The competition is closed, sorry.

Tech4Law has two forums, the “Tech4Law Open Forum” and the “Conveyancing 4 All” – these forums are there for you to ask questions, start discussions, get support, post advice, post notices and in general help each other via a public forum dedicated to the local legal market. To help promote this forum we have decided to offer a R500 prize each month to the best forum post.

The” Tech4Law Open Forum” is just that, it is the place to post anything about technology for law, or to be honest any topic that may be of interest to attorneys.

The “Conveyancing 4 All” forum is there to offer a place for local conveyancers and paralegals to discuss/ask/advise others on any topic of conveyancing.

You must make the post yourself (you need to register on Tech4Law to create a post)
It must be relevant to the forum topics
The decision of the judges will be final – no great shakes here, we will decide on the best post until we can find some way of voting for the best post.
The forum has rules as well – the regular stuff, don’t swear, don’t be rude, etc
Prize will be awarded in the second week following the month it was posted
This competition will run each month, but can be ended at any stage by the editor without notice – the idea is to make this a regular competition.

The best of luck for your posts, the objective here is to help each other.

(Editor: The forum has been removed off the Tech4Law website,)


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