techsharectThe Exclusive Technology Forum for Law Firms is going to be held in Cape Town on the 28th September 2011. The participation in this forum is critical to improving the return on the technology investment at your firm.

What is TechShare?
A round table event to openly discuss technology in and around South African law firms.roundtable

The bottom line for all law firms is to make money, either by making more, or by trimming down your overheads.
This forum WILL deliver on improved efficiencies in your firm.

Malcolm Pearson of Tech4Law will start off the event by sharing cost cutting and marketing ideas.
Everyone will:
• share their current law firm technology matrix with the group
• share great technology finds they have discovered
• share current issues with technology vendors
• the event will remain independent of vendors and none will be represented, unless agreed by the group for input.

There must be a monetary gain for all firms attending.pcmoney
To establish a Forum that stands together in negotiating better service, better systems and fair pricing from all suppliers.

People who are responsible for the technology decisions in the law firm.

Second Forum will be in Cape Town on the:
28th September 2011
13:45 for 14:00 until 17:00

The venue is dependent on the number of delegates and area most convenient.

Your Investment?
R570 per person including VAT.

If by the end of the event, or anytime thereafter you feel the R570 was not worth the money invested, we will reimburse you in full.

Please confirm via email before end of business on 14th September 2011 to Please provide company details for us to create a VAT invoice for your firm.

Parting note
This forum is going to change the way your partners perceive technology. Long gone are the days when technology produced a letter – it has become a partner in your firm, either this partner will be a dead weight, or it can become a serious fee earner.

Looking forward to helping you create your new fee earner at your firm on the 28th September.

Seats are limited, so click here now to book your seat.

Malcolm Pearson


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