential Accounting Reports for Solos and Small Firms

If you’re a solo or small firm lawyer, you not only have to worry about your clients and cases, you also have to be...
Vodafone Business Report for 2019

What businesses can expect in 2019: Global Trends Barometer Highlights

As the end of the year approaches, businesses start looking ahead and wondering what the next twelve months has in store. We’ve put that very...