AI vs Lawyers

In a new study, LawGeex has achieved an  average 94% accuracy rate at surfacing risks in Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), one of the most common legal agreements used in business. This compares to an average of 85% for experienced lawyers.The study pitted the LawGeex AI solution against 20 US-trained top corporate lawyers with decades of experience, specifically in reviewing NDAs.
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Free law firm marketing consulting

Our Law Firm Marketing 101 series has been going for over a year now, with us publishing one practical tip for law firms to generate new business each week. The problem I have with all this good information, is that I have not seen these principles being implemented one at a time and measuring the success as we cross them off the list. I want to consult with a Durban law firm to attract new business through calculated marketing efforts.

attorneys are not natural sales people

Most attorneys aren’t sales people, fact. Most sales people aren’t knowledgeable in law, fact. Both careers need education, experience and hard work to perfect their line of work. What makes everyone think that sales and marketing for law firms happen without people being educated or experienced in marketing?

Have your goal in mind when starting a marketing campaign

Planning your marketing campaigns is vital when deciding to chase new business – just having a plan to follow and measure along the way. But why in reverse?

CRM systems

Any business, looking to grow and nurture their client base must use a Customer Relationship Management system – FACT. A law firm is a business, even if it is a professional services business, it too must have a CRM system.

Stand out from the competition

To the man on the street, there does not seem to be that much that differentiates one law firm from another. Your goal in marketing your law firm, should be about finding ways to differentiate your law firm from the rest.

Teamwork for marketing

Surely, the people who work at your law firm, know your business and law firm personality way better than any outsider marketing consultancy, right? These trusted people should be your golden nuggets when it comes to bringing in new business.

Lawyers networking

The majority of lawyers don’t need to network their services, so why should you?

Meeting clients at their office

In all sales training, they always push the fact of doing whatever you can to get time in front of your prospect or client. I know you are no door to door salesperson, but getting in front of your client is very important and effective.

Keep marketing momentum going

The magic to effective marketing, with not only law firms but any business, is to keep in contact with your prospects often enough to be top of mind, but not that often that they start to hate you and your law firm. 

7 Startup Tips to Law Firm Marketing

Marketing a law firm is a daunting task and often I have been asked by lawyers, just where and how should they start – as the number of options and types of marketing are overwhelming. I decided to share just 7 ideas to get a law firm off to an effective marketing campaign.

use marketing ideas from your opposition law firms

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” ― Otto von Bismarck - Author of Gedanken und Erinnerungen. It makes logical sense to watch your competitors and learn from their marketing mistakes and their successes.

law firm client gift

We all love receiving gifts and most of us get a warm feeling about giving others something, especially when they don’t expect anything.

response to client calls and emails quickly

We all have nightmare stories about providers in the service industry - how they never pitch for a quote, they never call back, or they forget to quote after the initial meeting.

creating a good law firm domain name

First impressions count…in terms of marketing and in terms of stickability in the mind of your potential client. Domain names are the first impression your firm will get when people either Google your law firm, or when given the domain name by others. Make sure it is a good and lasting impression.

SEO basics for law firms

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a rather large unwieldly and ever-changing practice that is time-consuming and mundane. Most of the time I recommend getting in a specialist in the SEO space, but it is important that before you go down that road, that you understand the basics of how it works.

Law Firm Blogs

If you are going to make a new year’s resolution about your law firm marketing in the next few weeks, I would suggest you seriously consider improving your law firm blog.

call your clients

I believe that there are attorneys that have lost the plot with what they offer society. The client is not the conduit to offer the attorney more billable hours, the client is somebody/entity that you and your law firm need to take a serious interest in, be invested in their business, to be able to really help them when they are in trouble.

Christmas card

How many Christmas cards have you received in the last 2 weeks and will receive in the remaining days leading up to Christmas?

Google yourself to check marketing

To start off, Googling yourself and your firm, may give you a very important heads up on some bad publicity that people are seeing when trying to find you on the internet. But there are many other great reasons why this regular practice will benefit you.

Dont chase two rabbits at once in marketing

“Focus! If you chase two rabbits, both will escape” (ancient Chinese proverb)

Attorney networking tips

People who have a great experience - whichever way that experience is deemed as great – will bring your law firm more business. At the very least, it will bring people to your door, whether that expected experience converts them to a client or not, depends on how you treat them when they arrive.

Law firm follow up calls

You know the good feeling we get when the car workshop calls you to see if your service with them went as planned? What is stopping your law firm from making a similar follow up call to make your clients feel just that extra bit special after doing business with you?

Gazebo advertising idea for law firms

Don’t think for a second that branding at a non-related function or event will not create leads for your law firm. Firstly, just having your name up there creates awareness, secondly if it is really unrelated, the firm name will stick in the prospect's mind even more.

Tracking visitors to your law firm website

I know I sound like a stuck record, but as I have said many times before, “If you cannot measure your marketing efforts/results, you should not do marketing!”. Here are some ways to measure your marketing efforts…

Using CMS systems for law firm websites

If you have an extra large marketing budget, I agree that you should have a custom website designed with a special administration module attached that allows your staff to edit the content – otherwise for 97% of the law firms in the world – I strongly suggest using a CMS (Content Management System) platform for your website.

Business card ideas for lawyers

The old school introduction and information exchange is still handled by the business card. It makes sense to use this opportunity to stand out above the rest. Here are some aspects to an effective business card.

Paid Facebook marketing for law firms not so great

This last week we took a relatively good post reaching over 300 people with 8 engagements, we boosted that post for 24 hours with a ceiling of $20. This reached an additional 70 people and increase the engagement by 2 for $4.45. Not worth it, I think.

Facebook engagement for law firms

Well, my experiment to drive engagement by posting good content, pictures and questions last week did not work. Let us look at a few more options and improve on a couple of things for the coming week.

Building engagement for your law firm Facebook page

Let’s put aside the virtual “North of Umgeni River Property Law” Facebook page, and use our own Tech4Law Facebook page to continue this session, in other words – eating our own dogfood - this will allow us to demonstrate our efforts in a real live environment.

Step by step guide to a Facebook page for a law firm

We continue from last weeks’ article - Starting a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm – Baby Steps – and now we continue the setup to complete our Facebook page profile.

Facebook for lawyers - step by step

I decided to start a small series inside a series giving you the exact steps to creating a Facebook page for your clients and prospects. So follow these steps if you don’t have a Facebook page for your law firm or if you have one already, use these to double check what you have already done.

Facebook tips for law firms

Ask any lawyer about their presence on Facebook and watch their body language, the arms fold, legs cross and if wearing a jacket, they would probably button it up tight. It is not something lawyers feel warm and fuzzy about, the openness, sharing, free opinions and “out of control” aspects all are very foreign to law.But the opportunities for marketing a law firm are plenty...

Boosting law form content

When we start off in the social media/blog or website news, we tend to think that creating the great content is enough to bring in the masses – alas, we are mistaken, that is only the beginning and boosting the effectiveness and spreading the word are what makes us the money.

impoving the public image of a law firm

Back in the day when pops managed a 20 partner, 100 paralegal law firm – to upgrade your image, you built a fancy new office, spent a good penny or two on PR consultancies and printed new fancy business cards and brochures. Now days, there are so many open windows for the public to look at or into your business, it makes it easier to improve this image – not to forget to mention that it also offers a few open windows you would prefer to have the curtains drawn.

measurement of marketing is critical

Sort of like setting an exam paper for a school subject, first you find out what the goal is – 100% and say 300 marks, then you decide what each question will be and which answer will give you the full marks for the question. Just so for marketing a law firm, what is the 100% and what are the questions being asked. 

Marketing website tips for law firms

This is a topic we have spoken about in the past and I think is a very important aspect of your marketing efforts for a law firm. Why go to all the effort of planning, designing and implementing a great website, when it does nothing to attract clients. Let’s face it, the ultimate goal is to get more quality clients, is it not?

Market to your existing clients first

We all seem to think new or more clients when we think about marketing a law firm, but we are so busy chasing our tails marketing to new prospects that we don’t realise there is a wall right behind us to scratch our tail – our existing clients.

Ghosting to improve your customer service

Ghosting or Ghost Calling or Ghost Clients are all forms of checking on your service levels by contacting your firm as if a client, documenting the experience and then hopefully discussing and fixing the areas that need attention. A way of checking up on your service levels.

correct law firm billing to market your firm

Immediately your hairs stand up thinking that my message is all about cutting fees to attract more clients – well this is not the message here – it is all about getting the customer to believe and trust that your bill reflects your firm’s hard work and has their best interests in mind.

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