simon slaterSouth African ICT solutions and services company e4 has taken its training to a new level and launched their new eAcademy, complete with the latest in digital technology, to provide clients with comprehensive training on all e4 solutions.

Reflecting the Company’s growth and agility, the eAcademy is fully equipped with the latest eLearning infrastructure to provide basic and advanced training. All content is available via e4’s eAcademy website on a per-solution basis.

Basic training includes short 2-3 minute videos, and PDF Quick Guides, while the advanced training option includes webinar training (and online assessments), interactive videos (coming soon) and monthly training information sessions on a rotational and demand basis.

The academy aims to empower the client with detailed knowledge of the functionality behind e4’s full range of products and services.

“Our content is well-rounded as it utilises various methods, to provide the necessary information, from practical presentations to interactive videos,” explains Simon Slater, COO of e4. “Businesses today do not have the time to invest in lengthy off-site training courses and that is why our offering is ideally positioned to address this issue.”

The Company is also using some of the best webinar technology available, with a host of features such as full recording (for playback later), the ability to monitor concentration levels, as well as the ability to ‘raise a hand’ and ask the trainer a question.

With online assessments also available, the results can guide user competence, and offer the opportunity to post a webinar training session.

The eAcademy adds value by enabling clients to focus on the training they need, when they need it, from any location at any time, with unlimited access to all content.

About e4
e4 is an established technology company and national provider of solutions and services to key market segments, including Banking & Legal, Credit and Data industries. The business is one of innovation and the development of customised, managed technology solutions for a rapidly expanding marketplace. Our differential quality is our promise to customers of peace-of-mind through trusted electronic solutions and our strategic approach to understanding our clients’ business requirements and long-term objectives.


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