getsmarterThe University of Cape Town, together with GetSmarter, a specialist online training firm, is pleased to present the exciting new UCT (Law@Work) Internet and the Law course. The 10-week part-time short course starts on 13 September 2010, is presented entirely online through GetSmarter’s innovative internet training platform.

The course teaches everything you need to know about the laws that govern the internet and is presented in conjunction with specialist Web and digital media lawyer Paul Jacobson (

The internet is an integral part of daily life, but few people truly understand the legal implications of being online. As the law rushes to keep up the rapid shift in technology, regulations become even murkier. The UCT (Law@Work) Internet and the Law course offers a no-nonsense overview of everything you need to know about the legal implications of using, transacting and doing business on the web.

The UCT (Law@Work) Internet and the Law course is aimed at anyone who conducts business online, and especially at lawyers involved in ecommerce, IT manager and professionals, managers whose companies rely heavily on the internet and marketing personnel who carry out internet marketing campaigns. However, anyone can benefit from a sound understanding of internet laws and regulations.

GetSmarter’s advanced and user-friendly learning model provides students with a personal and professional educational experience. Students work through the course material together and receive continuous academic and administrative assistance throughout the course. Each of the 10 modules includes course notes, discussion forums where students interact with one another, an interactive quiz and video lectures to make the course material more engaging. Some of the topics covered in the course include copyrights, patent laws, online consumer protection, privacy and freedom of expression online, ecommerce and internet criminal law.

GetSmarter is a specialist online training firm that works together with top universities and industry experts to present professional short courses throughout South Africa. It has trained over four thousand students in the past four years, in such diverse topics as labour law, wine evaluation and using the internet – all from the comfort of the students’ homes or offices.
The University of Cape Town is one of Africa’s leading university institutions. The UCT (Law@Work) Internet and the Law course is run by the Law@Work department in the Faculty of Law. GetSmarter and UCT work together with only the best industry experts to provide professional and exceptional support. The convener for the course is Paul Jacobson, a specialist internet and ecommerce attorney.

The course starts on 13 September 2010, and registrations close on 3 September 2010. Please contact Kate on 021 685 4775 or for further information, or visit


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