Barry Varkel sipping cocktails

Here are three limericks from Barry's collection!


There once was a power company called Eskom,

Where the managers were oh so awfully dom;

So they limited the power

To the point of a no hot shower 

Yet the money still flowed into the managers' accounts with aplomb.


Jason Rohde

There once was a man with a wife

Who thought her too much trouble and strife;

The mistress was demented

"Divorce the cow" she lamented

So into the kitchen he went, but simply couldn't find a knife. 



She just couldn't keep still

That irritating Cruella de Vil;

She gave the DA the hoof

Climbed on a roof

And in her trademarked voice let out an atomic shrill.


Contributed by:
Barry Varkel, an attorney of the High Court of South Africa and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
Author of Nigiri Law 

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