mitrafficWouldn’t it be great to be able to get an SMS alert to tell you that your route home is jam packed and that the traffic is not moving? Well, this is now a reality…

miTRAFFIC is an service that will monitor your route to and from work, obviously in the right direction at the appropriate times and notify you of any incidents or the traffic flow in various segments. So if there is a problem, you can find an alternative way home or office or just stay put!

This is a very nifty service if you are in the high traffic locations of South Africa, and the R7.50 per week subscription (home/office routes) will probably save you that much in petrol alone.

Another service they offer is for you to SMS them your area and they will notify you of any known incidents. This once off enquiry attracts charges as well, obviously a lot cheaper if you are a registered subscriber.

For those who are a little shy of subscribing to online services, you can request incident reports, but instead of paying R1.50 for the report you will have to cough up R5.00.

Simply SMS the word “traffic” and the city name to 31887 and they will send you a traffic report for the city/suburb. For example: SMS “traffic sandton” to 31887 and they will send you the report.

There you have it – seems like this service is going to become very popular with commuters and being a WAP application, it should work on just about any cellular phone.


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