Genie offers three divorced guys a wish

The genie slowly coalesces out of the lamp and addresses his finders.

“You each get one wish. However, because you are divorced whatever you ask for will be doubled and given to your ex wife.”

The first man blurts out “Well we did end on good terms so… How about $1 trillion? She’ll get two and everyone is happy.”
The genie grants his wish and he scoops up his money.

The second man shakes his head and replies “No ways. My ex is a blood sucking witch. Give me a Maclaren! She won’t know what to do with one, let alone two. Hell, she can’t even drive. It may even kill her trying…”
The genie grants his wish and he drives off.

The third guy contemplates some more before he finally speaks.

“I want you to scare me half to death.”


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