Lawyer365 (as well as the Afrikaans version is a new website containing more than 365 FAQ’s on a wide variety of legal topics, including: the law of marriage, divorce, maintenance, criminal law, consumer law, contract law, commercial law, constitutional law, landlord and tenant, labour law, personal injury law, property law, intellectual property law, immigration and environmental law.

The person behind this initiative, an attorney with 23 years’ experience, claims that these websites contain the largest amount of free legal information on the internet in South Africa today. With the explosive growth of internet access in South Africa, people are researching topics on-line, also the law, or when they require the services of an attorney.

The website also features over 250 Legislation Acts, in case you are interested in researching issues more closely. Of interest to all the admirers of Nelson Mandela is the short biography of Madiba the Lawyer as well as an explanation of those pesky Latin phrases that are still used by the courts and the legal profession today. You can also locate a law firm on the website and law firms are cordially invited to become subscribers and list their areas of practise on the website.

‘Know the law, and you will be in a better position to make informed decisions and to protect your rights’ says a spokesperson for the websites adding that if South Africa is to reach it’s potential as a constitutional democracy and claim adherence to the Rule of Law, we must at least ensure that information about lawyers and the law is freely available. We hope that this new website will assist in this.

The website is also offering a deserving learner a first year academic bursary towards a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at UNISA for 2015, whilst Juta and Co, South Africa’s oldest publishing house, will provide the bursary recipient with the prescribed textbooks. Applications close on the 30th August 2014 and can be found on the website.

Visit:, or in Afrikaans at


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