afrivanThere is a growing career industry worldwide known as Virtual Assistants, they are made up of every traditional profession and career you can think of including Lawyers and Para-Legal, from people who are tired of the corporate world, to people who want to operate their business differently, to people who want to spent more time with family and still have the luxury of continuing their profession.

With the internet availability to everyone, online business productivity tools and company outsourcing their business work. Law firm and Law Corporation now has the luxury to tap into this new industry of Legal Virtual Assistants, who already have a legal education background and training and want to use their legal experience to provide legal support service to Law firm worldwide. Law firm can now outsource among other thing the following services to Virtual Assistant:legal-assistant
o General Correspondence
o Dictation, Memo & Transcription
o Filing of Court Document, Pleading & Notice
o Commercial & Litigation
o Pre-Paid Legal Coverage

LegalTypist is one example of a Virtual Assistant offering Legal assistant to Law firm clients worldwide.

African Virtual Assistant Network is a professional network of Virtual Assistants in Africa providing business support services to small and large corporation worldwide.

Afrivan also made it possible for law firms to have access to Virtual Assistants (VAs) in their own community or country as well as Virtual Assistants abroad to meet their business goals and objectives.

Since Virtual Assistants work from their own office and use latest technology and business tools to deliver services to law firms. They save law firms from expensive business operational costs, such as having an office, expensive business equipment and salaried staff to worry about.


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