Nashua MobileNashua Mobile’s Smart Squad is delivering on the company’s vision of delivering better service and making life as simple as possible for its customers. This team of Vespa-riding technicians are responsible for helping Nashua Mobile VIP and Network Loyalty Programme customers when they call in with technical problems. 

The service is currently only available in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with plans to expand to Durban. 
Nashua Mobile realised that it would need to think creatively to deliver on a promise of providing service within two hours from the time the first phone call was received, given the amount of traffic in South Africa’s major cities. Delivery of customers’ phones direct to their homes by the Smart Squad team on their Vespas is an example of the way that Nashua Mobile puts customers first.
The Smart Squad – which offers a lightning quick two-hour response time – can help you with support issues such as transferring data between computers or mobile devices; installing wireless data devices; and setting up new devices for mobile network and exchange connections. 
This initiative is just one way that Nashua Mobile is looking to exceed the expectations that customers have about service from the telecommunications industry. So far, customers have been delighted with the service they have received from the helpful and dedicated Smart Squad team. Some comments about the Smart Squad from customers include:
“Thank you very much for your assistance and dedication!” 
“Thank you for your assistance yesterday and organising a technician to call on me personally.  The problem has been resolved. It literally took under an hour.”
“I must compliment you on the service I received after the initial contacting the customer help service.” 


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