lawtechOften when consulting at clients we have been approached about the recommended hardware that a law firm should purchase so we are introducing a new L@WDeed initiative called L@WTech. While dealing with clients, business partners or even personally, please keep the following information in mind and refer them to our website:

L@WTech is a software and hardware solutions provider specialising in, but not limited to, all aspects of the legal market’s information technology needs. We provide various products such as all-in-one computers, software and miscellaneous hardware. Our products are not limited to the conveyancing market so please approach us for any kind of information technology solutions.

Our suppliers carry over 1000 brands and 35000 Computer Components and accessories. If there is something that you or a client is looking for and cannot find it on the website, please contact us and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing slow speeds on your current internet connection when accessing L@W’s web based applications, we can offer a solution called Mobility.. Essentially this is an ADSL line that connects directly into the data centre where our application servers are hosted. This will give the client direct dedicated access to applications such as L@W Transfers, Bonds, ABSA Bonds Centre, SBSA Bonds Portal, L@WDeed and SearchWorks etc. For more information, please browse to the product page on L@WTech under Services -> Internet Access.

We provide cash and rental payment options through this channel. The advantage of renting computer hardware, similar to printer and copier plans, is that the assets stay off your firm’s balance sheet. The full monthly rental amount is tax deductible without the burden of depreciation on the profitability of your entity.

Rented systems or hardware from L@WTech carries a 3 year guarantee and there is no charge for installation.

Benefits of renting:

• No expensive initial cost.
• Budget for three years.
• Tax, Vat and depreciation benefits.
• Less setup hassle.

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