ajs-button-Avid-smAJS is pleased to announce its acquisition of Stellenbosch based Avid Software with effect from 1 April 2012. Avid is best known for its Firefly conveyancing costs calculator and its online Avid Workflow system, which is used by a number of law firms to manage their legal processes.

 “Avid Flow makes it easy to develop legal content applications quickly,” said Chris Pearson of AJS. “Besides the process management and document production, Avid also provides a unique reporting facility which allows the firm and its Clients to monitor progress of their matters at a glance,” he added.

“Becoming part of the O2Smart Group was a logical move for us,” said Barry Swart, MD of Avid. “With the integration between Avid Flow and XpressDox, we will be well positioned to develop legal content applications for the Cloud.”

For more information on Avid Software visit www.amn.co.za.


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