scwBemoaning the unacceptably high crime rate has become a favourite South African pastime. As more and more people fall prey to criminals, citizens either up and emigrate or retreat into a state of helpless defeatism.

Craig Adendorff believes we can all do something to stem the tide of lawlessness if we stand and act together. This is what inspired him to launch Sun Cell Watch, an effective community SMS network which complements and works with the security companies and the police.

Sun Cell Watch mobilizes a community through information sharing. If someone notices something untoward in their street, their SMS is forwarded to others on the network. The security companies and the police are also alerted if needed.

The network’s motto is ”forewarned is forearmed”, illustrating a belief that if we work together we can take back our neighbourhoods and build a South Africa free from fear.

Judging by the scores of testimonials on the Sun Cell Watch website the service is attracting legions of fans. “I am a big promoter of SCW”, enthuses one happy member. ”Sadly it took an incident for our family to appreciate the ”power of many” and the power of SCW.” The service resulted in the arrest of a criminal. Being a member gives us peace-of-mind. Keep going Craig, it is a fantastic initiative.”

Another testimonial reads: “Within minutes there must have been ten vehicles outside our property, ranging from, police, neighbourhood watch, community police and ADT Security. It was absolutely amazing to get such support and co-operation from everyone!”

The service costs as little as R25 per cellular telephone number, that is less than the average hamburger. The service will work in any area, you just have to encourage others to join the service.

For more information visit their LinkedIn page.



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