chrometa_logoBrett Owens, co-founder of Chrometa says, “We’re excited to announce that we are now providing free licenses of Chrometa for law students, including those in South Africa, as requested by Tech4Law! The idea spawned from a conversation that we were having with the fine folks who run Social Media Law Student. We were originally planning to offer a steep discount on Chrometa for students in their listening audience…

and then I started thinking back to my days as a student (which were not too long ago).

I was always broke (some would argue I still am!) Why not just make it free?”

So there you go – if you’re in law school, here’s how you can get a free copy of Chrometa:

1. Download the free trial of our the time tracking software.
2. Send an email from your university email address ( which includes a scanned copy of your current Student Card
3. Chrometa will send you a complimentary license code back!

“It yours to keep – we hope that it’s of use to you in law school, and of course we’d encourage you to use Chrometa when you land your first gig.  The partners will be in awe of how many billable hours you rack up 🙂

They’ll thank you – and so will we!”, says Brett.

Thanks to Chrometa for sponsoring this offer and especially extending it to the South African market. – Malcolm.

Contact details:
Brett Owens

(Editor: Check on this as Chrometa has new owners and not sure of their approach to helping people out.)


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