The legal industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, with traditional roles such as lawyers, secretaries, and support staff being joined by many new job titles in response to changing market conditions and client demands. 

At Lexpo’23, we will explore the evolving landscape of the legal workforce and discuss the critical roles required to run successful law firms and thriving legal departments. We will also examine how technology shapes the industry and enables legal professionals to deliver better services to their clients.

Denton’s Patryk Zamorski and Andrea Miskolczi will run an interactive session where innovation meets talent development, technology challenges change management, and AI impacts not only humans, but also teams.

Highlights of this session:

  • Tech literacy, Data literacy, AI literacy, Coding – do we need everything, everywhere, all at once?
  • What AI has to do with EI – and what should happen with your client relationships
  • Superlawyers or Superteams – pick your winning strategy.

In her session “Crack the Culture Code to Innovate”, Eve Vlemincx delves into the importance of inclusive leadership for excellence and innovation in the legal industry. Rather than just focusing on diversity, this session will take you to the heart of the inclusion story, emphasising why it’s relevant for everyone. By exploring the relationship between the war for talent, well-being, and innovation on the one hand and inclusion on the other, you’ll understand why it’s so challenging to innovate.

Secure your Lexpo’23 tickets today and prepare for two days filled with informative sessions, ample opportunities to network with fellow legal(tech) professionals, and a chance to explore the latest tools and technologies shaping the industry.


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